Weinland Vs the Snowpocalypse

False Prophet Ronald Weinland had planned to be in Hartford CT this coming weekend.ย  But the east coast has experienced an unusual blizzard and is expecting a repeat this week before the residue of the last one has cleared, so Ron canceled his Hartford trip as the necessary number of people to fill the small meeting room would not be able to travel the long distances to get there.

But he shouldn’t have had to do that.ย  According to Rev 11:6, which speaks of Ron and the Missus:

These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.

These most formidable prophets could have used their witness powers to just stop the blizzard — instead they’ll have to sleep in the $381,000 home on the golf course an extra couple of nights.


  • Dill Weed says:

    This made me go…. hmmmmmm.

    Nice catch.

    Dill Weed

  • Whisper says:

    Well witness’s can not go about using thier powers blithly! They can’t use their powers for their own gain now can they?
    Seemingly they can not use them at all by the looks of it. Narry a curse not a stopping up the rains or plague has a-happened yet…
    Go figure?

  • Dennis says:

    I’m thinking Ron may have a “fire down from heven” misfire at home and burn the house down. They he will have to put his head down on his desk and miss recess for a week for being careless with his obvious power. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mark says:

    And the worst part: How the heck is he going to get to the post office to pick up the tithe checks? This is a catastrophe!

  • Debbie says:

    So now that the Thunders are not manifesting, Ronnie has changed his spin – Balderdash !!

    This account of the winter snow storm keeping him from travelling reminds me that at least twice in the last 2 years self-appointed Spokesman Ron has had laryngitis and couldn’t speak on the Sabbath

    Come on IRS – do your stuff!!

  • Aggie says:

    ” But the east coast has experienced an unusual blizzard…”

    It’s ###### February. Nothing unusual about a storm on the East coast, this time of year. ๐Ÿ™

    Hahaha yeah the food poisoning always did make me wonder: What exactly was Weinland EATING back then??

    Hmmmmm, maybe that recent sermon about it being okay to eat unclean food is Ronnie’s retcon, because someone in the church knows that’s where he got it (food poisoning) from…..

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Let’s keep the language at least PG-13 here.

    Need to get outside the world of anti-CoGdom once in awhile. Those of us who check the mainstream news sites know that the east is experiencing yet another blizzard on top of an unusually intense blizzard

    And you’re missing the point. There shouldn’t be any storm given that the Two Witnesses have the power to shut up the heavens.

  • Steve says:

    I think we should give ron the directions to the “Blue Oyster” club from the police academy movies (gay nightclub)….the one where Mowser and proctor (his ass kissin lapdog) went…..tell him it is a venue/club for wealthy men only and they want him to speak/preach and that the men there are “very” generous in giving money to his cause (think pole dancers). However tell the club owners to expect a “stripper” that will dress and act like a preacher and then the games shall begin! :>)

  • Aggie says:

    So “Steve’s” comment gets through OK, but I’m reduced to asterisks? Nice.

    Three years of trollin’ the ex-CoG blogs, Steve, and you’re still alive! Happy anniversary, man! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Steve’s comment is pushing the envelope at bit, but is still PG-13. However, the one word I edited in Aggie’s post was one of the words that George Carlin couldn’t say on the radio.

  • Aggie says:

    Hmph. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Steve says:

    3 years of trolling?…are you sure you have the right guy?

  • Aggie says:

    Oops, sorry, I thought you were the same Steve/Jack/whoever, who used to come in and try to derail the chats every Saturday. Please excuse!

  • Steve says:

    No prob….i don’t try to de-rail.

  • Aaron Robinson says:

    Hi, I wanted to comment on some of the comment-postings on this web-site. I try to keep an opened-mind regarding anybody and everybody that claims things that Mr. Weinland has said, and it seems like so very many people, more especially the people that used to be in Mr. Armstrong’s ministry, have this vile and unjustified hatred towards Weinland and Armstrong, and it doesn’t even matter whether or not they are false prophets or false apostles, because Jesus Christ said that we are to love our enemies, which means not treating them like we would not want to be treated. Even if we disagree with what they say or do, we aren’t supposed to spread this vile hatred around like you don’t even care, I mean, it seriously seems like some people on here don’t even believe in God or in the Bible because they don’t even follow God’s commands of loving everybody. We are to conduct ourselves as if the day of Christ is already at hand right here right now, and we are to show love for anybody and everybody, regardless if they are true or false, or whether or not we agree with them, or if they are murderers. If anybody on this web-site went out and murdered somebody, we are to love that person whom murdered just the same because we are to follow Jesus Christ and he told us to love all, even our very enemies. So, why are we spreaing this hatred for people just because we believe them to be false. We should respect people just as we desire to be respected, regardless of what they say or do because Jesus Christ wasn’t disrespectfull and showing hatred for the people that disrespected him. If Jesus Christ had the power to walk on water, then surely he would have had the power to avoid his very own death, but why didn’t he ? Because it wasn’t his will to live after a certain point in time.

    Regarding the Weinlands having the power to shut-up heaven so that there is no precipitation, if they do indeed currently have this power, why is it a must that they stop it from precipitating anywhere and everywhere that they travel ? Let’s just pretend for a minute that they were really truly God’s prophets and 2 Witnesses. Now, would we expect God’s prophets to shut-up the heavens so that it doesn’t rain whenever they want to visit an area where there is inclement weather conditions ? Of course not, and I don’t believe that God would want for them to do that, and we’re missing the point of what the power to shut the heavens is even for. Neither the Bible nor Mr. Weinland has stated that he would cause weather conditions to be excellent wherever he travelled, and by saying that he further fails because of not dispersing this blizzard is very disingenuous if you really truly are trying to walk with God and Jesus Christ. Couldn’t it be that the power to shut-up the heavens will only be used during the actual tribulation portion once the destruction begins ? Couldn’t this be a big part of tormenting the churches that scattered from God’s Church ? God’s 2 Witnesses have the power to shut-up the heavens so that it doesn’t rain, and they could use this in what occurrs after the sounding of the 5th Trumpet blast, or like if a nation threatens God’s Witnesses with harm, then this power of no rain could be used, but this power is not given to God’s 2 Witnesses so that they will have convenient travelling conditions, I mean doesn’t that sound like that would be very selfish if they were to do that ? Having the power to do something doesn’t mean that the power is desired to be used whenever it would convenience them, and it baffles me why people would actually use this against Mr. Weinland. If you were God’s prophet, would you honestly be selfish enough to shut-up the heavens just so you could travel to Connecticut for church services ? Neither God nor Mr. Weinland himself said that they would never have to change their plans for church services being in certain areas dring certain times, so why are we holding this against them just because their prophetic statements have been in question because of the timing issue ? We shouldn’t be using just anything and everything against them just because we hate their guts and just because their prophecies have been sketchy.

    I have seen many things posted on this web-site which were totally un-true, things that Mr. Weinland didn’t say, such as like Mr. Weinland saying that he believes that it’s possible that a new President will not be taking office. He did not state this as prophecy, he stated this as a personal belief which he thought was possible to happen. I mean, God’s prophets are still human-beings and they will sometimes state how they are feeling without it having to be prophecy. If he was so sure about the United States not seating a new President into office, then he would have written it into his book, but that was not the case. Mr. Weinland just merely stated that he doesn’t believe that a President would take office because of the events that might be taking place before that time-frame, but he stated it as a possibility.

    Also, it seems like many of you don’t agree with anything at all whatsoever that Mr. Weinland states, even if it is something that is very clearly written within the pages of the Bible, such as like
    [SNIPPED OUT A LOT OF PREACHING] Many of you seem to harp on anything that Mr. Weinland says just for the sake of ridiculing him, regardless of whether or not something he says is wrong or right. Just because you disagree with lots of what he says along with his original time-frame not coming to pass, does this make all things that he says false ?

    How about where Jesus Christ said [SNIPPED MORE PREACHING] Are we to just simply glide over what Mr. Weinland states directly from the Bible simply because we believe that he is a false prophet because of his time-line ? If he really truly is a false prophet, does that make what he states from directly from out of the Bible to be incorrect ? I’m not saying whether or not Mr. Weinland is right or wrong in what he has said, but in the last few examples I provided, aren’t those issues that we should examine within the pages of the Bible to see if there is any truth to those things ? I mean the Bible makes those last 2 things I mentioned very clearly, no room for different interpretations because this was a statement from Jesus Christ and from this apostles, no kind of parable or prophetic speaking, but direct statements from the very person that we are to be following as a tempate for our very lives. Are we to deny those things that are right there in the Bible just because Mr. Weinland mentioned them ?

    Now, this doesn’t mean that Mr. Weinland is right about everything that he says, but him being a false prophet does not make everything false because certain things are very clearly in the Bible [SNIPPED A BUNCH OF PREACHING] Now, this doesn’t mean do what Mr. Weinland says, but even if Mr. Weinland never made those prophecies and was never an issue before this, aren’t we still to follow what God has commanded for us to be doing ?

    Which of you honestly believe that we are not bound to keep the Sabbath Days or any of God’s Laws or Commandments for that matter ? [SNIPPED A BUNCH OF PREACHING] Us following the God’s Laws and Commandments are not dependent upon Mr. Weinland’s prophethood, isn’t that right ?

    I’m coming to this discussion in a very open and honest manner, and I hope that none of you attack me with such a vile and bitter hatred just simply because you hate or disagree with Mr. Weinland, because he has nothing to do with whether or not we follow what the Bible tells for us to do. In anything that I have stated above, does anybody have any comments on what I have said ? I ask that you keep this respectfull and clean, because my posting is not regarding whether or not Mr. Weinland is a true or false prophet, so please understand this. I love all of you, and hopefully you share the desire to follow God and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

    Darius Washington Aaron Robinson

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    It’s alright Darius, please don’t be upset with us. We are just blind evil heathens, God has decided not to reveal his Truths to us – which He obviously has to you. You must feel very special, and rightly so – truly, truly.

    I must thank you though, that even though God has not shown us His truths, that you thought you could make us ‘see’ with your profound wisdom and knowledge. You might have succeeded where God failed. You are fortunate that you can ‘see’, and we can not – it’s probably because you are very obedient and astute. You are probably also one of the sealed, indeed, perhaps a prophet also. It’s dumbfounding. I’m dumbfounded. Blinded by the light of your words. I know it must be such a burden to be right, to be able to see so clearly, that everyone else is wrong.

    Enjoy your righteousness, and please pray for our lost souls, and ask that our blind eyes be opened, just as yours obviously are.

    I hope your hands are not too tired from all that typing.

    Have a great day, and I love you too – and powerfully so.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    A couple of things here: First, my blog is not a platform for preaching religious views. If you want to pick through the dung-heap of Armstrongism, xHWA might debate you on his blog. Secondly, don’t sock puppet yourself. Aaron Robinson, I don’t care whether that’s your true name or not. Use the same name consistently here that you use on your own blog.

    You use the word “vile” a lot in talking about Weinland’s critics. Since you don’t know what it means, let me educate you: it means “despicable, morally reprehensible”. As Weinland was when he not just once, but twice pronounced death curses on his mockers. Talk about vile hatred. None of the targets of his ineffective curses have done the same back to him.

    And you come on here accusing us of lying about what Weinland said. Listen to the radio interview where he comes on, claims to be a prophet of God, and then states emphatically that no new president would take office, no “possible” about it. You can swallow all the lame explanations that Weinland handed out if you want, don’t insult our intelligence by trying to shove them down our throats. Then after spending half your post trying to convince us that Weinland is not a false prophet, you try to further insult our intelligence by stating it wasn’t about whether Rotten Ronnie is a true or false prophet.

    You can pretend if you want that they are God’s prophets, the rest of us require some evidence. Of which Weinland has provided not so much as a smidgen, now over 14 months into the 2nd of his Great Tribulations.

    So Aaron, if you want to post comments here, then fine. But no preaching and no hyprocrisy. Be truly honest.

  • Steve says:

    In reply to Aaron…please take the time to read what i wrote….i quote you;

    “because Jesus Christ said that we are to love our enemies, which means not treating them like we would not want to be treated”

    Well for one it all depends on your interpretation and there are literally thousands of different ones for literally almost every piece of scripture.

    Just so you know Aaron, i am not a christian anymore but i was heavily into it in the past…to the point where one would say extreme…it should be noted that not all who post here are religious but there are quite a few who are. Anyway, I know of the scripture you talk about Aaron…but what i hated most about most Christians (not all and i am not sayin this applies to you-only you know if it “truly” does or not) ..is that most of them are very unpractical and yes UNCHRISTIAN because for example the bible also says to hate your enemies all through the bible (psalms 139: 21, 22 for one of many examples) and protect those being WRONGFULLY treated such as by EXPOSING them for what they are which is the purpose of this blog and others…”love your enemy” does not mean let them kill you, lead you astray, and deceive you or STEAL from you etc…christians are called to be “watchmen on the wall” (ezekiel 33:1-6)…to warn of threats to the people of God….indeed any “decent” human being religious or not is called to be a “watchman” to protect others of danger/abuse, but anyway one of the things i hate (yes hate) the most about many christians (not all ) is that they (love to quote “love thy neighbour” but when it comes down to REAL danger and a REAL test of LOVE such as an intruder in your house who is trying to rape your wife for example or say your nation is being invaded, many would REFUSE to do anything and claim to be pacifist yet where is “love thy neighbour then”? (maybe not you personally but you get my point-hopefully). And if you WOULD use violence to protect the woman in question, then pacifism and your version of love thy neighbour is very impractical and thus an invalid argument.

    Another scripture just came to me (you are bringin back memories lol)……….Amos 5: 15…..please look it up and the other psalms one.

    Note i am not talkin about all Christians as some are “realistic and actually DO love their neighbour to the point that they will FIGHT whether verbally/diplomatically or physically (in extreme situations) to defend people and thus love them that way and not be the OPPOSITE of a Christian by simply letting them die without liftin a finger to help them with common sense VIOLENCE which is also plastered throughout the bible as an instruction to DO. This is infact weinlands doctrine….he doesnt agree with the doctrine to “love thy neighbour” atall as he doesnt believe in “helping” people physically from physical danger…which to me is completely and utterly non christian and if that doctrine would have dominated the world of christianity during the time of Hitler, we would all be living in pure hell right now by “NOT loving thy neighbour” and simply letting Hitler murder multiple millions and do nothing t help like the allies DID…many non christians Aaron “love thy neighbour” much more than many Christians i have found.

    Now again as briefly noted above…. i realise that even those who “claim” to believe that “love thy neighbour” means literally to be a namby pamby pansy and let people walk all over you (and again i am not sayin this is you aaron…but it MIGHT be…only you know)…EVEN in the above scenario of say your wife being raped….most of the so called pacifists (Love thy neighbour crowd) would use some kind of violence to protect her (or atleast i HOPE)…and so then if one would in such scenarios…then one has to seriously consider their pacifist stance as love thy neighbour by the pacifist interpretation is infact void and compeltely proven as false deceptive doctrine spread most likely by cowardly men (or men with ulterior motives) finding excuses within scripture to justify their weaknesses. And indeed pacifism in itself would thus be completely void and completely the opposite of “loving thy neighbour” and thus being a “Christian”.

    I realise also that you may think i am drifting off topic but i am not…i am merely trying to encompass the broader meaning of “love thy neighbour” to the utmost extreme and show how it is completely twisted by many believers and thus i am trying to show that it is extremely unpractical when this “stance” of belief in “one interpretation” of scripture is placed in an extreme environment which is entirely and utterly plausable (as history has documented);…..

    In short if a principle such as the subject of this discussion (love thy neighbour), can not work in the “most extreme” situation or indeed can be found to not work in ANY particular situation then it can’t work atall…i am not sayin we cant love people (obviously)…as i have explained above that is not my belief…i am sayin we need to apply common sense as i have explained multiple times above.

    What is most strange is that pacifism in the christian world is incredibly new as go back only 2 hundred or so years and hardly any were such lol….read the old testament and its probably one of the most violent books ever..all blessed by your God…and yes the old testament still counts (again subject to interpretation…could go on forever this debate)

    Note: Aaron, please don’t assume i am shouting when i have capitalised the words above in some of my sentences…i just do it to emphasise a particular word, so just wanted you to know so you don’t get the wrong atmosphere of my intent.

    Plus don’t forget Aaaron the most fundamental teaching of Christianity is “justification by faith”…bot “works”…so in other words people are not perfect…a christian is one who is “trying” to follow Christ, not one who is faultless or indeed following scripture the way another says “this is how the bible should be followed” etc…the fact that they are “trying” to live like he wants them to live is enough and from your point of view/belief, God knows a persons heart if they “truly” are trying to follow him….salvation is also not about intellect but again simply faith/trying to follow him and not sin etc etc.

    Bye for now

  • Steve says:

    Id like to quote you again Aaron;

    “I have seen many things posted on this web-site which were totally un-true, things that Mr. Weinland didnโ€™t say, such as like Mr. Weinland saying that he believes that itโ€™s possible that a new President will not be taking office. He did not state this as prophecy,”

    I for one heard ron on a radio show say somethin along the lines of “oh you can forget about it, not gonna happen”…in response to the radio hosts question of if there will be a next president taking office in 2009. I also heard him say it again somewhere whether on his sermons or another radio show.

    I realise this is not “proof”…..but all i can say is that i am definately not lying…if you choose to believe me or not, that is your decision…no biggy either way.

    Bye for now