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Come Back Up

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Minneapolis today, where things were moving slowly.  It was cold, and Ron was several minutes late getting the Internet streaming audio feed rolling.  Fewer traveled long distances than normal: a few from North Dakota and his elder Leonard McGlynn from Winnipeg, but no one from Wisconsin attended.

A few announcements.  Two-year-old Kenny’s open-heart surgery went well.  While in Dallas last weekend, he ordained Dave, Glen, Charles Blummer, Vera, and Peggy as associate elders.  It seems that Ron doesn’t truly appreciate my publishing the elders’ names as he claimed three weeks ago, since again he didn’t give any last names.

He spent several minutes reading an email clarifying his policy on attendance at his service.  One must be approved in order to regularly gather with other members to attend services.  (And to get approval, one must be paying tithes.)  However, close family members and even close friends may attend as a guest for a few times if not hostile to God’s prophet and one true church.

This was the last sermon of his Ordinations and Baptisms series.  Ron continued to dangle the carrot of the millions of people who will join PKG.  He related an anecdote of people being baptized would need to be reminded to “come back up”, as he remains high and dry on the side of the pool.  I would ask that all PKG members come back up out of the quagmire that is PKG.

This weekend is 121 weeks from the non-return of Jesus Christ on Pentecost of 2012.  It’s also 52 weeks since the unusual 2-day fast last year to pray for destruction and death from an increase in the thunders.  Next weekend is a 1-day fast and it is expected that the sermon will be less boring as the Son of Perdition reveals new signs and/or lying wonders while in Cincinnati.