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Tevet 20, 5770

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Today marks the end of the second 19-year time cycle since the end of Herbert Armstrong’s two prophetic 19-year time cycles.  January 7, 1934 was the first of Herbie’s radio broadcasts.  January 7, 1953 was his first broadcast in Europe at the end of HWA’s first 19-year time cycle.  The end of the second 19-year time cycle, January 7, 1972, was to mark the beginning of the 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation leading to the return of Jesus Christ on Trumpets of 1975.  Each of these January 7’s was Tevet 20 on the Jewish calendar, but this year Tevet 20 is today, January 6, 38 years later on the Jewish holy calendar.  While the sun, moon, and earth are supposedly on a perfect 19-year time cycle, Wikipedia explains that while that’s pretty close there’s actually a two-hour difference.

When the Great Tribulation did not manifest in 1972 and the Worldwide Church of God did not flee to Petra, Herbert Armstrong back-pedaled in a “personal” in his “Tomorrow’s World” publication, claiming that he was not a prophet.  The evidence contradicts this as indicated on this website with over 200 prophecies by Armstrong and his minions.  The book “Matches in the Gas Tank” also says differently. As described in that book, Herbert Armstrong spoke on the Feast of Trumpets 1967, and opened with:

Herbert W. Armstrong walked to the podium and stood before the mike. He was middle-aged, prosperously rotund, and clothed in a fine wool suit. His full gray hair was combed straight back; his cold stare pierced rimless glasses. His bearing was regal; he radiated authority. His voice exuded charisma: a beautiful baritone with the timbre of a finely-tuned instrument. Each word was delivered with absolute conviction because, as he told us, God had given him extraordinary intelligence and speaking ability so he could serve as His emissary on earth.

Eight years from today, Jesus Christ will return,” Mr. Armstrong thundered, holding his Bible in the air.

Jesus Christ did not return 8 years later, on Trumpets of 1975.  Despite his claim that he was not a prophet, Herbert Armstrong continued to issue prophecies that turned out to be false. Herbert Armstrong claimed to be God’s apostle speaking in his name, and issued prophecies. To claim that Herbie was not a prophet is just so much jailhouse lawyering. Try this one on the judge: stick up a 7-11 and when you get caught, base your defense on “I didn’t claim to be an armed robber”.

This is year 5770 on the Jewish calendar.  Herbie and his wannabee imitators use the Jewish calendar to set the days on which to observe the Holy days.  Weinland emphasizes this in his 20th “Truth”. Yet despite their claims that God allotted 6000 years for mankind to figure it out on our own, False Prophet Ronald Weinland claims that Jesus Christ’s return is imminent despite 230 years remaining according to the Jewish calendar.  Pentecost of 2012 will be pretty much the same as Trumpets of 1975.  Ron has a lot of revisions left to accomplish.