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It’s Not a Utopia During the Millennium

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave the title of this post during his last sermon at the resort area of Rotorua in New Zealand before leaving to continue the feast at a resort in Victoria, Australia.  The title for his sermon was “God’s Purpose for the Millennium”.

The Millennium will be different but yet the same.  People will sin and even commit serious crimes.  No one, no matter how righteous, who dies during the Millennium will be immediately converted to spirit being to join the government of Ron, Laura, and the other 143,998 who were the first resurrection on the eve of Pentecost of 2012.  Some who die in the Millennium will be resurrected at the Great White Throne 100-year judgment, some as spirit beings and others physically to give it another try.

atriumWhat will the Millennium be like?  Ron’s most important doctrine: Government.  No wars.  And justice.  Those who commit crimes will be put out of their misery rather than suffering in jail.  Education will not allow the maddened mindless idiocy of Darwinism.  The work of the church during the millennium will be to prepare for resurrection of billions for the 100-year Great White Throne judgment.

But bad things can still happen.  Fires, accidents. But no texting will be allowed.  But people will be allowed to commit adultery.  So the Millennium will not be a Utopia.

Somehow there was some new truth in this blather.  And this appears to be a warmup for the big new truth to be delivered on Saturday.  Ho hum.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow in the US PKG members will assemble in various hotels around the country to listen to Deputy Sheriff Wayne deliver his feast sermon.