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What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Las Vegas today.  No lay members were in attendance, as this is the weekend of the evangelists and senior elders meeting.  If he had allowed it, I imagine that a few lay members would have traveled hundreds of miles to see their spiritual idols.  Based on the description, these are the people who would be in Las Vegas for the conference:

  • Ron and Laura Weinland, Cincinnati area
  • Johnny Harrell, central Georgia
  • Wayne and Chris Matthews, Australia
  • Terry Wrozek, Jackson, Michigan
  • Steve Dalrymple, Cincinnati area
  • Jim Jamieson, Boise
  • Jimmie Carlisle, Dallas
  • William Milne, UK
  • possibly Willem Henderson, Netherlands

Looking over this list, it makes you wonder why they didn’t have the conference in Cincinnati since three of them live in the area and another is close enough to Cincinnati to drive down in a day.  Jim Jamieson is closest to Las Vegas, but it’s still over 600 miles.  While I’ve heard that air fares to Las Vegas may be cheaper, I wonder if that offsets the costs of having everyone travel and the hotel rooms. Ron and Laura should have enough room in their mansion on the golf course to put up several from out of town and save on hotel bills.  I’ve heard an unconfirmed rumor that Ron has had meetings at Las Vegas in the past and likes to gamble.  That doesn’t fit in with my impression of Weinland so without confirmation I’ll consider it to be false — but it makes you go “hmmmm”.   And then Ron has a risk-making streak in him as shown by the big gamble with his prophetic timelines.

Ron did a bit of reminiscing.  After he broke his Toledo congregation away from UCG back in 1997, there was not enough time for them to organize their own feast site that year.  According to Ron, at that time he felt that it would have been presumptuous to have set up a feast site. But he changed his mind after attending Ron Dart’s feast site in Kissimmee, Florida and the Global site in Clearwater.  In 1998 some of his members organized a feast site at Niagara Falls.

According to Ron, the regional pastors in WCG knew of the coming apostasy a couple of years before Tkach made it official and they planned to resign in mass when it happened.  But after Tkach’s December 17, 1994 apostasy in Atlanta, many of them waited until UCG formed to assure a steady paycheck before resigning.  And UCG was too slow getting off the ground, with the 1995 conference in Indianapolis not being scheduled until a smaller group scheduled one in Houston.

Ron and Laura’s globetrotting began in November of 1999 with a European trip paid for with some of Steve Dalrymple’s frequent flier miles.  They became friends when Ron was assigned by WCG to Cincinnati in the mid-’80’s.

Ron is still tweaking the timeline chart on his website.  But it’s still has errors in it, the larger print implies that Pentecost of 2012 is part of the 1260 days and the 980 days when it is not part of those timelines but immediately follows.  Also that Pentecost of 1998 was on May 30th when it was actually on May 31st.

PKG is having a church-wide fast on Feb 6 in honor of the end of the first of the shortened half-times.  It seems that the trumpets will not strike before mid-March as he will be in Columbia, MO on March 13th.  But still no indication when my speedy death from the inside will happen.