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Fiftieth Truth Plus

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

In ten days it will be the Last Great Day on which Ronald Weinland has promised to unveil his new truth which won’t be a separate truth but an addition to the 50th “Truth”.  During June of last year, I unveiled Ron’s 50th untruth the same day he announced there was one but the members would have to wait until the Feast of Trumpets for the revelation, after which he officially announced it 3 months ahead of schedule.

I feel somewhat challenged to repeat my earlier performance.  However this time Ron has been unusually close-mouthed and his chief evangelist Johnny hasn’t let slip any clues either.

I’m going to throw out a speculation for the 50th untruth add-on. While those who were members of WCG when the first seal opened on December 17, 1994 and who were also COG-PKG members on the Feast of Trumpets 2008 were sealed, the other members are only promised “the opportunity to live on into a new age” (untruth #45).

My speculation is that those not eligible for the sealing but who are members as of a certain date will have special status as they “live on into the new era”, perhaps evangelists and elders in PKG or civil governors in the millennium.   Possible dates for this speculated cut-off date are:

  • Feast of Trumpets of 2009 {the 40th sabbath on which Ron was too sick to preach}
  • when the 2nd trumpet blows (“nukular” explosions),
  • or when the 5th trumpet blows (Germany conquers the US).

I suspect that there are many others who like recently exited member “Xer” are questioning all the failures and contradictions and Weinland needs to do something to keep the hook baited or his church will shrink back to the ex-WCG core who were members in 2007.

But this is only speculation.  I’m interested in any other ideas or opinions, which you may share as a comment.

Silence on the Internet For More Than The Space of Half-an-Hour

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Yesterday’s services from False Prophet Ronald Weinland had the least number of false prophecies of any of his sermons that I’ve heard.  While the streaming Internet audio feed came up, it was totally silent. 😉

FOT_hotel_3But later in the afternoon, a recording was placed on the PKG website.  Ron was in Chandler, AZ (Phoenix metro) and it was hot there.  Ron offered an explanation for his absence last weekend.  Seems that his allergies kicked up and he wasn’t up to speaking.  During the sermon, Ron came close to repeating his rant against people who throw around their used towels in the bathroom.  Ron did repeat his teaser for his latest revelation to be added-on to the 50th untruth during the Feast of Tabernacles as PKG members assemble at various locations including the one pictured.

Last week was the 40th sabbath of the not-so-Great Tribulation — could some kind of judgment have been rendered that prevented our formidable Spokesman Witness from making his scheduled appearance? Food for thought.

Yesterday was the 40th sabbath since Ron placed a death curse on me.   So I nervously awaited sundown and breathed a deep sigh of relief as it came and my end had not come.  Not!! — the nervousness, that is.  I’m still breathing and blogging. 😀

Peace, Peace

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Either Ron did not meet his judgment on the 40th Sabbath of the Great Tribulation (despite failing to make his schedule “live” appearance on the Internet from Georgia), or he has a ghost writer.  He has a new post on his blog, and here is a copy of it with {my comments in braces}:

September 23, 2009

Today, I heard the strongest declaration of “peace, peace” that has ever been pronounced. It was done so at the United Nations by the president of the United States. The timing is uncanny (refresh yourself of the definition) as the world entered into the final era of the end-time on the Feast of Trumpets (19-09-2009). {Maybe Wayne is ghost writing for Ron.  This is not the American style of expressing dates.  What happened to Larry, Ron?  You were in Georgia last Saturday, right? Note: the post on his blog has been edited to change the date formats.} The greater significance of what occurred on the Feast of Trumpets {Did something significant happen last Saturday?  I missed it.} will be given in a sermon on the Last Great Day of the Feast (10-10-2009).

The symbolism of this speech at the U.N. is of even greater significance. Much of the speech centered upon the need of all nations to cooperate in resolving the world’s problems. The focus included the need to root out al-Qaeda, to prevent nuclear proliferation by preventing countries like Iran and North Korea from developing such weapons, and of the world engaging in justice to bring about peace for the Middle East. That message of peace also centered around the need for the Palestinians and Israelis to have peace that is acceptable to them and the Arab world. There was much more given in this message of “peace, peace.”

But the truth is, there is no such thing, there has never been any such thing, and there will not be such a thing in this present evil world of selfishness, despotism, and conflicting national and religious goals of nations. The United Nations symbolizes the futility of peace and is a lie contained in the name itself. The United Nations stands as the greatest witness against the modern-day nations of this world and proving that mankind does not know the way to peace. It is just hallow empty rhetoric.

The “Swords into Plowshares” statue at the U.N. is the great lie of 6,000 years of man’s rule on earth. {Ron.  No.  That would be your sermons every Saturday — except when you’re a no-show.} “They do not know the way of peace, and there is no sound judgment in all their efforts [toward the way of peace]: instead they have made for themselves crooked paths to follow, and whoever follows them shall not know [find] peace” (Isaiah 59:8). As always, God is right! Only God can bring true peace to this earth and that is exactly what He is now doing. It will be accomplished on May 27, 2012. At that time, God will bring to pass the saying of that statue at the United Nations. “And He [God Almighty] shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more” (Isaiah 2:4).

The truth is, only God can give peace to mankind! Man can proclaim “peace, peace” all he wants and speak to billions of how this will be achieved, but it will not happen with “man’s efforts.” Thank God we are rapidly approaching the end of the era of man’s self-rule and the establishment of God’s Kingdom ruling over all nations.  {We are rapidly approaching yet another proof that Ron is a false prophet, yet another adjustment of this timeline and eventually a new timeline.}

The “Prophetic” First Trumpet:

The impact of the “prophetic” First Trumpet is about to resound with its greatest intensity yet! {Well, it’s about time. On second thought, when has it sounded with even mild intensity?} As I stated a few months ago, people needed to understand that there would be a period of “false hope” that would be allowed to capture the hearts and minds of many people as they were led to believe that an economic recovery was now taking place. The Stock Market reflects much of that false hope as an economic balloon stretches out to its limits. This is prophetic as it enables the potential for a greater humbling process to follow once the balloon bursts. That balloon is soon to burst!  {It’s been about to burst for months now.  Years even.}

We have now entered a new era of time for this end-time. {We have huh?  Must be another one of those spiritual eras.} God has been merciful to the world and is extending that mercy so that the massiveness of final destructiveness on this earth, in the form of WWIII, is given the least amount of time possible in order to accomplish the impact necessary to usher in a new world government—His very Kingdom ruling the earth. {So ya think maybe we’ll all survive?  Not just a tithe of a third? Or even a tithe of all thirds?}

Not only is God altering the time sequence of end-time events (not the return of Jesus Christ) by shortening the actual time of man’s suffering, but He is revealing a pattern that testifies to His judgment being given to this earth at the end of 6,000 years of man’s self-rule and disobedience.

God has indeed revealed the depth of His mercy, toward all of mankind and toward His creation, through His Church and the two-day fast that was held for the world on January 31st of this year. {Well, at least his mercy toward Ron, by not imposing the penalties of Deut. 18:20 and Rev 22:18.} These truths will become manifest over the next two years. {The truth that Ron is a false prophet has been manifest for a long time, for those who have eyes to see.} Through this process of time, only those who repent will come to clearly “see” this plan of God unfolding for this end-time.  {OK.  Just as I thought.  It’s all spiritual.}

The time for the intensifying of “thunders” and fulfillment of the “prophetic” First Trumpet is now arriving. {Wait a minute.  The thunders were to intensify during the Sixth Seal.} “He who testifies [warns and affirms] of these things says, ‘Surely I come quickly.’ Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

I’ve had my say.  And now it’s your turn, in the comments area to this post.

APB for Ron

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was scheduled to be in Georgia today according to his blog.  Whether or not he is there, he did not make a personal appearance on the Internet at his normal time of 2:30 PM eastern.  Instead, a pre-recorded sermon is on his church website for download.

This contradicts his announced plans from last Saturday.  A pre-recorded sermon for Trumpets was to be on the website for overseas locations with earlier timezones, but this was supposed to be in a secret location sent via email to overseas members.  Instead, the sermon was put in the normal location for the link to the live streams last night, and is still there.

At the beginning of the recorded sermon, Ron states that it is for the overseas brethren and that the US would be getting a live sermon.
Where Ron has placed his name
So, where’s Ron.  Did he suffer a second heart attack?  Did the IRS finally make their case and scoop him up?  Or did he feel them closing in and decide to make himself scarce?

Or as is more likely, did Jeremy put the sermon up last night and then forget to change the link back to the streaming audio before time for normal services?  Inquiring minds want to know.

His pre-recorded sermon was a teaser for the LGD sermon when he’s going to reveal the add-on to the 50th truth.  He stopped himself a couple of times and changed the subject before revealing any spoilers.  Other than that, today, the Feast of Trumpets, is the 40th sabbath of the Great Tribulation.

It’s now 3 weeks from the Last Great Day, 2 weeks from the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles and 2 weeks and 3 days from when PKG members will assemble in hotels like the one pictured.

And now only one more week from the 40th sabbath since Ron Weinland uttered his curse that I would die quickly from the inside.

Hail Columbia

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke today from Columbia, MO.  This trip was not announced in advance on his website — supposedly it was in honor of the golden wedding anniversary of his elder there, Sam Qualls.  Guess it was a last minute thing that came up unexpectedly.  The Harrells were there as well as was his regular traveling crew from the Cincy area: Ralph Dowd, daughter Audra and her husband Chris.  Ron was fighting a headache kicked up by his allergies to goldenrod and ragweed.

Newly ordained evangelist Terry Wrozek is placed in authority over the area he had as senior elder and is also over senior elder Jim Jamieson.  Ron’s government structure is now in place to handle the millions of people who will soon be joining the Church of God – PKG as Ron’s prophesies finally start happening.  But Ron’s been saying that since the beginning of 2008.  And for years he’s been saying that the media would be seeking him out as disaster after disaster unfolded.

FOT_hotel_1The Feast of Tabernacles is in 3 weeks, and a few days later members will assemble in hotels like the one pictured here for the last 3 days of the feast and then the Last Great Day.  This coming Saturday is the 40th sabbath of the Great Tribulation and the Feast of Trumpets.  I’ll take that as a judgment of Weinland as a prophet, just as the 40-week period from Christmas of 2007 to Trumpets of 2008 was a judgment on Satan.

The sermon was about fellowship, that members should avoid cliques and gravitating toward those who are similar and ignoring others.  Ron claims that he is more comfortable with the working men who are in jobs which are not well regarded.  I think Ron should go with that — maybe his brother Steve would give him a job at his trash hauling company.

People should be forgiving of others, even those not in his church.  Of course that doesn’t apply to the Two Witnesses, who are allowed to issue death curses against those who criticize him — just like the one he issued for my speedy death 38 weeks ago.

Ron’s Coffee Cakes

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

For a change, False Prophet Ronald Weinland stayed in Cincinnati this weekend. In honor of the occasion, his son Jeremy and daughter-in-law Patricia have traveled from Germany for a visit.  Ron and Laura have plenty of room for visitors in their mansion on the golf course.

In honor of Ron’s being a fan of Starbucks, Libby made him a couple of cakes in the shape of Starbucks coffee cups last week while in Dallas — both standard size and Texas size.  Hopefully Libby’s marriage to Bo which was quickly promoted by impending end-time events is turning out well.

Weinland’s long-time elder Terry Wrozek has been nearly caught-up, having lagged behind others promoted ahead of him.  Perhaps he got rid of some sin in his life, or maybe he completely cleaned out his 401k for Ron. Terry was promoted to Senior Elder a couple of months ago. And now finally Terry is the third of Weinland’s evangelists. However, Johnny Harrell has been promoted to Senior Evangelist above him, and Laura still outranks both of them as Prophetess. Still several layers of authority between Evangelist Terry and God — although it’s not clear whether Jesus and God have their own layers or are on the same one with Ron.

Ron mentioned increases stress levels and a stirred-up spirit world. He had a hard week and doesn’t know if there will indeed be a Feast of Tabernacles in a few weeks. He also mentioned that the apostles had been imprisoned. Perhaps this is an indication that the IRS may soon make him an imprisoned prophet.

Here is a clip of Rick Miller’s presentation at ideaCity. Perhaps Rick’s twisting the arm of Ron’s brother is what sent the formidable prophets fleeing.

And here’s a clip of Tom Harpur’s presentation at ideaCity immediately following that of the Spokesman Witness, which also didn’t make our end-time prophet and prophetess very happy. Can anyone identify the woman in the audience shown between 43 and 49 seconds in this clip?

It’s now 37 weeks since the Insane Lying Lunatic cursed me to die speedily from the inside. Only 3 more before the big 4-0.

CoGgers and Facebook

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Since last weekend’s diatribe against Facebook by False Prophet Ronald Weinland, about half of the PKG members with Facebook accounts have deleted them.  I’m not surprised that so many have done this.  Rather, I’m surprised at how few have done so.  Hopefully a few of the holdouts will decide to delete their PKG accounts instead.

As redfox pointed out, False Prophet Rod Meredith’s LCG is taking the opposite approach to Facebook.  From their article:

By posting to your Facebook page a link to an article, telecast, booklet or other item from the Church websites, or by linking to Church material from your blog, your social network comes into greater contact with the Church. Please read the May-June LCN article entitled, Christian Communication in the Information Age, for helpful pointers on the effective use of this media.

In contrast, back on March 15 of last year Ronnie threatened to disfellowship anyone who represented on a social networking site their membership on PKG.  After that sermon, PKGers disappeared from the Internet in droves.

Somehow I prefer False Prophet Ronnie’s approach to Facebook.