Facebook Vs the Fiftieth “Truth”

False Prophet Ronald Weinland returned to the scene of earlier crimes (perhaps a figure of speech) in Erie Pennsylvania where he lived for about 7 years ending in 1994.  Next week the Spokesman Witness will be in Bloomington Illinois at a location to be announced in an email he failed to send out yet.

pastorsheriffronLast week, Ron announced that Benjamin and Grace had quit the church.  Today he announced that they were disfellowshipped because Benjamin sent out emails giving his side of the story.  Later on in the sermon, he let on that Benjamin was defrocked in part because he was on Facebook in defiance of Ron’s edict that elders should not be on it.  This was rather ironic given that Ron read from an old Newswatch critical of controlling ministers.  It also seems that Benjamin had an issue with the 50th “truth”, although he was ordained after Ron rolled out this nonsense in June of 2008.

But God is just cleaning the body.  Just as he cleaned the body in one great sweep in February of 2000 in Toledo and Detroit. Ron will not hesitate to tell people who disagree with him to leave.  God is cleansing the church right now, Ron can see it starting again.  I hope the wave is a tidal wave of people recognizing the false prophet for what he is.   Note: the cartoon came from an ex-member of COG-PKG, one who has not commented here.

Ron promises to deliver a profound revelation about the thunders in a future sermon .  I have a profound revelation about the thunders right now:  they did not happen during the Sixth Seal the way Ron said they would in the chapter “The Seventh Thunders of the 6th Seal”.  Just as his spiritual breath of fire on me has not resulted in my speedy death 50 weeks after he issued the curse.

As a side note, Aggie who comments here has reopened his Purple Hymnal blog with a reintroductory post.  Back when I was required to attend the Church of Herb, the hymnal was gray which dates myself for those in the know.  Best wishes to Aggie on the renewed blog and I hope he still drops by my blog occasionally.

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  • Aggie says:

    Thanks for the plug, here’s hoping it achieves the goal I’ve laid out for it!

    (BTW, that cartoon is hilarious, but the lectern is missing the Ambassador College seal. *eg*)

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Hey Aggie, I’ll be reading!

    Thanks once again Mike for the summary of the insane prophets weekly bull speak.

  • Deb says:

    Wouldn’t it knock off my socks if Ronnie reveals that the 7 Thunders were just a figment of his imagination – that would be some
    truth for a change. That ‘profound truth’ about to be revealed by him – just another carrot on a string – the members are getting restless and need something new to think about. I hope he doesn’t have the audacity to say that God changed his mind – it’s bad enough that Ronnie is pretending that God is postponing the Thunders, Trumpets, Woes, etc. etc. It is a smelly pile of crap he is standing in and it is getting deeper. I heard Ron say he hates that word – Crap, Crap, Crap.

    I remember when a member of PKG, a former friend, first mentioned the God’s Final Witness 2008 to me – She was emphasizing that
    Ron had been revealed the 7 Thunders. From what I remember from the book, I believe that Ronnie wrote that he, himself chose what the 7 Thunders would be – this would be the “Proof” that God was speaking through him when they came about in their ‘timely manner’.

    The 7 Thunders, what an utter failure – firstly, that they didn’t happen in the time frame he wrote they would – (before the opening of the 7th Seal) and secondly they have not reared ‘their head’ not one little bit.

    Good cartoon – Ronald is a bully – I am glad to hear Benjamin & Grace told their side of the story – Ronnie would have rathered them go off quietly – just so that his side of the story would be the only one – Too bad, Ron, the truth tends to come to the surface sooner than later.

  • Karen Mustard says:

    Love the cartoon…

  • Aggie says:

    Dunno if it’s one of Weinland’s silent thunders, but I am now on Twitter. It must be the sign of someone’s prophesied Apocalypse, surely?? 😉

  • Dennis Diehl says:

    Forbidding FB to those in Ron’s Church is the technological version of forbidding members from reading the many letters they received in the mail back in the 70’s and 80’s keeping them informed of what may be really going on and the observations of those that may have had something helpful to offer the brethren besides that which came from the few. I remember back when thinking that “the Internet will be the end of the Church,” if these things be so. It gave voice to the silent ones who just sat and church and said, “this is BS.” Dave Pack has also endeavored in the past to stop blogging. It just makes people apply the rule, “Ask and you shall not have. Do not ask and all things are possible.” People aren’t stupid eventually.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I think the Internet has made a difference resulting in more splinters. Back when WCG broke up in 95, the web was just going mainstream. Probably would still have UCG, PCoG, and LCG but would have fewer other splinters.

    Nowadays any kook can finance his own web ministry with his own tithe money. And if you have a few followers kicking in their tithes it can get even larger. Several years ago, Ron tried to imitate Herbie by advertising on Readers Digest but with minimal success. He’s done much better with Google Ad words.

  • Aggie says:

    Funny, none of the other splinters have picked up on the Google adwords idea. But they’re probably still floundering for a “head of the church under God’s government”, unlike Weinland, Flurry, Meredith, and Pack, who have convinced themselves and others, that THEY are “the replacement apostles”.

    I would be very surprised, two-and-a-half failed timelines in, if PKG has any recruits remaining that came in from “the world” and not from a splinter or *gag* “the scattered church”.

  • Aggie says:

    Hey, Dennis, were you around when Wacky Willie Dankenbring was sending out his Prophecy Flush newsletters? I remember being told from the pulpit how it was “murmurings” and spreading gossip….

  • jack635 says:


    Actually almost all of the splinters are advertising on google adwords.

  • jack635 says:


    Iread your post about one of the elder getting the boot. Just goes to show that the higher ups are questioning the crap coming out of Weinland’s mouth.

  • Aggie says:

    Jack, I stand corrected. Unsurprised, but corrected. The Internet is the last, best hope, for “the one true churches” to recruit new members? Who would have thought it….

  • jack635 says:

    keywords like “nostradamus” and “end of the world” pull in people who have never even read the bible. Too bad. So sad. But the world keeps turning on it’s axis. And no preacher can stop it.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Jack is correct. Do a Google search on “herbert armstrong” and see how many sponsored links pop up. Most of which are competing CoGlets. Ronnie used to compete on that search term, but now concentrates on “2012” and variants on that.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Jack, I think Benjamin is an exception. After all, he kept his Facebook account even in the face of Ron’s edict. If you’ve listened to Wayne Matthews’ sermons, he’s swimming in Flavor Aid.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Oh yes, Wayne is swimming in it alright. Wayne’s not gonna quit until Ron dies or admits he is false.

  • Mark says:

    Let’s be clear. Ron doesn’t fear the Internet, he fears the lack of control. He sounds more and more alike a petulant child. If Ron had something of value, he wouldn’t be so fearful of people finding out about his lunacy.

  • Aggie says:

    Nah, Weinland’s not nuts. Crazy like a fox maybe, but not insane in any respect of the word, false prophecies notwithstanding. Weinland and Wife, going on close to four years in on their false prophecy odyssey, and closing in on three years of the actual false prophecies beginning, are only in this business to recoup a retirement savings plan they can fritter away on, long after 2012 has come and gone, as have the other false prophecies, deadlines and timelines — completely without event.

    The more time that passes from his “If by Pentecost” declaration, the more it becomes obvious to all, that Weinland has absolutely no belief in his own theology, and is only in it for the money.

    “If by Pentecost [June 8, 2008] I’m just going to make this real clear to everyone. If by Pentecost [June 8 2008] it is not powerfully and abundantly clear that there has been a great deal of destruction that will clearly encompass a third of all plant life in the US and at least the clear results of this mingled with blood the death of very much animal life and the beginning of large numbers of human life then I will stop preaching. Just so all the critics and everyone out there will understand. I am true to my word in these things. OK? And for all the critics if by the end of July and for most likely around Pentecost if nothing has clearly caused great destruction and death I will make it very clear that I was a false prophet. I will do exactly what I said I would do on aaaaall those interviews that I have held. To do less. Well. Would be quite insane.”

    Straight from the Witless’s mouth, people.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Actually a bit longer than 4 years. On November 19, 2005 Ron stated in a roundabout way that he claimed to be a witness, and a few weeks later on December 17 made it explicitly clear.

    In support of Aggie’s proposition that Weinland is in it for the money is this quote from his last sermon of 2007:

    “Well, what if Ron Weinland and what he says doesn’t come to pass in April? What if these things don’t happen in 2008?” I think about what I’ve said in interviews. There’s really a simple answer — he’s a false prophet. I get tons of email every day from people saying ‘We’ll, I guess in 2009 you’re going to be saying this or saying that, or trying to explain to people..” No, I’m done. Just to be real candid with you, so people know and people understand, ……, again that’s the only answer. There is only one answer. …. The world is not like that. You know people who are doing what is not right and they claim certain things or say certain things about what is given to them, and it doesn’t come to pass — then they have to madly change everything and do something else. Or say ‘God showed me this, and I just didn’t understand this, or God has revealed this to me now, and blah blah blah blah. Because when it comes down to it, it’s about the paycheck. It’s about what are they going to do from here on out.

    But it’s a bit more complex than that. Otherwise, why didn’t he cut his losses and run when the IRS criminal investigation started? Why did he spend all that money on Google advertising?

  • jack635 says:

    I guess it’s like this

    If you had a tap aside your sink and it dripped money all day long, would you want to shut it off once the sink was full? Or would you keep that tap running til it went dry?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Going along with your analogy, would depend if the drain stopper leaked faster than the faucet dripped. If Ron has 1000 members and each tithes an average of $2000/year, that’s $2 million/year for Audra L. Little to keep track of. Operations of the church wouldn’t be that much. The question is: how much of that moolah is he spending on Google Ads and printing/mailing his books? The answer is not clear to me, so I don’t know whether he’s turning a profit or not.

  • RK says:

    “But it’s a bit more complex than that.”

    So true.

    There’s a lot of things that make it look like Ron is totally in it for the money, and nothing else; and that could very well be true.

    And then again, there are other things, e.g. , Ron’s letter to Moses Znaimer at Idea City.

    If one reads that letter, it looks like Ron believes what he’s doing, however deluded.

    It’s confusing to me, and not that easy to pin down.

    Something else to throw into the mix: I remember many times when Herbert would harp on those scriptures like “The laborer is worthy of his wages” and Paul’s statement about those who preach the gospel have a right to live by it, etc. etc.

    I think that Herbert might have really drummed that into the ministers’ heads, and because of that, these people like Flurry, Pack, Weinland, and a lot of other COG ministers, feel justified in raking in the tithes.

    That might be (I say might be) part of their thinking.

  • Mark says:

    It’s not JUST about money with Ronald. It’s as much, if not more, about control and power. There’s a sense of power that comes from getting people to do what you tell them to do as well as open up their pocketbooks and give you money. Like so many other Herbie disciples, once you’ve seen and tasted what it is like at the top of the hierarchy, there’s something very tempting in wanting that (just look at all the splinter groups). It reminds me of Frodo and the ring in Lord of the Rings. “My Precious”.
    Their ministry has NEVER been about helping people, but only about feeding their earthly desires for power and money.

  • Aggie says:

    “Their ministry has NEVER been about helping people, but only about feeding their earthly desires for power and money.”

    True enough, but those of us who were true believers certainly didn’t think that way. 🙁

  • Whisper says:

    Man is complex animal, and it was ever so.
    Con man, delusional, Man of God… the money, the fame, the super-ego, the settings and trappings of the elite…
    Man is complex but people often want the world to be oh so simple.
    Take ol Ron for example, people would like him to be a “Con-Man” or ar “Delusional-Man”, it makes ones vision of Ron straight and simple. But Ron is many things, he is delusional because of his ego, he just loves to be the Man of God, Belove of God, Leader of all the True and Faithful of this entire World. He is also a Con-man fixated on pretty shiny things. He lines his retirement bed with dollar bills all the time swimming in a delusional “Holy Man” dream. He’s both Con-Man and Delusional being…
    People are like that, they are not single pane mirrors, but rather multi-fauceted with many reflections to those who view them.
    But people continue to be complex and still attempt to look out upon the world and want it to be simple.
    Go figure?

  • jack635 says:

    He’s both Con-Man and Delusional being

    That pretty well nails it.

  • jack635 says:

    His delusion allows him to con people out of their money, and even make them disown their families in order to keep tithing. Although this may seem wrong to us it does not seem wrong to Ron because of his delusion. He can excuse himself of crime because he thinks it is necessary. The same way he rewrites the bible.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Mark and Whisper have expressed it very well. The first person Ron conned was Ron.

  • jack635 says:

    Wow!! That’s almost poetry or something classical.