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They Followed

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Cincinnati this weekend, back from his trip to Sin City last weekend. Ron announced that planning is underway for sites at which PKG members will gather and observe the Feast of Tabernacles next year.  The 2010 feast is the third after the 2007 feast, which was to have been the very last one at which people would assemble before Christ’s return.  Not only is PKG planning a feast at “Time” plus 3 Months into the shortened Great Tribulation, but PKG members are also to gather for the full 8 days (or actually all 7 days plus the Last Great Day) instead of the shortened 4 day event.  As the time to the return of Christ on May 27, 2012 grows shorter, the length of Feast observance grows longer despite the onset of the Great Tribulation.

sheep_off_cliffA larger-than-normal group was in attendance in Cincinnati, including some from states as far away as Florida and Kansas and also from Ontario. The big attraction was that Wayne and Chris Matthews from Australia were there.  Ron had his three evangelists (Wrozek, Harrell, and Matthews) stand up for the benefit of those who did not recognize them.  Then he turned the service over to Evangelist Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews to deliver the sermon.

Wayne’s sermon and this post have the same title. Based on his earlier sermons, I expected some irony from Wayne and was not disappointed. He was in full cheerleader mode, and talked about sheep in Australia.  “Sheep don’t think a lot” and travel in herds.  One sheep will act as a leader, and all the other sheep will follow in single file.  Given these qualities, if the leader sheep goes over the edge of a cliff, the others may follow.  Wayne is like the sheep on the bottom left corner of the photo.  If you’d like to hear Wayne’s routine for yourself, download the latest sermon from the PKG website audio page and listen beginning at 1 hour and 6 minutes into the file.  (If you download the file after the announcements are edited out this coming weekend, the section of interest will probably begin at around 58 minutes into the file.)

After his description of sheep, Wayne advocated following Weinland, who somehow after ?God? puts it in the mind is proven to be a true prophet of God. Thinking is too difficult for the sheep, but Ron can handle it. Wayne warned against following the voice of a stranger, which these days usually appears on the Internet. “Don’t click on that.”  He may have been referring to me, since prospective member Roger changed his mind about joining PKG after reading my blog and considering the lack of prophetic fulfillment from Ron, despite a personal meeting with Deputy Sheriff Wayne. Unfortunately, Roger has decided to follow David Pack who while craftier than Ron is no better in the end.

Just in case you missed the comment by Aggie for another post, the Sixth Thunder sounded this week.  The article “10 Failed Predictions” on includes a mention of Weinland, but he just barely made the cut at #10.

God’s Church Ministry, Fall 2008

According to God’s Church minister Ronald Weinland, the end times are upon us– again. His 2006 book “2008: God’s Final Witness” states that hundreds of millions of people will die, and by the end of 2006, “there will be a maximum time of two years remaining before the world will be plunged into the worst time of all human history. By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, and no longer exist as an independent nation.” As the book notes, “Ronald Weinland places his reputation on the line as the end-time prophet of God.”

We are now 47 weeks into the original Great Tribulation, and 7 weeks into the shortened Great Tribulation.  And I await my fate from the curse for a quick death from the inside that Ron issued against me 46 weeks ago.