Ron Gets Static

spokanetlFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Spokane, after a trip back to Cincinnati during the week.  During the week he added yet one more associate elder:  Beth Bucheit is the mother-in-law of fellow associate elder Joey Shockey whose ordination was announced last weekend.  As a reminder, while I was able to supply last names for most the the first names that Ron gave, I’m still missing a few and would appreciate your help closing the gap.

Technical problems plagued Ron’s Internet streaming audio broadcast.  He lost connection twice, despite whatever precautions he took against static.  I can imagine Ron up there looking like Michael Jackson as he moonwalks through the scriptures wearing his static control glove.

Ron finally had the radio interview he had previously talked about.  But he’s not posting it, claiming the interviewer was dull.  Ron, how about posting it anyway and let us decide if it’s dull. I suspect it was rather the opposite, with the interviewer holding Ron’s feet to the fire about the failed prophecies in his book.

Weinland took a tour through history, mentioning his split-off from UCG.  In December of 1996 he sent out an email to all the UCG elders complaining about certain unauthorized expenditures.  According to Ron, after that email, the head of the UCG ethics committee called to visit, and then a week later called accusing Ron of having said certain things during the phone call.  But Ron had a recording of the conversation and within a year that individual was dead.  Wonder if Ron placed a death curse on him at that time the way he did me 55 weeks ago.  Ron resigned from UCG sometime in May of 1997, although recently he has claimed that his resignation was on Pentecost which in 1997 was in June.

Ron gave a cheerleading session for the new changes in the status of women.  The spotlight is being focused on the church, and Ron appreciated my putting names on the Internet.  Ron, if you like it so much why not add a page to your website and put up the names and photos of all of your elders?  And you could start by giving last names during your ordination announcements, which you did not today for Beth Bucheit.  That is if you really feel that what I’m doing is helping and you’re not saying this as a lame attempt at reverse psychology.  If you want to paint my small blog as “big things taking place” and even the Sixth Thunder, well then, have at it. 😀

One thing that may change is allowing women to preach and give prayers.  Ron was emphatic that wouldn’t happen.  But he was also emphatic in December of 2008 that Laura would be the only one ordained.  And he was emphatic back this summer that he was not an Apostle.  And he’s quite emphatic that to deny Herbert Armstrong was the end-time Elijah to to deny God.  God-denying Ronald Weinland.

Ron talked about all the people who are waiting for him to admit to being a false prophet.  I don’t think there is anyone who is waiting for that, but if there are I am not one of them.  When Ron gave his “If by Pentecost” declaration on March 29, 2008 promising to quit preaching and admit being a false prophet by the end of July of 2008 if his prophecies did not materialize, my immediate response was he wouldn’t do it.  Ron will still not admit to being a false prophet when Jesus Christ does not return 124 weeks from now.  Let me emphasize: Ronald Weinland will never admit to being a false prophet. Not even on May 28, 2012.

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  • Mark says:

    You are right. He will never admit it. He’s a prideful, delusional man. There’s no need for him to admit anything since he has people who financially support his lies. God gave us a brain and the Bible gives all kinds of warning signs to protect us against the likes of Weinland, but his people, to their folly, choose to ignore them.

  • Dill Weed says:

    Ron will never admit being a false prophet. He does not posess the character to do that.

    Fortunately, he’s like the little boy who cried wolf.

    For those newly ordained would be baptizers – what will happen when the predicted tens of thousands don’t show up? They are feeling quite special now, but the let down is on its way. They will feel pretty sheepish when they realize they hace been duped.

    The 2nd Trumpet will continue to delay. Their prophet will continue to ‘not know when it is coming.’ – only being able to report it AFTER it happens. He will strengously continue to avoid prophesying because of his poor track record so far.

    Ron will continue to exhort his followers to have Total Resolve in the face of nothing happening.

    The day will come when so much time has passed that the events leading to Christ’s return in May 2012 could not possibly happen. Ron will have to tell his flock that God has changed his plan contradicting all the prophecy God has given him.

    Then current believers will have to ask themselves:

    Would the Two Witnesses be wrong about beginning of their ministry twice?

    What about all the predictions made that have not come to pass?

    What do the facts show?

    Ron doesn’t need to admit to being a false prophet. His record of failure will soon be so enormous and undeniable, even to his most ardent supporters, that there will be a massive falling away. Sadly, there will probably be enough dupes for him to continue meeting in peoples homes until God calls him home.

    Dill Weed

  • angel says:

    I agree – I don’t think he’ll ever admit to being a false prophet. You’re very generous, Dill Weed, to say God will call him “home”; I don’t get that impression when I read about the fate of false prophets in the Bible.

    Most false prophets, even when their prophecies fail, manage to hold on to some followers; I’ve never heard of one that just completely closed up shop. The ones that stay will accept whatever spin he puts on it, they’ve been doing it for years so why stop now and have to tuck their tail between their legs and admit they were wrong about him? They’ve been innoculated/indoctrinated against questioning their prophet, giving in to doubt and listening to mockers; it seems people like this have made a conscious choice to believe someone like Ron and simply do not want to change. Very sad.

  • jack635 says:

    Ron doesn’t need to admit to being a false prophet….

    Yes. As far as I am concerned he has already implied that he is a false prophet in the interview when he stated that if what he said does not come to pass by pentecost 2008, then “I am a false prophet”.

    And then of course there is the title of his book. A glaring statement that cannot be ignored. And will not be ignored. Out of respect for Mike’s blog I won’t use profanity, but I’m sure you know what I think about people who use people for personal gain. Ronald Weinland has used a lot of people. He deserves his alcoholism.

  • Dennis says:

    On May 26th, 2012 God will reveal to Ron that he is a Pastor Rank Minister an should press on using all the scriptures in the NT that the ” God doesn’t mark time like we do brethren,” apostles back then were forced to use. The beat goes on….

  • RK says:

    Regarding the radio interview RW decided not to post because the interviewer was dull:

    Let’s see. We have God’s end-time witness, chosen to bring God’s end-time message of warning to the world, and Ron has been givin another opportunity to get that Sixth Thunder going, and he decides to nix it, because it was “dull”.

    Oh well, I guess the world will have to wait for God’s end-time message, until a radio interviewer comes along that is more to Ron’s liking.

    What the heck, since we’re not that far into the Great Tribulation, I guess there’s really no rush.

  • Karen Mustard says:

    If you contact the interviewer…he may release the interview to you by mp3. 🙂

  • Karen Mustard says:

    I agree RW will never admit to being wrong…. most WCG members never learned to say they were wrong…oh except most of the women. They learned to admit it and say it often to show humbleness and submissiveness. But the men, they never said it… or should I say… “say it”…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Often I can find a web site for radio stations that have MP3 copies of their programs. But I was not able to find which radio station he was on. If anyone has any notion, please let me know. Also the same for the interviews he did just prior to ideaCity in June.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    It would be such an interesting interview to listen to – in so far as probable excuses he would have made to the interviewer for all the non-events.

  • josiah says:

    Wow, I had no idea this man was claiming to be one of the two witnesses. I thought I heard him a while back claiming he would be ‘training’ the two witnesses. I could be confusing him for another fraud who calls himself an apostle. Either way, I agree with Angel; false prophets are dealt with severely for their actions and words. I found a powerful [true] prophetic message that speaks to this man, along with the other false prophets of his category. I think this is right on:

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    You are probably thinking of another nut from Ohio (what’s in the water there?) named Dave Pack of the Restored Church of God who’s appointed himself an apostle. He claims that he will supervise the two witnesses.