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Pressed Upon

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Son of Perdition Ronald Weinland was in Dallas this weekend.  After services, the members were to standby for a special announcement.  The last time he did this was for Audra’s wedding reception.

Some PKG members are undergoing medical trials.  Hopefully Travis will come through the chemo treatment for his leukemia and 2-year-old Kenny’s heart surgery will also go well. Fortunately Weinland is not continuing the doctrine of his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong against the use of medical care.   OTOH, Jim Sullivan, who was ordained as associate elder 3 weeks ago and spent his golden wedding anniversary traveling to see his spiritual idol Ron Weinland in Spokane two weeks ago, passed on.  Hopefully Jim’s widow Beverly will be able to deal with the disappointment on the afternoon of May 26, 2012 when they are not reunited since he is not resurrected as one of the sealed 144,000 and she is not converted to spirit being at that time.

This was mostly a boring sermon — no new titles or doctrines. Ron made a few half-hearted jabs against his critics, but mainly coasted on his theme of the upcoming millions who are to be baptized by his new elders.  Next week end is the approximate anniversary of the 2-day fast at the end of last January, and the following weekend (Feb 6) is a one-day fast.

So it’s timely to review the sermon that the Man of Sin Ronald Weinland delivered on Jan 31 of last year (19 MB audio MP3 download, right-click the link and Save-as).  Ron talked about how the members were to pray for an increase in the thunders beginning around 1 hour and 14 minutes in this file.  (If you download the sermon from the PKG website, these statements will be located a few minutes earlier in the recording since the announcements are redacted — that is unless he also redacted these statements which wouldn’t surprise me as he’s done this on other occasions). A few of his statements 51 weeks ago:

Can we grasp what it’s going to take to bring them to repentance?  … So what does it  take?  Suffering.  To think that you would pray for the suffering of some, for the death of some.  So that others could live.  …  So again, what is the purpose of our prayers, petitions and fasting before God? … That more be brought to repentance and acceptance of the truth by the timing, repetition, and power from unleashing far mightier thunders.  And as well the trumpets…  So think about those thunders and pray about them.   …. The majority is about our desire for the thunders … and pray about them that they be released with far greater power.

Talking about the first thunder (war), bemoaning the success of “the surge” in Iraq:

Pray about this, that there be more conflict. Pray that God stir things up with the first thunder, a terror of war.  Because only when people fear    they can come to repentance they won’t fear otherwise .  They’ve been so spaced out, it’s easy to slough them off with human reasoning  “Oh well it’s just time and chance   You want to pray that things be such that people stop saying that.  That people be brought to such realization, that they realize that no, this isn’t normal, and these things haven’t happened like this before.  Not this way.

In “2008 — God’s Final Witness”, Weinland likened the thunders to birth pains.  Birth pains increase in magnitude and frequency prior to birth. On page 82 of his fictional book:

The physical phase of transition that is occurring during this present Sixth Seal is the period when prophetic end-time events escalate, on a physical plane, with increasing destructive power that is best depicted as a pregnant woman in labor pains.

So after the Sixth Seal ended, he’s admitting that the actual thunders experienced are not like labor pains.  Then Ron continued on about the second thunder (earthquakes):

Are you comfortable about praying for massive earthquakes? You need to think about this because your asking for the death of others.  Because that’s what happens with a massive earthquake.  That’s what happens with a massive tsunami.  Or when a volcano goes off.  People die.

False Prophet Ronald Weinland continued on about the thunders in his sermon 51 weeks ago.  And in his sermon 57 weeks ago, he issued a death curse against me to speedily die from the inside.  Both statements of equivalent veracity.  Since the thunders did not intensify, he’s twisted and distorted what he said about the purpose of last year’s fast to credit it for the delay in the Great Tribulation.  So, maybe the fast is why Ron’s curse on me hasn’t taken effect.