Yet More Prophetic Days to Worry About

I’ve posted several times about James Malm.  James put out a prophetic timeline involving the 1335 day interval between Trumpets of 2008 and Pentecost of 2012 well before Ron did.  But unlike Ron, he quickly within a day or so of Trumpets acknowledged that it wasn’t the one.  Then three months ago I posted about James Malm’s latest prophetic speculation which has today, Oct 19, as a significant day.  I emailed James this weekend to ask:

Hi James:

In our last exchange several months ago, you mentioned that tomorrow, Oct 19, could be significant prophetically.

How soon do you expect to make a determination as to whether this is the case, or that we can breathe easier for another 7 years?

Mike (Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid)


Weinland is now interpreting a “time” as mentioned in Daniel 12 as 280 days, not 360.  Perhaps as the arrival of the Great Tribulation continues to delay, he will interpret it as a smaller number.  Do you have any suggestions for prophetically significant numbers he could use?  Seems that 280 is 7 x 40, the number of judgment and mercy.

James replied back:  (special note to the Eternally Ignorant One: the indentation and sidebar indicates that the following is a quote.  James wrote it, I did not)

Good Morning Mike
I posted this on the Editorial page, on I think Oct 12, because of Robert Thiel‘s attempts to deceive his readers about my position. As I said, it is the nearest possible date.  Right now I am being patient.  There is only a day or so to wait.  I see you acknowledge that.  In my judgement you are more honest and honerable than him.  Thiel’s new book appears to set the date of 2012.  What is amazing is that he appeals to the pagans for support.  His contempt for the truth and his mixing paganism with Holy Scripture has revealed him to be a false prophet himself.  My view of his new book: I am absolutely amazed that the LCG cannot see through this!!!

I present a copy at the 12 Oct post at the bottom of this message.

If something DOES happen, I will NOT rush to judgement. Instead I will take a little time to see how things work out.  I have no intention of abandoning myself to extreme enthusiasm, or vivid imagination as is the manner of some.

If nothing happens, I shall be doing a most thorough restudy to see if there is any possibility that something could still happen before another seven years.  I certainly do not want to fall into that “my Lord delays His coming” attitude and go into a coma like the COG Groups.

One of our readers sent me a copy of Weinland’s new position.  First I will say that his idea that Tkatch was THE final false prophet is utterly false.  The false prophet is to be alive and to be killed by Christ at His coming.  Further he is to decieve the whole world.  I might point out that I believe that Tkatch was A false prophet, just not THE false prophet: and NOT because Tkatch departed from HWA, but because he departed from sound doctrine. R Weinland has also departed both from sound doctrine (Biblicly, and therefore is a false prophet) and also from HWA doctrine  (these two are not always the same thing).  I would like to ask RW: If Tkatch was THE final false prophet for departing from the doctrine of HWA; what does that make Weinland, who also departed from HWA’s doctrines?  In Weinland’s case I am thinking of HWA’s doctrine concerning the pre-existence of Christ

It would take too long to go into here; but the 1,260 days, the time, times and half a time (these times are the TIMES OF THE GENTILES refered to by Christ.  The times of the gentiles are not some vague complicated fantasy as imagined by Hoeh) and the 42 months are used in reference to the same events and therefore refer to the same thing.  A time is not 280 days.

The only suggestion that I can make to Ron Weinland is that; he should be man enough to admit that he is mistaken about being a prophet of God, and humble himself to seek the Eternal with a whole heart. By setting the right example, even at this late date (for his ministry) he might still accomplish some good for his people.  A true prophet of God; would ALWAYS: PUT GOD FIRST.  Even if it meant a little personal embarrassment.

ON the Feast of Tabernacles: Day Two page there is an audio on the signs of the trib and second coming. We are in the process of transcribing this, to make for easier study and I can alert you when the transcription is up.  It will differ from what you have heard from Weinland and other Groups.

I am sure that you would also be interested in the article on The Wedding Feast & The Resurrection which reveals what the Bible says about going to heaven.  I wish HWA were alive so I could collect his $100,000.

POST of 12 Oct
A certain blogger (cogwriter) has written during the past year that “James Malm has set another wrong date”   I have lifted this paragraph directly from the article 2009 In Prophecy which was published a year ago.  No part of this paragraph has been changed.  The article is still up at this site.

In fact in 2009, counting forward from 19 Oct 1,290 days lands us on the sixth day of Unleavened Bread 1 May 2013.  Counting on another forty-five days brings us to 15 Jun, completing the count on the day BEFORE Pentecost and making Pentecost a true NEW BEGINNING.  The next year that there will be 45 days between the sixth day of ULB and the day before Pentecost does not come again until 2020.  This means that the count must begin in 2009 or it cannot begin for seven more years thereafter.

I would ask; how can it be said that I have set the date of 19 Oct?  In fact I was merely pointing out the potential and possibilities. I am not counting on any date as being set in stone.  It is necessary to look for the signs that God has given us.  There is a Message about the Signs of the Tribulation at the Feast site: Tabernacles: Day Two.  We must become aware of the signs God has given us and we must be alert and diligently looking for the fulfillment of the Scriptural signs.

IF this is the year for these things to start, then the abomination must be set up on 19 Oct (if my math is correct).  If this is NOT the year, then he will NOT be set up. It is as simple as that. How could anyone misunderstand something so simple?

IF this is the year for these things to begin, then either Benedict XVI will be empowered to do miracles, or someone else will be. The term “set up” used in Daniel 12; does not refer to becoming Pope: it refers to being set up as the abomination (that is, to being empowered to do miracles and call for a revival of the Holy Roman Empire).  If someone other than Benedict were to be empowered, he would likely quickly replace Benedict as Pope (Benedict could die or resign).  However the count of 1,335 days begins when the person is empowered.

This message is getting too long. Please feel free to post this and to add a link to our sites.
Most Sincerely   James Malm

James, here’s your link.  We’ll still be waiting for your response, but maybe you’ll be hanging on to this timeline, given the post that your arch-nemesis  Robert Thiel put up entitled “Pope Benedict Says European Union Cannot Succeed Without Essentially Catholic Values”.   I’ll let the title speak for itself, if you’re interested you can follow the link to Doctor Bob’s blog. (Say that three times very quickly).

But even if we get past today OK, there’s still the impending rapture on Wednesday (Oct 21) to worry about.  If you’re flying that day, call ahead tot he airline to make sure that at least one of the pilots is not a Christian so that you won’t be stuck in midair without at least one crew member to land you safely.  And if you expect to be raptured and are a pet lover, then you can contract to have an atheist take care of your pet after you are whisked up to heaven.


James Malm updates “Today’s Editorial will provide you with some answers on 19 Oct.“.  This editorial seems to state that the 1335 days did not begin yesterday, but might begin sooner than 7 years?  I didn’t parse it out.

Meantime, Bob Thiel has issued his take on it and the bickering between Bob and James about which one is a false prophet continues.



  • J says:

    Weinland, Malm, Thiel, man, way too much to keep track of. I remember posts about this Malm guy on this blog and on cogwriter’s. Seems clear-cut that he was just throwing out a date that *could* work prophetically. Mike, do you accept Malm’s claim that he never meant to set that date in stone? I’m of the opinion (only based on what I just read) that he was just pointing to a date that fit the pattern of the Bible, nothing more. There will be more dates like that, surely. It’s just one of many patterns that can come and go.

    Did I miss something? When did Bob Thiel start speaking as a prophet? A book, huh?

    *Looks at bank account* Maybe I should give this a try too…

  • Whisper says:

    Rons wild and whacky timeline circus is all I can keep up with, no time for any more 3 ringed circuses to follow like Malm, etc…
    Rons a stitch ay? Always an obvious error to make for his readers & listeners…
    One of my questions has always been “where do old prophets go to die anyway”? Well it would seem 100% die of natural causes of one sort or another. Could Ron & wife be so caught up in their own con that they would actually un-plug themeselves in 2012 in the Big J-City?
    I still feel strongly no, they would never do such a thing and so the question comes back, where will this false prophet go to in his old age? Retire in Florida? Stay in the Cincinati area and live quitly? The French Riviera? With the funds that dont go to any charity, no ministries, no aid to the poor, nobody but Ron ROn RON then there should be a good amount of $$ around during Ron’s retirement for him to choose where he will spend it. The then ex-followers on the other hand will have considerably less choices at that time…

  • RK says:

    I agree with J.

    For me as well, trying to keep up with all of the prophets, and others who have special knowledge about what God is doing is a little much.

    One thing that I will say for James Malm, though, that is refreshing to see;

    That is, it looks like you (Mike) and James can discuss these things in a civil and open manner, which is the way things can be learned.

    And also that James at least seems to have the attitude of; Well, this is what it looks like to me. I could be wrong, and we’ll find out soon enough. And if that be the case, I’ll have to re-think and re-study things.

    That seems to be a reasonable attitude to me, anyway.

    Whereas Ron Weinland’s attitude is a million miles from that. Totally dogmatic, he’s God’s prophet, God reveals things to him only.
    He’s the only one with the “truth” etc. etc. etc., and yet he’s afraid to come on a website like this one and have an open and civil discussion about what he claims.

    Too bad.

    I almost forgot to mention something extremely important regarding October 21st as well. If anybody out there is having any kind of serious surgical procedure, make sure the doctor isn’t a Christian.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I didn’t know anything about this Oct 21 – which is today for me in Australia. I wonder if the rapture will happen our time or yours?? 😉

  • AggieAtheist says:

    “What is amazing is that he appeals to the pagans for support. … I am absolutely amazed that the LCG cannot see through this!!”

    Hearsay on AW suggests Thiel is a reformed Catholic, which certainly explains a lot. Also indicates why he has not been ordained in Meredith’s organization, despite being the members’ unofficial mouthpiece.

    “I might point out that I believe that Tkatch was A false prophet, just not THE false prophet: and NOT because Tkatch departed from HWA, but because he departed from sound doctrine.”

    Wait, what? How can Senior be a false “prophet” when he didn’t (that I can recall anyway) make any prophecies?

    “R Weinland has also departed both from sound doctrine (Biblicly, and therefore is a false prophet) and also from HWA doctrine (these two are not always the same thing).”

    “Sound doctrine” and “HWA doctrine” are not the same thing? Was Malm ever a church member? That sentence doesn’t even parse, coming from a True Believer’s keyboard……

    “The times of the gentiles are not some vague complicated fantasy as imagined by Hoeh”

    Malm’s a Brit is he? Questeruk mentioned during the latest creationist vs. atheist debate over on AW apparently Hoeh’s wacko theories didn’t hold much water, across the water. So to speak….

    “The Wedding Feast & The Resurrection which reveals what the Bible says about going to heaven. I wish HWA were alive so I could collect his $100,000.”

    Herbie’s hundred thousand? What’s Malm babbling about here? “Going to heaven”? Sounds like Malm’s departed as far from Armstrongism as Weinland.

    ….my head hurts….

    “Did I miss something? When did Bob Thiel start speaking as a prophet? A book, huh?”

    Thielogical Bob Reveals All! (Hint: It’s the Mayans. No, really, it’s the Mayans.)

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Just a note to all: I did provide an update at the bottom of the main post a few hours ago.

    J: My impression at least as of late is that James Malm is careful to point out that these are prophetic speculations. For the timeline that paralleled Ron’s current timeline, if he couched it in speculative terms last year it didn’t register with me. But to his credit he was quick about acknowledging that it didn’t happen, by the next day IIRC.

    Kirrily: I think the occurrence of the rapture will be no different regardless of your time zone. Meaning it’s a non-occurrence.

    RK: I’ve had some critical exchanges with James and he’s well aware that I don’t buy his speculations. But he considers me more civil than Thielogical Bob.

    Aggie: James is a fellow citizen of your country. From what I’ve seen of James he’s rather legalistic. But at the same time seems to have more humility in his little finger than Weinland has in his whole body. I don’t know what Herbie’s $100K is about, must have been an offer Herbie made in a sermon or article somewhere. Maybe James explains that in the link adjacent to the reference. I have not studied Malmism to any significant degree — Weinlandism is more than enough of that, thank you very much.

  • DrJack635 says:

    James Malm is also in it for the money. I’ve proven that to myself by emailing him.
    There are so many free options on the internet, I cannot understand why Weinland and the others like him need money to “preach the gospel”.

    They are in it for the money!

  • J says:

    From Thiel’s blog:

    “The real reason for James’ post against me seems to be that I have sometimes provided quotes and biblical proof as to why he must be in error (it seems unlikely that he actually read the book as his conclusions suggest ignorance of its contents and conclusions, though his biases would likely affect his conclusions even if he had read it). And James Malm remains in error as the 1335 days could not start in 2008 nor 2009 as he has insisted.”

    I hate it when people act as if they can get into someone else’s head and declare “the real reason” their opponent says something.

    That last sentence makes me laugh. Ad hominem argument. In other words, “Here’s the real reason he said I was wrong…..oh and by the way, he’s wrong about other stuff.”

  • AggieAtheist says:

    “Aggie: James is a fellow citizen of your country. From what I’ve seen of James he’s rather legalistic.”

    Yeah you just had to tell me that didn’t you? 😛 😉