Apostle Ronald Weinland

Back in August, False Prophet Ronald Weinland stated that if not a prophet he was certainly an apostle, but that he believed he was only a prophet. Speaking today from Bowling Green, KY he added to his C.V., boldly stating “I am an apostle”.  Makes sense, I suppose — he’s not doing very well at the prophecy thing so he needs a fall back position.  He claims this came as a revelation from God put directly into his mind while Laura was driving them to Detroit.  To be clear, he hasn’t (yet) given up on his claims to be the Spokesman of the Two Witnesses and a prophet of the God of Abraham.

Ron also did some revisions of prior timelines.  Today, he claimed that he became both an apostle and a prophet on Pentecost of 1998 (though he didn’t realize it until later).  He needs to read his own blog, on which speaking about himself in the third person, he states: “Although the Church of God has not been accustomed to having a prophet for nearly 1900 years, God made him a prophet in 1997.”  He also claimed that he resigned from UCG on Pentecost of 1997.  According to Ambassador Reports and Servants News, he resigned from UCG on May 26, 1997 which is a Monday.  I don’t have the exact day for Pentecost of 1997 (could anyone help me out?) but since Herbie changed Pentecost from Monday to Sunday it couldn’t have been that day. The following was published on Ron’s old website, “thechurchofgod.org” some time in 1998:

In January of 1997, I addressed several issues of ethics, concerning the administration of UCG,aIA, with Council Members, Home Office staff, and the conference of elders. Those issues were not being answered nor openly addressed by UCG,aIA. Highest on the list was the mismanagement and improper depletion of reserves by $4.5M within one year. In most corporations there would by outrage, firings, and possible prosecution for such action. But within UCG,aIA there was no such reaction. Instead, there was a concerted effort to cover, excuse, and hush the truth. After waiting until the General Conference of Elders Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky in March, those issues were still not being addressed and I again sought action from the Council of Elders to take proper control of the Home Office according to the Constitution and Bylaws. After several months of inaction from UCG,aIA, I resigned May 30, 1997.

May 30, 1997 was a Friday, which never was a day of the week for Pentecost.  So not only does Ron revise his prophetic timelines, he also revises historical timelines to suit.

UPDATE: According to the UCG, Pentecost of 1997 was on June 15 — more than two weeks from the closest date given for the false prophet’s resignation.

Ron promises a new post on his blog proclaiming his apostleship, and two new interviews in the near future.  He’s back to claiming that interviews are training sessions for him, from his detour claiming that interviewers brow-beat him into specific prophecies during his first timeline.  Speaking of the sixth thunder, Weinland has been featured on MSNBC.com.

Ron claims that this blog and others like it that criticize him validate PKG as the true church, proof texting from Luke 17:37: “And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles [vultures] be gathered together.” Ron jokingly stated that he wished the Internet didn’t exist.  He asked why are there blogs criticizing him and not blogs criticizing other COG splinters, and then answered his own question: “They’re not as far out in left field as you, son (Weinland)”.  If this is reverse-psychology ploy to get me to stop, it’s not working.  If there were no blogs about Weinland there would be no mention of this verse and his misinterpretation of it.  I believe that Ron is actually tickled to have my blog critical of him, putting him in the same category with his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong who also has many websites critical of him.  Perhaps that’s why I still haven’t suffered a speedy death from the inside according to the curse Ron put on me 47 weeks ago.



  • jack635 says:

    Ron’s definition of “Where the eagles are gathered…” is a shining example of his twisted view. The underlying implications are that the bible is all about HIM and HIS church. All of his interpretations are taken out of context and totally wrong. It is impossible for him to read any length of the new testament without pausing to distort the plain truth. He could do the same with any other book and tell a completely different story.

    He has seized the opportunity to control those who do not read the bible for themselves. He is simply a liar and a thief. He may or may not know this. But I do. And so do many others. Unfortunately there are no laws to prevent him from continuing to steal and destroy.

  • AggieAtheist says:

    “Although the Church of God has not been accustomed to having a prophet for nearly 1900 years, God made him a prophet in 1997.”

    And Herbie was what, chopped liver? More proof (like we really needed) that Weinland is about as far from “pure” Armstrongism as he can possibly get. That doesn’t even make any sense! If it weren’t for Armstrong and the WWCG, Weinland would not have had the crumbling little empire of 300 sheep he’s got now!

    Or maybe Weinland has forgotten how many times Armstrong was referred to as “our end-time Elijah”? And yet, “the Church of God has not been accustomed to having a prophet for nearly 1900 years”? Not according to the Church of God’s theology, Weinland.

    “I don’t have the exact day for Pentecost of 1997 (could anyone help me out?)”

    The 86 -87 Sacred Calendar only goes up to Pentecost 1993, which was Sunday, May 30. If you want to go through the steps outlined in the calendar and do the math (I certainly don’t!) you can probably extrapolate which day in ’97 was Pentecost. My family fell away the year prior, shortly before the Feast, so I don’t remember when Pentecost was that year. (It was a strange year all around, I don’t really remember it very clearly.)

    There used to be a copy of the pocket calendar on the Herbie Worship Archive, but I can’t find it anymore. I know for sure someone posted a copy to the photo gallery in the old Shadows forum, maybe check with J? He may still have a copy, if he was the one one who scanned it. I’m 99% positive it listed holy days from the late 90s till the early 2000s, and that it had a listing for Pentecost 1997.

    Huh, I’m just reading UCG’s lit. Didn’t know they ended up adopting the legal Hebrew calendar. Maybe where they’re trying to insinuate themselves as part of the Christian Roots movement? Ha, bet the Hebrew Christian people wouldn’t be too happy to read a copy of UCG’s US&BC in Prophecy, though! 😛

    1997 is going to be a difficult year to determine (unless there’s someone here who kept it with the church, and remembers when it was), because that was when the calendar controversy really started exploding, amongst the various splinter groups. A couple of the sources I’ve found say that 1997, according to the Hebrew calendar, had “no postponements”, which means it might have been one of those years where church holy days overlapped with the Jewish ones. (ISTR there were a couple of times this happened, but it wasn’t very often.)

    The Judaic Pentecost, or Shavu’ot, for 1997 was after sunset on June 10, 1997. This calendar has it as June 11, 1997, which is consistent with the Judaic sundown to sundown observance,

    Fred Coulter’s calendar puts Pentecost for ’97 at Sunday, June 15, but I think Coulter was one of the ones who revamped the calendar to prove HIS primacy as “the one true prophet of god”. So YMMV.

    Hope this helps. I’ll do a little more digging, if I can find that pocket holy days calendar, I’ll let you know.

  • Steve says:

    Wow how extremely predictable of ronny that he is planting subliminal conditioning to lul the sheep into the greater deception & thus doctrinal reversal of pretty much everythin he claimed from day one….that he was a prophet….but anyway a couple of points;

    Quote from above article;

    “Ron claims that this blog and others like it that criticize him validate PKG as the true church, proof texting from Luke 17:37: “And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles [vultures] be gathered together.”

    So being persecution is “proof” of being on the right path?……This could be said of literally any group/cult/religion, even Al Queda lol…..i can’t seem to find any firm rooting in his way of thinking…..he is always (especially lately) on loose unstable ground.

    Another quote;

    “He asked why are there blogs criticizing him and not blogs criticizing other COG splinters”

    This sounds like what a coward would say, trying to shift the “heat” onto other people. And also it seems it is more evidence that he is monitoring your blog Mike and/or other websites, or at least getting someone else to do it for him thus his ego wins again.

  • jack635 says:

    “He asked why are there blogs criticizing him and not blogs criticizing other COG splinters”

    Seems Weinland can’t get anything right. As far as I know, Ambassador Watch covers the COG splinters and a lot of other ministers and authors.

  • jack635 says:

    Oh forgot to mention:
    cogwriter has declared that Ronald Weinland is a false apostle. So Ron’s self appointed apostleship has been pronounced false by a guy with a PhD.
    PhD means you are smart, right?

    PhD= Person has Doctorate


  • Karen Mustard says:

    Yeah! He was “brow beat into prophecies in radio interviews”???? What???? So….a TRUE apostle or prophet of the CREATOR GOD, ALMIGHTY God can be “brow beat” into something he didn’t want to do? Or something God can’t fulfill? What a joke!!! People who believe him must NOT believe God is very powerful….

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Ronnie certainly does have an ego.

    If you really were God’s end time prophet, wouldn’t you be too busy harnessing your witness powers to care what some bloggers were up to?

    Maybe he hasn’t got passed his bathtime tsunami’s – that’s as far as his witness powers have gotten. 1/3 of his green bath mat (money) was ruined. 1/3 of his toy soldier army also perished in the deluge.

    Ah yes, the saga continues.

    Keep up the good work Ronnie boy, but you have been so boring lately – you used to be entertaining *yawn*.

  • AggieAtheist says:

    “He was “brow beat into prophecies in radio interviews”???? What????”

    What about the prophecies Weinland made in his own sermons?

  • Mark says:

    The only reason he wishes the Internet wasn’t around is because of the sites which (rightfully) challenge his authority on Bible prophecy. Weinland followers- take note- you leader is “never coming home” again as a “prophet”.

    He has admitted to being a false prophet (e.g. if his prophecies don’t materialize, as they have not, then he is a false prophet), so that’s the end of the story for me. He deserves nothing more than the ridicule of the faithful. What a loser!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I found an archived UCG holy daze calendar, which also gives June 15 as the date for Pentecost in 1997.

    Apologists for Herbie say that he wasn’t a prophet because he didn’t claim to be one. Here’s a clip from “Matches in the Gas Tank” that says differently. Herbert Armstrong spoke on the Feast of Trumpets 1967, and opened with:

    Herbert W. Armstrong walked to the podium and stood before the mike. He was middle-aged, prosperously rotund, and clothed in a fine wool suit. His full gray hair was combed straight back; his cold stare pierced rimless glasses. His bearing was regal; he radiated authority. His voice exuded charisma: a beautiful baritone with the timbre of a finely-tuned instrument. Each word was delivered with absolute conviction because, as he told us, God had given him extraordinary intelligence and speaking ability so he could serve as His emissary on earth.

    Eight years from today, Jesus Christ will return,” Mr. Armstrong thundered, holding his Bible in the air.

    Like xHWA says, prophecy is as prophecy does. Herbie claimed to speak for God as his Apostle, and he prophesied Christ’s return on the Feast of Trumpets, 1975. Case closed, False Prophet Herbert W Armstrong. Take him out and stone him (Deut 18:20-22). Never mind, too late. Herbie lived another 18 years, dying of old age in his mansion in Pasadena.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Wayne would make a great cheerleader. Used to have a lot of respect for him and Chris – no more. “Go Ronnie, Go Ronnie – GO GO GO!!”

  • Whisper says:

    One can obviously do a lot of thinking while being driven to Detroit by ones wife can one not? Now Ron’s a Apostle as well, one more title in a slew of titles that will be rather hard to fit onto a business card. He’s this and he’s that, he’s a witness, a spokesman, a prophet, a minister, the leader of the one church, a Apostle, father Christmas, John F. Kennedy, Gandi, Adam, Batman & Robin, etc… He’s all that and a side of chips I tells ya!
    The more time his has to sit and think about it the more important he becomes and the more time he has to undermine Jesus’s authority and slowly chip away at his very own Lord so that Ron becomes a close 2nd in command after the Christ… and possibly a co-equal in time?
    I’ve got a title too, I’m a human being and I personally humbly have Christ as Lord.
    I like my title oh so more than Ron’s many. None of the regalness, but much more comfortable and easy to live with.
    Go figure?

  • Dill Weed says:

    Pretty soon Ron will be sitting second in the saddle with Christ. The question that comes to mind though is will Ron be behind Christ or sitting up front.

    Dill Weed

  • Steve says:

    “Wayne would make a great cheerleader”

    I totally agree…all the so called ministers would be better off in skirts…they are anything but men.

  • Debbie says:

    Tongue in Cheek – “What’s next – Pastor General”??

    Looks to me like Ronnie & company are steering the sheeple away from prophecy focus and reinforcing the “group mentality” – words like followers, family and true church instead of thunders & trumpets – reinforcing the ‘us’ v.s. ‘them’ way of thinking

    The followers will be ok with that, cuz their needs are being met – they are still part of an elite ‘called out’ group and are ‘special’ – and next year they get rewarded with a full 7 days of Feasting –

  • AggieAtheist says:

    Thanks for the link to Matches in the Gas Tank, Mike. The excerpt and synopsis just highlights (for me) the differences (as well as the disturbing similarities) that took place between the Radio Church of God days, and the Worldwide era that I grew up in. Listening to the UCG lifers wax rhapsodic in their “75 Years of False Prophecy and Still Going Strong!” Feast video of a couple of years ago, I was struck again by how very liberal the church was, before the “get the church back on TRACK” era that I grew up in.

    I hope Carla does well with her memoir, even though it reflects a much gentler Armstrongism than I was exposed to.