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This Week in History

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

A year ago this Monday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland started his job as Spokesman Witness for the second time and also restarted the Great Tribulation.  But he’s had to restart the Great Tribulation yet again and will do so again.

Four years ago tomorrow, Ronnie declared himself to be the Spokesman of the Two End-Time Witnesses.  And 15 years ago tomorrow, Joe Tkach Sr opened the First Seal in his December 17, 1994 sermon in Atlanta witnessed by Weinland’s backup man Johnny Harrell.

Joe Tkach reprised his Atlanta sermon a week later in his “Christmas Eve” sermon in Big Sandy.  Ambassador College alumni including relations of mine were in attendance for a reunion.

Here is a clip of the first part of Tkach’s “Christmas Eve” sermon.

Thanks to J of Shadows of WCG for finding this. He has links to both sides of the first audio tape of the sermon on his blog. (YouTube limits clips to 10 minutes each).

A video of the sermon was distributed to all the local congregations in the Worldwide Church of God in January of 1995. As a result of the changes introduced by this sermon, WCG imploded with Ronald Weinland leaving WCG as minister in March of 1995 and incorporating The United Church of God – Toledo, Inc. the following month.  And the rest — is history.