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Jesus, Herbie, Ron, & the IRS

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

On the second day of the Feast of Tabernacles in rainy Rotorua, False Prophet Ronald Weinland continued with the second part of his “Family” series.  Mostly boring and a repeat of part 1, but a few interesting tidbits were dropped.

It seems that back in the WCG heyday, Ron encountered strife between the Canadian and the US ministurds.  Brothers Ephraim Vs. Manasseh, continuing the battles of 1812 even in God’s church.

poppy_bomb_dodRon took some time discussing the situation in Afghanistan and how opium production has increased since 2001.  Talked about the warlords:  “Just destroy it.  We wouldn’t dream of going in there and destroying their cash crops.  And that’s the first thing we should do.  Just go in there with the planes, with the bombs.  We have the bombs, just incinerate their poppies, ya know. Hypocrisy of people, hypocrisy of government.”  If Ron were president, our B-52 fleet would be working overtime carpet bombing the world.

He meandered to the story of the crucifixion of Christ.  Pilate didn’t want to kill Jesus, but his hand was forced by the Jews, who framed an innocent man.

“Here’s someone who’s innocent …. and they look for false witnesses.  They try to find people who would bear and give false witness.  We have that taking place today in the church.  Some who would like to find some to bear false witness against the church.  Because if they can find them they think they have a case, they can do something against the church, against me.  What a sick world we live in.  Mr. Armstrong had to put up with those things for a long time.  They don’t know who they’re messing around with.  They’re messing around with God.  But human beings don’t understand that.  And there are certain things that God allows in his plan.  That’s why I know full well exactly how it’s going to come down. And the only one that’s going to be given any power isn’t until the very end.  Ya know.  So God’s made it very clear — you’ve got a full open field, to say whatever you want to say, how strong you want to say it.  And you’re going to have some teeth to put into it.”

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with how close the IRS criminal investigation is getting, Ron?  Wrap yourself up with Jesus and Herbie to prepare the membership to rally behind you against the instrument of Satan. Get ready to spin like it’s 1979. Ron, if you know how it’s going to turn out, please share in detail so I can update my speculated timeline for the IRS criminal investigation of you.  And exactly when is God going to give your 41-week-old death curse against me some teeth? Oh, I see. It “isn’t until the very end.”