Ron, John, Herbie, & Elijah

In his sermon last Saturday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland made the following claim:

I’m telling you today, I am the Elijah-to-come.

Weinland also claims to be an apostle and one of the Two End-time Witnesses (and spokesman for both).  I’ve run across a CoG publication that takes exception to the idea that one of the Witnesses would also be the end-time Elijah.

Faithfully reviewing our history and acknowledging that this history is in perfect and complete harmony with the word of God and end-time prophecies should serve to strengthen brethren and sober us to the reality of how little time we have left to prepare ourselves. Yet this evangelist “of a large organization” waffles back and forth on this subject. He even plants the thought that there are experts who believe one of the two witnesses may fulfill this role of the Elijah to come. How could such a man be so blind, especially after all that he experienced in the Church during Philadelphia? And who are these “experts?” Have these experts written commentary about this subject, and are they supposed to be “Bible scholars,” who are in fact actually outside the Church—without the spirit of God dwelling in them? Do we look to experts outside the Church to help us understand the true word of God and those things that can only be revealed through God’s spirit? What would either of these two witnesses restore in that last 3½ years before Jesus Christ returns? That question alone should show how foolish this evangelist has been in presenting such suggestions!

Elsewhere in the same CoG publication:

All understanding of prophecy regarding the end of this age was not revealed to Mr. Armstrong. Foundational truths were revealed through him and restored to the Church as God fulfilled the role of the “Elijah to come” through him.

and also:

It is not a light thing for anyone in the environs of the Church to deny or be uncommitted in this matter of Mr. Armstrong being the end-time Elijah.

So how did this publication critical of Weinland’s latest titular claim come out so quickly?  Actually, it was published quite awhile ago, back in May of 2003.  The title of the publication is “Time Has Run Out” and was written by someone named Ronald Weinland and is available in PDF format for download on the CoG-PKG Publications page.  The PDF is text searchable, and taking advantage of that with the search term “Elijah” yields the following gems.

To deny that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was the Elijah to come before the end-time is either ignorance or willing denial of what is true concerning our history and what God did through him. …… It is not a light thing for anyone in the environs of the Church to deny or be uncommitted in this matter of Mr. Armstrong being the end-time Elijah. [pg 38, 3rd column]

Understand that there is duality involved in the “Elijah to come,” as John the Baptist fulfills the first part of this prophecy concerning a people being prepared for the first-coming of Jesus Christ. [pg 17, 1st column]

But instead of the duality, we now have Ron as part of a trinity consisting of John the Baptist, Ronald the Reviser, and his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong.  By the way, this material is essentially the same as given in yet another CoG publication, the 2002 Second Quarter issue of News Watch.

Another CoG publication takes exception to Ron’s stance.  The publication is “The Prophesied End Time” written by one Ronald Weinland.  It includes other statements:

That man was Herbert W. Armstrong—the very one who would fulfill the role of the prophetic end-time Elijah. [pg 106]

It will become far more significant later, but Herbert W. Armstrong understood that he fulfilled the prophecies of the end-time Elijah to come, that he was the end-time apostle to the Philadelphian Era, and that his commission was summed up in Matthew 24:14. [pg 108]

Poor Ron.  He’s made up so much stuff that he’s having trouble keeping track of it all, getting tripped up in contradictions every time he opens his mouth.  Laura, you need to give him lots and lots of those looks to shut him up.  But it really doesn’t matter — his followers have already forgotten it but if reminded will swallow whatever lame explanations the failed prophet will offer.



  • Whisper says:

    “But instead of the duality, we now have Ron as part of a trinity consisting of John the Baptist, Ronald the Reviser, and his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong

    Ron was done some really stunning mental gymnastics to place himself up by his dead idol Herbert. Then Ron did some truely awesom mental gymnastics to place himself above ol Herbert by stating that Herbert was the forerunner and announcer of Ron’s Witness-hood, and well the wifes as well but that never seemed very important to Ron, she’s just a warm body sitting in the chair that Ron needed to fill.
    I would further allude to the point that John was a “announcer” (Life Herbert) of the great “Son of Man” to come, just like Herbert is of Ron, The End Time Prophet, One of the 2 Witness’s, The spokesman of the 2 Witness’s, the end time Apostle, and now he seems to be taking over Herberts position by stating that Herbert was only “a” End time Elijah, not “the” but “a”. So then Ron up’s the ante on Herbert by saying “oh ya, Herbert was a End Time Elijah, but I’m the final End Time Elijah”.

    Ron’s just board. He needs to get back into the re-invention of the Bible and wild & crazy prophecy! His hands are idol 🙂 and need work to do or he simply becomes board and starts creating titles, etc…

  • Mark says:

    Not sure what I am most appalled at. Ron’s titular claims or the fact that people buy into and support his nonsense.
    Wake up followers of Weinland! You are following a false prophet and heretic! How long will you choose to ignore the obvious signs?

  • J says:

    Great post, Mike. You had me going there for a minute. I didn’t know who wrote that first article, and then….bang. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to use the words of Weinland against him? He makes it way too easy.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    This is just too good Mike – thanks a million for that post. ROTFLMAO!!

    Yeah, he is confused all right – and we all know who the author of confusion is meant to be…… lol, classic.

  • James says:

    Ron is not confused. Ron is “Legion” for he is many!
    If we could get someone to cast the demon out of Ron and have it go into a pig, would the membership follow the pig or Ron over the cliff?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Just in case someone doesn’t get the “legion” reference.

    Whom would the sheep follow over the cliff? Wayne Matthews.

  • Phillip R says:

    Mathew 11:14-15 “And if you are willing to receive it, he (John the Baptist) is Elijah who is to come. He who has ears to HEAR let him HEAR!”

    First, the book of Revelation says that the 2 witnesses have FIRE that COMES OUT of their MOUTH – not from HEAVEN. The only person to call FIRE down from HEAVEN is the FALSE Prophet.

    John the Baptist fulfilled the scripture about elijah coming before the great and dreadful day of the Lord…which was when Jesus came the first time. The city was destroyed because they rejected their messiah…there was darkness when they killed Jesus, and many people where lost because they rejected their Messiah. Elijah the Prophet already came again in John the Baptist.

  • Zack says:

    I find it comepletely ammusing that ANYONE would find this guy to be lagit. He oozes fraud from every orfice. The key to understanding Prophetic Fraud is that the proclaimer is proclaiming HIMSELF ! That should be the First Egosentric Clue.