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Awhile back, False Prophet Ronald Weinland promoted senior elder Terry Wrozek to evangelist, and at the same time promoted Johnny Harrell to senior evangelist over the other evangelists Terry and Wayne and all the elders.  At the time, the promotion of Harrell seemed to me to be counter-productive — should Ronnie end up taking an extended vacation as a guest of Club Fed, Laura could maintain control by dividing up the equally ranked evangelists and playing them off against one another, having them take turns delivering the sermons.

Since then, I’ve heard a sermon that gave me a new perspective on the issue.  In the sermon, Ronnie is discussing how some husbands are overly controlling and their wives don’t even know what’s in their bank account, because they’re not a team.  Then as an aside, Ron states: “she does my finances, thank God.  I learned very early on, I don’t want that job.  I’m very glad she has it.  She has talent in that area, I don’t.  I mess things up — I just want an overview.  That’s all I want to know — I’m happy”. Audio Clip

irscibadgeThe following is somewhat speculative and we may never know, since the IRS does not release the results of their investigations except as disclosed during a court trial or in court filings.  The IRS began its criminal investigation of Ronald Weinland last year, issuing administrative summonses during July of 2008 for financial records for Ron, Laura, and the Church of God.  According to court filings, at that time only Ron was a target of the investigation, so Laura would have been considered an “innocent spouse” who didn’t really know what was going on.  But who knows what the investigation has turned up?  Given that Laura handles Ron’s finances and is fully on his team, it may be that the target list of the investigation has expanded.

Maybe Laura wasn’t an investigation target then, or not understood by Weinland to be a target back in December when he ordained her as prophetess and placed just below him in authority over the rest of the Church of God – PKG.  And perhaps since then it has been recognized that she is a target, leading them to cook up Plan C which leaves Johnny in charge to keep things going and manage the millions of people who join PKG as the Great Tribulation develops while the Two Witnesses turn water into blood and call down plagues from their cells.   According to Ron, the decision to promote Johnny was agreed to by his other team member, prophetess and silent end-time witness Laura.

It’s now 16 months since the IRS issued administrative summonses for Weinland’s financial records.  With an average length for an IRS criminal investigation of 14 months, an end either way is likely in sight.  The Two Witnesses are planning to travel to Europe next week.  Likely they’ll be coming back to the US this time, but I’m beginning to wonder.  Lately, Ron has again mentioned plans to live in Germany.  Jeremy, how comfortable is your couch to sleep on?  You may be finding out soon.

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  • Whisper says:

    “Likely they’ll be coming back to the US this time, but I’m beginning to wonder.”

    You have researched the IRS investigations much more than I but I sort of wonder if any real punishment will be handed down beyond a hand-slap and a “no, no” by the Fed? In finances things have a way of simply working out so that a small punative damage award is given and both sides return to business as usual… I rather think the IRS is infected this way to.

    “Lately, Ron has again mentioned plans to live in Germany.”

    Ah yes, Ron living in the Heart of the Future Beast State to avoid the uncomfortable living conditions in a fallen state, America that is. But what provisions has Ron made for those who followed and made this move possible?
    None you say? None at all? Those faithful Prophet Loving men, women and children have to endure the agony of Chaos-America, Death-America, Anarchy-America, Invaded and Conquered-America?
    Wow, that’s rough. They are positioned to absorb all that uglyness while their idol simply moves off to Europe and dines on the Riviera on thier $$?
    And they accept this a proper?
    Hmmmm…. the world is a strange place is it not?

  • misfit says:

    It seems like the Feds would be onto his plans and would nix the Europe trip if the Feds are close to making their move.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    In most cases a criminal conviction for tax evasion will result in some jail time. My guess is that it would likely be in the 1 to 2 year range. On top of which he’d have to pay his taxes, penalties, and possibly a fine as well.

    The feds can’t lift his passport just because they’re investigating him. That won’t happen unless and until there’s an arrest.

  • todd says:

    sounds to me like he’s trying to put all the blame on his wife.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    The statement was from a sermon prior to the Spokesman Witness ending up on the IRS radar screen.

  • RK says:

    “Plan C which leaves Johnny in charge to keep things going and manage the millions of people who join PKG as the Great Tribulation develops while the Two Witnesses turn water into blood and call down plagues from their cells.”

    I also get the feeling, that if Ron does have to do some jail time, he will decide not to use his witness powers.

    And we can all bet, that he will have good reason for NOT doing so!!

    Oh yeah, not to mention he also has the power to shut up the heavens, so that there will be no rain during the 1260 days of his prophecy.

    Since he has had all these powers for almost a year now, come December, and seeing how he ran away from the great opportunity that his god provided him with at Idea City, and seeing how he has not used any of these powers yet, and that he still won’t use them even if he has to go to jail, and seeing how the Sixth Thunder is still at the microscopic level on the decibel meter, even though the thunders are a “matter of his own choosing”as he has said;

    well, after almost a year on the job now, I would think that Ron’s god isn’t too happy with Ron’s job performance as the End-Time Witness.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Yes, Ron does have a good reason for not exercising his Witness Powers. The reason is the same as my reason for not exercising my powers to jump over the moon. 😀

  • Whisper says:

    I just realized that Great Britian will be rather angry that thier vaunted 2012 Olympics are to be eclipsed by Ron Weinlands End of the World! What a drag, all that time and effort to continue the tradition of Man in high hopes of comradery all dashed due to Ron’s ministry of death & wrath.
    What a shame…

    On another note I realized that if Ron’s Chinese opposition Army of 400 million is to take the field I would rather think that it would be whittled down a bit by the time it arrived in the Middle East… Logistics for the USSR in 1945 supported an armed service of 34,000,000 – 6,000,000 KIA = 28,000,000 and did so admerably if somewhat draconian measures where taken. Now take that number and times it by 14.28 and you get a simply staggering number of starved and famished stragglers on the road from Peking to Israel. Battle nothing, the road trip will kill ya!
    Me thinks China is quickly running out of time to build up rations form way stations and sharpen bamboo spears (outfitting 400 million with fire arms is right out of the question).
    I think Ron needs to have a heart to heart with the Chinese Government to get them cracking as they only have 3.4 Million currently under arms.
    On the return trip from his Chinese discusions Ron could stop in Berlin and explain to the future Beasts that they also are way behind schedule for a military / political buildup.
    Ah the life of the wayward Prophet, so much to do… so little time…
    As the coined phrase goes, “Tick-Tock”.

  • todd says:

    back to my point mike….he does clain to be a prophet….maybe he saw it coming and then blamed his wife…LOL