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Ron Gets Static

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

spokanetlFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Spokane, after a trip back to Cincinnati during the week.  During the week he added yet one more associate elder:  Beth Bucheit is the mother-in-law of fellow associate elder Joey Shockey whose ordination was announced last weekend.  As a reminder, while I was able to supply last names for most the the first names that Ron gave, I’m still missing a few and would appreciate your help closing the gap.

Technical problems plagued Ron’s Internet streaming audio broadcast.  He lost connection twice, despite whatever precautions he took against static.  I can imagine Ron up there looking like Michael Jackson as he moonwalks through the scriptures wearing his static control glove.

Ron finally had the radio interview he had previously talked about.  But he’s not posting it, claiming the interviewer was dull.  Ron, how about posting it anyway and let us decide if it’s dull. I suspect it was rather the opposite, with the interviewer holding Ron’s feet to the fire about the failed prophecies in his book.

Weinland took a tour through history, mentioning his split-off from UCG.  In December of 1996 he sent out an email to all the UCG elders complaining about certain unauthorized expenditures.  According to Ron, after that email, the head of the UCG ethics committee called to visit, and then a week later called accusing Ron of having said certain things during the phone call.  But Ron had a recording of the conversation and within a year that individual was dead.  Wonder if Ron placed a death curse on him at that time the way he did me 55 weeks ago.  Ron resigned from UCG sometime in May of 1997, although recently he has claimed that his resignation was on Pentecost which in 1997 was in June.

Ron gave a cheerleading session for the new changes in the status of women.  The spotlight is being focused on the church, and Ron appreciated my putting names on the Internet.  Ron, if you like it so much why not add a page to your website and put up the names and photos of all of your elders?  And you could start by giving last names during your ordination announcements, which you did not today for Beth Bucheit.  That is if you really feel that what I’m doing is helping and you’re not saying this as a lame attempt at reverse psychology.  If you want to paint my small blog as “big things taking place” and even the Sixth Thunder, well then, have at it. 😀

One thing that may change is allowing women to preach and give prayers.  Ron was emphatic that wouldn’t happen.  But he was also emphatic in December of 2008 that Laura would be the only one ordained.  And he was emphatic back this summer that he was not an Apostle.  And he’s quite emphatic that to deny Herbert Armstrong was the end-time Elijah to to deny God.  God-denying Ronald Weinland.

Ron talked about all the people who are waiting for him to admit to being a false prophet.  I don’t think there is anyone who is waiting for that, but if there are I am not one of them.  When Ron gave his “If by Pentecost” declaration on March 29, 2008 promising to quit preaching and admit being a false prophet by the end of July of 2008 if his prophecies did not materialize, my immediate response was he wouldn’t do it.  Ron will still not admit to being a false prophet when Jesus Christ does not return 124 weeks from now.  Let me emphasize: Ronald Weinland will never admit to being a false prophet. Not even on May 28, 2012.

Tevet 20, 5770

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Today marks the end of the second 19-year time cycle since the end of Herbert Armstrong’s two prophetic 19-year time cycles.  January 7, 1934 was the first of Herbie’s radio broadcasts.  January 7, 1953 was his first broadcast in Europe at the end of HWA’s first 19-year time cycle.  The end of the second 19-year time cycle, January 7, 1972, was to mark the beginning of the 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation leading to the return of Jesus Christ on Trumpets of 1975.  Each of these January 7’s was Tevet 20 on the Jewish calendar, but this year Tevet 20 is today, January 6, 38 years later on the Jewish holy calendar.  While the sun, moon, and earth are supposedly on a perfect 19-year time cycle, Wikipedia explains that while that’s pretty close there’s actually a two-hour difference.

When the Great Tribulation did not manifest in 1972 and the Worldwide Church of God did not flee to Petra, Herbert Armstrong back-pedaled in a “personal” in his “Tomorrow’s World” publication, claiming that he was not a prophet.  The evidence contradicts this as indicated on this website with over 200 prophecies by Armstrong and his minions.  The book “Matches in the Gas Tank” also says differently. As described in that book, Herbert Armstrong spoke on the Feast of Trumpets 1967, and opened with:

Herbert W. Armstrong walked to the podium and stood before the mike. He was middle-aged, prosperously rotund, and clothed in a fine wool suit. His full gray hair was combed straight back; his cold stare pierced rimless glasses. His bearing was regal; he radiated authority. His voice exuded charisma: a beautiful baritone with the timbre of a finely-tuned instrument. Each word was delivered with absolute conviction because, as he told us, God had given him extraordinary intelligence and speaking ability so he could serve as His emissary on earth.

Eight years from today, Jesus Christ will return,” Mr. Armstrong thundered, holding his Bible in the air.

Jesus Christ did not return 8 years later, on Trumpets of 1975.  Despite his claim that he was not a prophet, Herbert Armstrong continued to issue prophecies that turned out to be false. Herbert Armstrong claimed to be God’s apostle speaking in his name, and issued prophecies. To claim that Herbie was not a prophet is just so much jailhouse lawyering. Try this one on the judge: stick up a 7-11 and when you get caught, base your defense on “I didn’t claim to be an armed robber”.

This is year 5770 on the Jewish calendar.  Herbie and his wannabee imitators use the Jewish calendar to set the days on which to observe the Holy days.  Weinland emphasizes this in his 20th “Truth”. Yet despite their claims that God allotted 6000 years for mankind to figure it out on our own, False Prophet Ronald Weinland claims that Jesus Christ’s return is imminent despite 230 years remaining according to the Jewish calendar.  Pentecost of 2012 will be pretty much the same as Trumpets of 1975.  Ron has a lot of revisions left to accomplish.

A Full Deck and a Joker

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Portland today, continuing on the theme rolled out in last week’s sermon, that of new ordinations including women.

JokerCardDuring the sermon, Ron indicated that this latest rubbish will be organized as new numbered truths:

  • #51: Ron is the final Elijah-to-come, John the Baptist and Herbie were only “types”.
  • #52: Removal of the curse of Eve from women, restoring them to the rightful place in the family
  • #53: The ordination of women is allowed

According to Ron, credit for the new truths is given to the Silent Witness who pointed out certain things.  Perhaps Laura will be promoted to Apostle as a result.  While he hasn’t posted these new “truths” on his website, he has done a little editing on two of the first fifty “truths” which I have marked to indicate the added words and deleted words.

Edits to Truth #30

Matthew 24 is first and foremost about the Church at the end-time. It is not about physical events in the end time, although these are a type of some of the events that will occur. As Jesus Christ gave prophecy concerning events that would lead to His coming as the Messiah, he first spoke of events that would occur in the Church (vs. 4-21). These events have been believed to be about physical events that would happen on earth, but they are about the Church.

God has now shown that there is a duality concerning both the Church and the world that applies to verses 21 and 22. All these prophesied events in Mat. 24 lead up to the time of the very coming of the Messiah to this earth (vs. 29-31).

Edits to Truth #39

Herbert W. Armstrong was a “type” of the prophesied “Elijah to come,” as he who restored all truth essential to salvation to the Church of God during the Philadelphia Era.

Ron has yet to edit his FAQ page which indicates that he is a God-denier just like Rod Meredith for not recognizing Herbert Armstrong as the prophesied Elijah-to-come.

Ron warned that people will lose friends after ordination.  Not because the ordained one changed but because friends become jealous as happened to him.  Riiiiggghhht.  I’m totally sure that Ron did not change even an iota when ordained as a local elder in Houston back in April of 1981.

Ron announced that 57 members had been ordained over the past couple of weeks (or would be shortly) including 31 women.  My count of the names that Ron announced was 58 (including the 3 evangelists’ wives announced last weekend) and 59 if you count Willem Henderson who was promoted to senior elder.  But Ron is the one who has the minor in math so my count must be incorrect.  Far be it from me to twist and distort.

Ron only gave first names, because of all the crackpots, kooks, or absolute liars out there who like to twist and distort.  If you are one of those, then stop reading since I have last names for most of the new elders.  And if you know who any of these crackpot, looks, and absolute liars are who like to twist and distort about PKG members, please leave a comment identifying them.  Names in bold are full elders, others are associate elders:

  • Florida: Newt Carter and Diane
  • Georgia: Larry Spivey (who edits Ron’s books),  Paul and Doris Giles, April Young (mother of Paul), and Alan Giles (son of Paul)
  • Pacific Northwest: Bill and Diana Carr, and Jim Sullivan.  Also Tina Jamieson, wife of senior elder Jim Jamieson
  • Tennessee: Gerald
  • Detroit: Stan Watson, Helen Terlecki, and Parker (Terry’s 23-year-old son).  Helen and Parker have been associated with Ron since 1995.
  • Mississippi: Lori Williams, who is Laura’s friend
  • Los Angeles: Dottie Smith
  • Sacramento, California area: Russ Shoemaker
  • Lubbock, TX: Fredda Maeker
  • Louisville area: Linda (Cookie) Fields (wife of elder Curtis Fields), Beverly VanNorman, and Tony Blair
  • Illinois: Lynnette Eckhardt
  • Buffalo NY area: John, Richard & Marie, Bonnie, Bob and Donna Madison
  • Maine: Vicki (Vicki Snowdeal passed away from cancer last spring.  But I guess there could be another Vicki from Maine in COG-PKG).
  • Dallas: Glen Gagas
  • Missouri: Dee Wobbe
  • Utah: Debra Tiernan
  • Belgium: Mieke Van Lerberghe (wife of elder Gijs)
  • Netherlands: Edwin Van Horne
  • Germany: Jeremy Weinland (Ron’s 24-year-old son)
  • Alberta: Eric and Kalee Wiesman
  • Manitoba: George Black
  • Australia: Peter Herrmann, Derek Mendygral, and Zoran Illitch (translated Ron’s books to Italian)
  • New Zealand: Rex Blake
  • UK: Una Milne (wife of senior elder William)
  • Cincinnati region: Jenny, Patty Dalrymple (wife of senior elder Stephen), Tim Brown, Joey Shockey, April Combs, Sandy Bays, Willy and Lois Doemeland, Tom and Barb Volle

To round things out, Weinland’s daughter and church bookkeeper Audra L. Little is to be ordained as senior elder.   Perhaps this status will help her if she goes from being a potential IRS criminal investigation target to an actual one.  The IRS performs extra reviews on a case against someone with a religious title prior to recommending prosecution to the Department of Justice.

If anyone has any corrections or additions to this list, any misspellings, please leave a comment or email me.  I don’t want to be accused of twisting and distorting.

My verse of the day is Romans 12:14 which reads:

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

Ron forgot about that one 54 weeks ago when he issued his death curse against me to die speedily from the inside.

2010 — God’s Falser Witness

Friday, January 1st, 2010

2010gfwBeing the beginning of a new year, it’s time to look back at the past year and also look forward.

A year ago, I made a few predictions such as that the inauguration of Barack Obama would come off despite Weinland’s prophecy that it wouldn’t happen. As I predicted, the pope still hasn’t done anything beast-like and has given no indication that he’s even heard of our Spokesman Witness, much less that he’s irritated by him.

The end of January saw the unprecedented 2-day fast in which members were to pray for death to humble people from an increase in the thunders.  Since this didn’t happen, Weinland twisted their prayers as justification for the Tribulation not being great (or even minor for that matter).  As I expected, Weinland has hammered on the 4th Thunder, the economy, even turning it into the 1st Trumpet with green currency being grass.  I guess countries with different colored currency will skip the 1st Trumpet.

February gave the opportunity to show Weinland’s member control tactics in an email exchange with an exiting member.  It seems that any problems you have with Ron and his false prophecies are due to some sin in your life.

In March, after the second trumpet did not strike within the first 90 days of the 2nd Great Tribulation, “Citizen X”, who was the only pro-Weinland blogger (albeit claiming neutrality), declared Weinland to be a false prophet. Weinland also made another radio interview with Cincinnati radio station WLW, his first in about 10 months, and stated that “nukular” explosions would occur within a year.

In June, Ron gave a presentation at ideaCity and fled after being exposed to Rick Miller’s comedy routine.  The formidable prophet was still so rattled 3 days later that he got the day for the event mixed up in his sermon.  But never fear, Jeremy knows how to edit sermons and does.  And on the 21st of June yet another prophecy in “2008 – God’s Final Witness” failed as the US is still an independent nation.

In July, Kirrily worked through some of her anger at being exploited by Weinland.  Also in July, recordings surfaced revealing Weinland’s tactics as he seized control of The Church of God, Inc. from its lay board as I transitioned from Blogspot to this WordPress blog.

In August, Weinland came out against Facebook and stated he was not an apostle.

In September, he missed his live appearance for the Feast of Trumpets, which was also the 40th sabbath of judgment of the Great Tribulation.

In October, Weinland redefined Time in his Last Great Day sermon with the help of alternate definitions in Strong’s Concordance, selecting the one that suited him.

November was an eventful month, as he declared himself to be an apostle despite his denial of such less than 3 months earlier.  Audra was ordered in federal court to give testimony to the IRS to support their criminal investigation of Ronald Weinland.  He also defrocked one of his elders for being on Facebook.

This past month has also been eventful, as Weinland demoted his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong to only a “type” of an Elijah, claiming himself to be the final Elijah-to-come to restore all things.  And also announcing the ordination of women within PKG besides Laura.

downfallWe can put paid to yet another failed prophecy, as put out during his Google Adwords campaign earlier last year.  America is still an independent nation despite Ron’s extension of our economic woes.

Now for the predictions.  I predict that Weinland will keep most of his members as he marches them in close-order drill to the right and to the left.  I don’t think that there will be a strong reaction to his ordination of women since that was practiced in WCG, although only to the rank of deaconess which did not include the right to perform baptisms.  A lot will depend on whether Ann, Myrtle, or Chris throw their senior elder weight around too much.  I wonder if Wayne’s tendency to sheriff will rub off on Chris.

His future waves of ordination will take in most of the sealed, particularly those healthy and employed who generate more income.  He will then move to the younger unsealed members who have been with him for awhile and attended the 2006 Feast of Tabernacles.  There will be few if any ordained among the members who joined as a result of the Google Ad campaign which began in earnest in late 2007.   Ron promises to dangle yet more carrots in front of his members.  Probably will include the assumption of yet more titles with the proof based solely on his declaration.  Any new changes in doctrine will be designed to intensify his hold on his followers.

I predict that over the coming year there will be bad weather events, earthquakes, an armed skirmish here and there, and a few ups and downs of the economy.  One of the Fated Five of the Fifth Thunder may die (after all they’re in their 60s and 70s and 3 of the 5 have buried their first wives), and if it happens that will be shown as evidence of Weinland’s prophethood even if Meredith and Ames are not the first to die.  The 6th thunder will die off since the movie 2012 has been released for awhile now and when we get into the new year there will be less inclination for “end of the world” predictions.  Ron may get a radio interview or two in some local market but his ideaCity audience will not be repeated.

I also predict that IRS Criminal Investigation will refer the case against Ronald Weinland to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution later in the year.  They’ve been on the case for 18 months now, which is longer than the average of 14 months for an investigation, so it would seem they still feel that they have a good chance of making a case in court.   There is also a statute of limitations deadline for the first tax year for which they’re investigating him, and time has to be allowed for the review process and obtaining an indictment.  The statute of limitations is 6 years from the required filing date of April 15, 2005 for tax year 2004, or April 15, 2011.  However, the statute of limitations starts at a later date if he filed later, and is extended whenever he is out of the country.  As a reminder, a DoJ referral would not mean that Ronald Weinland is guilty of criminal tax evasion as that can only be determined in a court of law.

I hope that neither the IRS or the DOJ gives Weinland a taxpayer conference before deciding to proceed toward prosecution.  I think it likely that if Weinland feels the law closing in on him, he will make another overseas trip, one much, much longer than usual.  Or use his many members to hide him away from the beast power now recognized to be manifested in the criminal justice system.

I further predict that Weinland’s curse that I die speedily from the inside will be delayed long enough to see if my predictions come true or not.

To “Weinland Observer”, I hope that my reading of your absence from my blog is correct, that your parents have engaged with you and shown to you that this prophet is false, and that you’re back to doing the normal teen things.  Life, particularly at your age, is hard enough without a religious exploiter involved screwing things up even more.

To Kirrily, I know this last year has been a crazy one for you.  I hope that this coming year will settle out and be your best ever.

To all of my readers, thank you for following my blog.  And to those of my readers who are elders, and to “Observer” and other lay members of The Church of God – PKG, I hope you will have eyes to see and ears to hear and will stop drinking the Flavor Aid stirred up from Ron’s delusions.