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Ron Dangles a Carrot

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from a hot and cold meeting room in the Detroit area today.  Members who are part of the sealing are still suffering medical woes, even as times reset.  Elder Don Edwards is facing bypass surgery, and long-time member Neva Williams who is related to quite a number of other PKG members is possibly facing spinal surgery.  Some of the sealed will die before Christ doesn’t return on Pentecost of 2012, all of them will die with Christ still having failed to make his UFO-like appearance in the skies over Jerusalem.

Next week Ron will be having a meeting with his evangelists and senior elders in Las Vegas.  Perhaps Ron will take a break from gambling on his prophecies by gambling on the blackjack tables during the breaks between giving deputy sheriff lessons to his flunkies. Unconfirmed reports are that he enjoys this.  Ron, unless your card-counting skills are better than your day-counting skills, better not try it.

Today’s was the first of what Ron threatens to be a long sermon series titled “Our Journey Carrotof Faith”.  Ron promised a few carrots along the way.  Then Ron proceeded to speak about various preparations that have been made which included Swiss bank accounts for a time, storing gold and silver, and setting aside food and medical supplies. The aspect of faith is that these are not “just in case” preparation, but with a firm expectation that they’ll soon be necessary.

The constant lack of fulfilled prophecies has been trying on some of the new members, a few of whom have left.  On the other hand, those in “the scattering” who are “sealed” are well used to this sort of thing, with the end always being 5 to 10 years off and each new car expected to be the last one.  Back in 1977, Ron’s father-in-law reacted to the news that Audra on the way, not with joy at becoming a grandparent but rather, with concern about bringing a child into the world in the end time.

Ron must have recently acquired the E-Sword program.  E-Sword is a nifty set of software and databases which include various translations of the bible, as well as commentaries and concordances.  It include concordances which cross-reference to the original Hebrew and Greek words.  During his Last Great Day sermon, he proof-texted his revision of “time” using Hebrew words.  Today he went Greek on a word γίνομαι meaning (depending on the context) “come to pass”.  Those wanting to follow along in future sermons as the false prophet cherry picks interpretations may want to download the free software which includes the King James Version with Strong’s Numbers and Stong’s Dictionary, and add on the King James Concordance available as a downloadable add-on.

According to Ron, the earliest the 5th Trumpet will blow is June 27 next year (“time” plus one day) and the latest is August 21, 2011 (“times” and a half plus one day).  The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trumpets could all blow on one day.  However, he did not clarify the timeframe that my quick death from the inside will happen according to the curse he declared against me 44 weeks ago.