Weinland Pads His Resume Yet Again

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Georgia yesterday for yet another big announcement.  The last time he was to be there, Ron was a no-show claiming illness on that day of judgment on the 40th sabbath of the Great Tribulation, the Feast of Trumpets, and the end of the “time” before the real “times”.

As reported by Jack and Gavin, Rotten Ronnie has expanded his CV yet again, now claiming “I also am an Elijah-to-come”.  To hear it from his own lying lips, download the sermon from the PKG website and start listening beginning at 51 minutes into the file.  (If the link is broken, navigate to the audio page on the PKG website and download it.  Also if the sermon file link is broken, the file has probably been edited to remove announcements and/or other misstatements in which case the statement of interest would be a few minutes earlier).

To set the stage for his big announcement, Ronnie meandered through an article written by his spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong in the March 6, 1981 Worldwide News  [8MB PDF download].  In this article, on page 10, 3rd paragraph of the 3rd column, Armstrong wrote:

I have been asked “Are you the Elijah?” And I say “No.”

That would be a reference to Malachi 4:5 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:” However, in the WWN article following Herbie’s denial,  he seemed to claim the Elijah title without coming out and directly stating it, likening himself to John the Baptist.  This just prior to putting out another call for money to pay for quality for God’s end-time Apostle.  In any case, Weinland wrote in 2008 God’s Final Witness (page 162): “God’s end-time apostle and prophesied “Elijah to come” was Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.”

At 1 hour, 8 minutes and 45 seconds in yesterday’s sermon recording, Ron squeezes in “I am the final fulfillment of the Elijah-to-come”.  So Ron is not only “an” Elijah-to-come, he is the final one.  I imagine he could easily proof-text for his followers that there can be more than one of “the” Elijah’s-to-come, should one of them think to ask about it.

Ron is certainly reducing his cycle time for adding titles.  He became a prophet in 1997 or 1998, according to various statements.  Yet he didn’t make an announcement of this to his church until 2002.  Then in 2005 he decided that he and the missus are the end-time witnesses and waited a couple of months before announcing it to his church.  Just five weeks ago he added the claim of being an Apostle after God “put it in his mind” just a few weeks earlier.  And now today he adds the title of the final Elijah-to-come.  There is an ever reducing cycle between adding titles. Since Ronnie can’t dazzle his members with brilliance, he’s baffling them with BS.

There were a few interesting asides before starting the sermon.  At one point he thought that Laura was giving him a warning look as though he was about to say something we wasn’t supposed to .  Is Ron a puppet dancing to Laura’s string pulls?  I doubt it, but expect that he needs her to keep him from chewing on his foot in any more often than he does.

His newest evangelist, Terry Wrozek, was brought down from Jackson, Michigan so that Ron could meet with him and senior evangelist Johnny Harrell.  On the agenda were discussions of the new yet unannounced doctrine, and things in addition to doctrine.  Ron needed to get his evangelists on board with the new changes before rolling them out over the next few weeks.  Could these “additional things” have anything to do with the IRS investigation? I doubt that Ronnie’s flight to the beast power is imminent, since even if the investigation were complete, there will still be a review process within the IRS and an additional review by the Department of Justice’s tax division before a referral would be made to a US attorney.  Nevertheless, he could be positioning himself should his legal position deteriorate.

It’s now 52 weeks since Ron cursed me with a speedy death for criticizing him, but somehow I expect I’ll still be around to find out what amazing new doctrines he promises to reveal to his followers.

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  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Any ideas what will be the next title to be claimed by the Insane Liar?

  • Dill Weed says:

    Laura is the Moses to come.

    Dill Weed

  • J says:

    Any ideas what will be the next title to be claimed by the Insane Liar?

    Jesus. I called it weeks ago.

  • Mark says:


  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    “Felon” is not a title he will claim, but hopefully it will be assigned to him in federal court. But before that happens, Ron will probably grab a few other titles.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:


  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Oh yes, and for Laura – “Cougar”.

  • Aggie says:

    ” In this article, on page 10, 3rd paragraph of the 3rd column, Armstrong wrote:

    I have been asked “Are you the Elijah?” And I say “No.”

    …..Aaaaand then Armstrong followed this up with sending Gerald Waterhouse all over the world, PREACHING that “Herbert W Armstrong IS THE ELIJAH TO COME! He is modest and denies it, but I am telling you this brethren…..”

    Wayne doesn’t strike me as having the stamina to give a Waterhouse Special…..Harrell perhaps?

  • jack635 says:

    Any ideas what will be the next title to be claimed by the Insane Liar?


  • Whisper says:

    Claiming to be the “Christ” is still beyond ol Ron’s delusion… for now. But he could easily claim that all the Prophet / Witness / Spokesman / Apostle / Elijah to come / Final Elijah to come (etc…) allows him to claim that he is the 3rd in the power chain leading from God to Jesus to “Ron” to Michael the A-A, to many other angles, to dead Herbert, to the whole staff of Disney World, etc… etc…

    I definatly feel Ron is seeing the position of #3 in the Holy Order (the Holy Spirit don’t count as s/he can not form a physical body) and that’s pretty good as God and Jesus seemed to have been in existance for all time and beyond, but for Ron to be a mere 60-70 years old and obtain, through his own delusion, the #3 spot in the order of Life the Universe and Everything is a pretty grand accomplishment! I’m sure over the next 1000 years of Christs Reign that Ron will, in his mind, serve faithfully as the #2 man in the earthly order and come to show the Father that he and Jesus are practically un-seperatable and ergo he and Jesus should basically share the same level in Gods order. Now how to then take the #2 position for himself… well that could take more than delusion even in old Ron’s mind… But then again nothing is beyond imagination-land for a “true” believer and Ron has already qualified himself to himself as such…

  • Dill Weed says:

    There are a couple of interesting things about this.

    He sure is out of the loop for some one just below Christ.

    Pretty, sneaky claiming this was one of the (ever so silent) Thunders, I mean how many people are really aware of him anyway, much less than that he is now the *yawn* archtype Elijah? *yawn*

    How much more silly will he look when nothing continues to happen in the next 2 1/2 years. Yippee!

    Did you notice how he swept the recovery of the stock market away. It will just crash harder next time.

    This puts that much more pressure on his pysche to deliver – something he can’t do.

    This long con is winding its way to its end.

    It’s going to be an interesting trip.

    Tick Tock

  • Whisper says:

    “Did you notice how he swept the recovery of the stock market away. It will just crash harder next time.”

    I had missed that, I just assumed if something is going “well” in the world then Ron would not spare a thought or word upon it. Only that which is horrible will be spoken of… ad nausium.

    Time for Ron to “boldly state” some more fantasy, alike unto that which made me laugh so in the good ol days of “Prophecy”! Come on Ron, it’s your time to shine! Give it all you got! Re-order the Bible and the Universe with your Witness Powers! Be an Apostle and write your own book!
    It’s gonna be fun on the bun!

  • Debbie says:

    The Ronald Weinland site lists “Author” as his first title – citing that people in over 160 countries have read his writings – hence, he may write another book

    I could be uninformed, but I have never heard or read of Ronald referring to himself as a servant – of his god or his god’s people

    All these titles he assigns himself – in my estimation they can be summed up in one word – EGOMANIA – his sense of self is grossly distorted

    A few years ago during his Passover service sermon, he spoke in such a manner as putting himself on the same level as Jesus – So Whisper’s speculation
    of Ron wanting to be #2 is probably not far off – At Idea City he presented himself as the brother of Jesus – on the same level

    Many of us have already heard the ‘story’ of what happened to another #2 – wanting to become #1 – hence new doctrine of Ronald Weinland –

    Some people would describe this as ‘antichrist’ – I think that Ronald’s untreated mental illness is progressing – Very Sad

  • RK says:

    I’m surprised that Ron hasn’t referred to himself as “The Watchman” or “Zerubbabel” like Herbert used to do.

    I guess there’s still time for that, though.

    Speaking of Ron’s untreated mental illness; I just hope things don’t go the way that will physically endanger anybody.

    As history shows, situations like this have a potential for doing so.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    RK, you should only be half-surprised. In Weinland’s latest blog post he states:
    “In addition, He has given me to fulfill the prophecies of the “Elijah to come” and of Zerubbabel.”

    And speaking of physical endangerment, his blog post includes the following:
    “Elijah was known most by what he did to several hundred false prophets. He killed them! Now a prophetic type of that is going to follow upon the Church that was scattered.”

  • Aggie says:

    “Speaking of Ron’s untreated mental illness; I just hope things don’t go the way that will physically endanger anybody. “

    This was a going concern during the first timeline, but after that passed with no ill effects, I realized it was little more than a tithe scam. After all, they can’t pad their retirement pension if they kill off the tithe-payers, now can they?

    We definitely weren’t like Waco or Jonestown. We WANTED to live, to see “the end of the age”. The sad thing is, there are people who are still hanging in limbo, living for a Kingdom that’s never going to come.