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Ron’s “Truth” 50 Dot 1

Friday, October 9th, 2009

diningThose few in attendance at the PKG feast site in Rye, VIC had a special meal after Johnny’s boring sermon in the morning.  After the meal, False Prophet Ronald Weinland started his highly anticipated and oft-advertised Last Great Day sermon by bemoaning how rapidly the last four days had elapsed.  Normally it would have been twice as long except for Ron’s cutting it in half.  There was also a  “Hi Mom” moment as Ron greeted his mother Ramona Weinland who is attending at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Ron has trimmed more than the length of time for feast attendance.  He has trimmed the length of a “time” from 360 days down to 280 days, which at 40 x 7 is a sign of God’s judgment and mercy .  The revised “time, times, and half-a-time” (or 980 days = 3.5 x 280 days) did not begin until the Monday following Trumpets of this year, and ends not at Pentecost of 2012, but rather the day before. {See my following post for an explanation of this edit}

Ron both raised and lowered expectations.  He mentioned that earthquake activity is increasing. But then Ron said that the European beast power might not arise until August of 2011, and China might not become prominent in his prophecy until 2012.  Deputy Wayne, have you found that job yet?

Ron is pulling out all his tricks to keep his second timeline alive and to hang onto his deluded followers and their tithe checks.

I prophesy yet another revelation from Ron on Feb 6, 2010, which is half-a-reduced-time from Trumpets of 2009.

One time that hasn’t shortened has been the length of my quick death, now 280 days plus another 13 since Ron pronounced his death curse on me.