Ron in Rotorua

Lunch on the First High Day of the FeastThe Feast of Tabernacles began first for the COG-PKG in New Zealand where Mr. and Mrs. False Prophet Ronald Weinland have traveled.  With the abbreviated feast schedule, Rotorua in New Zealand is the only location at which members assemble during the first 4 days of the feast.  Some local areas may be assembling for the first high day, and maybe a few of these areas will even have a catered meal between the morning and afternoon services as was the custom in past years when the COG-PKG assembled at one location in the US for the entire 7 days of the feast plus the Last Great Day.

Ron started his first sermon by mentioning the earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons of the last week.  Never mind that these are of lower intensity than the events that happened before he wrote “2008 – God’s Final Witness” which included the chapter “The Seven Thunders of the 6th Seal” and stated on page 115:

During the Sixth Seal, all Seven Thunders will be getting progressively louder. Before the Seventh (and final) Seal is opened, the Seven Thunders will become so pronounced that the validity of everything written about them in the previous chapter should roar loudly in the ears of anyone who is willing to admit the truth.

According to Ron, many single young men have joined his church.  Who are concerned that there aren’t as many single young women to date.  Prophetess Laura tells the young men that’s because they are not yet ready for young women, they need this time to grow so they are ready when hordes of nubile young females join the church later on.  Since Laura grew up in Armstrongism she’s well acquainted with how to handle complaints when things are bad – blame the member.

Ron talked about the opportunities that Jeremy has had to travel (even as the Great Tribulation continues).  Jeremy and Patricia live in Germany and traveled to Indonesia and Borneo.  I wonder where the opportunity for a young man to globe trot comes from and how this is financed.

Ron still is not dropping clues about the rabbit he’s going to pull out of the hat next Saturday on the Last Great Day.  Guess we’ll have to wait, as I have for my quick death from the inside now 41 weeks after Ron reissued his curse.


  • RK says:

    “Since Laura grew up in Armstrongism she’s well acquainted with how to handle complaints when things are bad – blame the member.”

    Amazing. I was just reading an article in The Journal (news of the churches of God) that was titled “Q & A lets UCG elders sound off and ask the hard questions”. Also that “the question-and-answer session during the United Church of God’s general conference of elders in early May 2009 gave the several hundred men in the audience the chance to ask questions.”

    It grabbed my attention because Bill Bradford of Brisbane, Australia was the moderator.

    And Bill Bradford was my minister for about 8 years when I was in UCG.

    A very nice man, an intelligent man, and I loved him as my minister.

    But he was also a total believer in Herbert Armstrong.

    In this article in the Journal, it was stated that ” Mr. Bradford noted that, if someone in the audience asked a question and believed the answer was inadequate, its inadequacy was “probably because he didn’t ask the question right to start with.”

    Sounds an awful lot like “blame the member” to me.

    As I have been looking at the Ron Weinland situation for several months now, I have been trying to make some kind of sense as to why and how RW has such sway, and power, over the members in his church, because he doesn’t seem to be a particularly bright man.

    And then I realized, what he has, is Experience, plain and simple.

    Through the years of his “ministry”, RW has learned all the tactics. He knows how to play the Armstrongite mindset like a fiddle.
    ( it’s an awesome thing, as RW would say) and “blame the member” is just one of many.

    Just my opinion. I may not be right on, but I don’t think I’m that far off.

  • Steve says:

    Quote from article: “According to Ron, many single young men have joined his church. Who are concerned that there aren’t as many single young women to date. Prophetess Laura tells the young men that’s because they are not yet ready for YOUNG women”

    Well unfortunately for the young single men, what Laura (the big flirt) has left out (for now) is that these men will indeed become her “husbands” in a dramatic twist of craziness that is seen most commonly in Mormon churches and islam except that polygamy is the other way around where the men have many wives. Just kiddin…but i would not be surprised if she did include that into their doctrine considering how fond she is of young men (isnt adultery a sin according to their own doctrine?…even with their mind?). Plus the fact that Ronny boy will be in prison (hopefully) soon and so she will get lonely lol.

  • Whisper says:

    The reason good ol Ron is able to travel to his sheep all over the globe is that Ron’s church has no overhead, no buildings, no ministries, no feeding the poor, no charity, no… All the money goes to Ron, Ron uses it to promote Ron’s google adds, Ron’s books, Ron’s home, Ron’s cars, Ron’s vacations, Ron’s travel, Ron’s… The $$ is all for Ron for Ron to do with as Ron wants. What does Ron want? Ron wants fame, Ron wants to travel, Ron wants a big home, Ron wants respect, Ron wants leadership, Ron wants… Ron uses Ron’s money to make Ron’s “wants” to become true (or at least those he can…).
    Ron’s Church.
    Ron’s Money.
    Ron’s Fame.
    Ron’s world.

    It’s all about Ron. Self glory & self rule is a harsh overlord of a sin to release oneself from…
    What will Ron create for next weeks ever so special sermon? Only Ron knows, for it is for Ron that the Sermon is to be spoken.
    Ron is ever more the focal point of his religion and Laura can tag along…