Hail Columbia

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke today from Columbia, MO.  This trip was not announced in advance on his website — supposedly it was in honor of the golden wedding anniversary of his elder there, Sam Qualls.  Guess it was a last minute thing that came up unexpectedly.  The Harrells were there as well as was his regular traveling crew from the Cincy area: Ralph Dowd, daughter Audra and her husband Chris.  Ron was fighting a headache kicked up by his allergies to goldenrod and ragweed.

Newly ordained evangelist Terry Wrozek is placed in authority over the area he had as senior elder and is also over senior elder Jim Jamieson.  Ron’s government structure is now in place to handle the millions of people who will soon be joining the Church of God – PKG as Ron’s prophesies finally start happening.  But Ron’s been saying that since the beginning of 2008.  And for years he’s been saying that the media would be seeking him out as disaster after disaster unfolded.

FOT_hotel_1The Feast of Tabernacles is in 3 weeks, and a few days later members will assemble in hotels like the one pictured here for the last 3 days of the feast and then the Last Great Day.  This coming Saturday is the 40th sabbath of the Great Tribulation and the Feast of Trumpets.  I’ll take that as a judgment of Weinland as a prophet, just as the 40-week period from Christmas of 2007 to Trumpets of 2008 was a judgment on Satan.

The sermon was about fellowship, that members should avoid cliques and gravitating toward those who are similar and ignoring others.  Ron claims that he is more comfortable with the working men who are in jobs which are not well regarded.  I think Ron should go with that — maybe his brother Steve would give him a job at his trash hauling company.

People should be forgiving of others, even those not in his church.  Of course that doesn’t apply to the Two Witnesses, who are allowed to issue death curses against those who criticize him — just like the one he issued for my speedy death 38 weeks ago.

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  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Seems like his weekly sermons are just getting worse and worse. He needs some new material.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Yeah. Just found out that he recycled a sermon from 2002. 😉

  • DRMR says:

    “He needs some new material”. I got a kick out of that one.

    The reason I say that is because I have (had ?) a friend whom I’ve known for a long time now (from WCG and UCG) who has left UCG and joined Ron’s church a few months ago.

    And the reason he gave was “Ron is the only one coming up with new truth”. LOL !

    Listening to Ron just rambling and rehashing, it leaves me at a loss of words to describe it.

    When a boxer has gone past his time, and his mental faculties are’nt what they used to be, he is called “Punchdrunk”.

    There has to be a word to describe a minister like Ron with the same symptoms, but I don’t know what it would be.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    It amazes me how people are continuing to be sucked in by this demonstrated false prophet. Has your friend explained the lack of the 1st phase of the 5th thunder, the 5 ministers who are still alive? Being in UCG he’d know who Rod Meredith is and that he’s not dead 3 years after Ron prophesied it.

  • DRMR says:

    Mike DDTFA,

    I should mention a couple of things, just to be clear.

    I haven’t seen my friend for about a year or so, because I have moved, and live about 200 miles from where I did.

    But someone else I know very well was in the same UCG congregation. And they told me that my friend has went to Ron Weinland’s church about 3 months ago, because “Ron was the only one coming up with new truth”. And myself, I haven’t talked to him since I moved, and so I haven’t had a chance to ask him why he joined RW’s church.

    But, after looking at your questions, I am equally amazed/baffled, because this friend of mine was alway s sensible kind of person. (at least he always seemed sensible to me) and I would like to talk to him at length, and see what he has to say on why he joined up with RW. But living 200 miles away, And leaving UCG myself, I think that I might not have the chance of talking to him again.

  • J says:

    I’m looking forward to the Feast of Tabernacles….the whole thing, and not the truncated madness that RW prescribes. I morbidly look forward to Ron’s “new truth” coming at the LGD.

    True story: a friend popped up online yesterday whom I haven’t heard from for several months. She reluctantly told me she left abruptly from the online scene because she had joined a cult (which she later left).

    A light bulb went off in my head. Whenever someone says “cult”, I think of PKG, pure and simple. So I asked her what group she joined, and she responded “Church of God-PKG”. Ding ding ding. Small world, eh? Apparently, she and her mother found it via some Google searches. (It’s a shame the Google ad words DO in fact work.)

    Anyway, after getting baptized and all that jazz, she met up with a congregation and quickly felt out-of-place. One told her even “we don’t have time to fellowship with you”. Later, she had dinner with Laura Weinland, and the first thing out of Laura’s mouth was “are you working and paying tithe?” She has been out of work for the past year, so no, she wasn’t working, and was probably drawing assistance from the church. Laura Weinland apparently doesn’t like people who draw money out of the church rather than put it in.

    It’s a good thing it only took her a couple months to figure this out.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Wow!! What kind of water are they serving in UCG? 😉 J, I’m assuming that your friend was also in UCG, correct? Still amazed that someone with a COG background wouldn’t have clued into the fact that Rod Meredith is still alive and collecting tithes despite Ron’s death curse on him (1st phase of the 5th thunder).

  • Whisper says:

    The more I read about Laura on these blogs (there seems to be no other information on her anywhere else as she is the “silent” witness and has nothing to say outside social comments and how she planned to rip off stores etc… in buying goods on credit and having God destroy America thereby not having to pay for it.

    I must admit in the light of these blogs, which of course is slanted toward the negative (with lots of evidence to back it up though) she comes across as very money hungry, rather coniving, and very interested in keeping the con going rather than have any more loving thoughts/actions.
    But then again they are in it togethor, Mr. and Mrs. Witless, so there is no pity for the needy and no healing to be prayed for with this duo, only death, destruction and – you guessed it – armageddon for the riff-raff while the high and mighty make secret accounts outside these boarders to sustain them in the not-so-great yet Tribulations (yet to be seen as tribulations definatly have stages to them I guess?).

    To be honest I’m still lost back at the 1st trumpet which has has zero effect per Ron’s books explanation… still haven’t happed yet so the 2nd trumpet is right out and can not occur. Well that probably goes well with all the thunders that failed to occur and all the predictions that failed to happen. I still smirk when I think of President Obama and Rons declaration of no new president in 2009. I smile even further in Rons lame explanation that God no longer favors America so Obama is not actually the president of a nation that no longer means anything due to, again, Gods dumping it.
    Creative explanations are fun!


  • J says:

    Mike – No, that’s the surprising thing, she had no background in any COGs. I knew her from a comic book message board. She and her mother only found PKG via searching for end-of-the-world topics on Google. I assume having no background in any COG before is what helped shake them from it.

    I keep thinking to myself “Holy s**t, small world!” I told her that a person by the name of Kirrily went through something very similar to what she went through. The name was familiar to her. I guess she heard it somewhere. Kirrily, you’re famous!…..or is that infamous. 😉

    As for Laura Weinland, I have little to go on about her. But now that I think about it, comparisons to Eva Braun come to mind.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Well J, I was one of the biggest PKG spies you know. Dobbing in everyone that was being ‘naughty’ to Wayne. Now, I am a traitor of course (oh yes, and anti Christ). LOL.

    They should see me now!! They would say “See what happens to someone who rejects God”.

    Yeah – I’m actually enjoying life now 🙂 Shame on me.