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Compelling Audra

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

US Federal Magistrate Judge Wehrman ruled today on the government’s motion as described in my last post to compel Audra Little to provide testimony to the IRS.  Prior to the court hearing, Audra filed an affidavit stating:

1. My name is Audra L. Little;

2. My father, Ronald E. Weinland, is the subject of a criminal investigation by [the IRS];

3. I am aware that [the IRS special agent] has contacted me, as well as other friends and family members, employees and/or acquaintances of my father.  Moreover, several of these individuals have advised me that [the IRS special agent] has referred to me as a “potential target” in her investigation.

Audra’s lawyer filed a response to the government’s motion stating that due to Fifth Amendment considerations:

Without a grant of immunity the Respondent (Audra) should not be compelled to testify herein.

In the opinion issued by the court, Audra does not have the right under the Fifth Amendment to refuse to to appear and testify before the IRS.  However, she is still able to assert her Fifth Amendment rights by refusing to answer specific questions that may incriminate her.  But questions that incriminate only Daddy must be answered.  The court issued an order compelling Audra to appear before the IRS special agent to testify in response to the IRS administrative summons.

Audra, Audra, Audra.  What’s the problem?  Your daddy teaches that one should pay their taxes to civil government.  And being a Christian, he wouldn’t have broken the ninth commandment when he filed his 1040, would he?  On second thought, filing a fraudulent tax return is not bearing false witness against one’s neighbor.  So lying is not sinning then, is it?  But how about the seventh commandment?  Or is that which is Caesar’s not really Caesar’s, but Daddy’s.  Because after all whatever he has is God’s.

My expectation is that today’s court ruling is not the end of the case.  Audra will probably appear before the IRS special agent in response to the summons as ordered by the court.   And then she’ll assert Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer each and every question asked of her, requiring further litigation.

As Daddy Ron would put it: “Delay, Delay, Delay.”  Delays and Audra’s daddy go hand-in-hand.  Delay of the Great Tribulation.  Delay of the fulfillment of the first phase of the Fifth Thunder that was to prove that Audra’s daddy is a true prophet of God (the deaths of 5 specific ministers).  And delay of my promised speedy death from the inside from the curse the Spokesman Witness issued against me nearly 48 weeks ago.