In Which I Agree With Ronald Weinland

Ronald Weinland was in Dallas yesterday, the 37th sabbath of the Great Tribulation.  No one from Oklahoma traveled to see their spiritual idol even though the journey would have been significantly less than the 12 1/2 hour trip some Canadians made last week.  So perhaps Oklahoma is OK, being one state that’s free of Ron’s delusions.  There were visitors from Louisiana and even one from Mississippi, probably Laura’s friend Lori.

Ron reviewed last week’s sermon in which he claimed that he was either an apostle or a prophet.  His proof?  A claim that truth has to come from either one of the two.  As evidence, he recited some of the 50 “truths” listed on his website, such as “truths” 35, 42, and 44.  According to Ron, he began teaching the 35th truth way back in ’82 when he started in WCG’s full-time paid ministry in Lubbock .

To keep the tithe-slaves in line, Ron has previously promised a new truth for the Last Great Day sermon.  And Friday, yet another truth was revealed to Ron which he is not yet passing along.  Two new truths would bring us to 52 truths.  A deck has 52 cards, but then also it has a couple of jokers.  But it seems that Ron is going to hold the number of “truths” at 50 (one of God’s perfect numbers), with the latest revelation to be folded into the 50th.  I understand that — the 50th truth is getting rather smelly and needs to be refreshed. Probably the other “truth” can be integrated into one of the others such as the 38th “truth”.

Ron must be feeling a bit insecure right now.  A handful of doubters has developed, as reality has intruded with the lack of evidence of the 1st trumpet.  He warned against going on the Internet to visit sites like mine, which work to destroy faith and damage the spiritual mind.  It seems that Ron doesn’t completely understand as do I that true faith totally trumps reality.  Ron’s followers are quite adept at integrating his lame excuses and trotting them out to counter any argument of reality.  If a site like mine has any effect it would only be after someone’s faith is shaken.  Or maybe Ron does understand, and the faith of more than just a handful of his followers is shaky.

As pointed out on Gavin’s, Jack’s, and Dill Weed’s blogs, Ron took a good deal of the sermon to preach against Myspace and Facebook.  He prophesied that these sites won’t exist in the Millennium.  People will visit with their neighbors.   The problem for PKG members is that they’re so scattered that many don’t have physical contact with other members unless they travel great distances.  Weinland advocates phone calls and emails.

It would seem that some are writing comments critical of Ron on their Facebook “Wall”.  But even though Ron isn’t on Facebook, he knows what is being said because God reads it and then tells him.  (But I rather suspect that it’s Laura’s friend Lori — see, you too can be God.)  Those who criticized Ron should be afraid, very afraid.  I also caution them, because they could die a speedy death from the inside just like I have.

After Ron hinted at his ire with Facebook last week, several deleted their accounts.  After his forceful pronouncements of yesterday, I expect that many more are deleting their accounts.

Weinland repeated his theme of last week — that he was either an apostle or a prophet.  And then he insisted that he is a prophet, not an apostle.  Newsflash!! Ron, I agree with you. You are a prophet, and not an apostle.    The same was true of your spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong.  The two of you prophesied, which made you prophets.  And both of you are the same kind of prophet — no, not one of God but rather the false kind.  Herbie made numerous false prophecies either personally or through a surrogate.  False Prophet Herbert Armstrong.  False Prophet Ronald Weinland.



  • Dill Weed says:

    I think Ron thought it would be a ‘new truth,’ but reconsidered when he realized how weak that would sound – leaving many more truths to reach a significant number. Better to leave it as is and make an addition to the 50th.

    He must sense the dwindling sand in the time glass. : D

    What could it be? I didn’t sense a pending implosion of the group like with the 50th. It seems that being an addition that it can’t dramatically change the 50th. It doesn’t seem to be anything to do with the 2nd Trumpet. Hmm, Dill Weed, Jr.’s not helping he’s just lying around flicking his tail.

    OY! Could the fasting have resulted in a further delay of the 2nd Trumpet to ‘gather in more’ of course then he’d have to report some kind of ‘influx’. I think that would be put to the lie after a short time. He has hinted at the effects of the fast though.

    I’m off to the store.

    Yes, DW Jr. I’m getting tuna. (returns to licking his paw and generally ignoring me.)

    Dill Weed (Cat slave)

  • Mark says:

    Facebook? MySpace? Am I an apostle or prophet?

    Does this sound like a prophet of God? Not hardly. Where’s Laura? Is she a prophet too?
    This sounds like a buffoon. I am surprised he has lasted this long. Money rolling in = keep preaching. As soon as the money runs out, so does Ronnie Weinland.

    If God is on Ronnie’s side, then God is not God. If God is working through Ron, then it is clear that God is not in control of anything, Ron is.

    Too bad Ron wasn’t good enough for any of the Church’s of God that he came from. He couldn’t hold a candle to any of the ministers in those churches, so he has to make up some title for himself to get people to listen to him. What a loser.

  • jack635 says:

    i found a facebook group dedicated to weinland.

    it has 42 members.

    let’s reckon the numbers.
    42 members x $3000= $126k/year

    wow. there’s money in story telling!

  • Dill Weed says:

    Give them all a personal invitation before they evaporate!

    Dill Weed

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    He really seems to be losing the plot. 🙂

  • Dill Weed says:

    The message I left on FaceBook’s – Ronald Weinland Appreciation Societie’s Group

    I figured I’d join this group just before it disbands itself because Ronald said to stay off FaceBook and MySpace in his sermon this week.

    It is hard to believe that in the millenium we will have email, but not FaceBook or MySpace and that, as God’s prophet, Ron gaurantees it. That I suppose makes it prophecy. (Unity of Belief Pt 2, 8/29/09)

    Dill Weed (now on FaceBook)

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I think I just found you on FB Dill – But it didn’t look like Dill Weed jnr – but a cat none the less!! Just sent you a friend request….

    Evil, evil facebook!! LOL!!

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    At least – I hope it was you I sent the request too – there are quite a few Dill Weeds!! I just picked the profile pic of a cat….

  • Dill Weed says:

    Now you’ll recognize me!

    Dill Weed

  • Whisper says:

    Is Ron a Apostle or Prophet rhetoric questions by Ron?
    So, its the “Am I simple Great and Powerful of God or am I truely Awe inspiringly Great and Powerful of God?”
    Decisions, decisions…

    I don’t listen to ol Ron but that e-cast self conversation must have been a psychiatrists dream? Am I only Great or am I Awesome?

    Sure edit a truth, what they hey? They are 50 of them and all self thought up, penned, and spoken by Ron. After all they are his truths, he can do with them as he see’s fit. Edit, remove, add, whatever…

    Like a fast can alter the mind and will of God, now that’s lame even for Ron.
    How much longer can Ron keep the Con going? I know he would like to upgrade his Con to a Major-Con with thousands upond thousands of givers, but it would seem that he is downplaying his Con getting ready to take on the “Apostle” title if need be just to play out the suckers that are hooked good and tight. Play it out to the bitter end, dimenishing returns all the while, but returns none the less to pad his senior years nest, and fund his stay at an old-prophets home eventually…

    Parasites are like that…

  • Dennis says:

    The bottom line is that Ron is probably mentally ill. Another explanation would be “God Haunted” which is easy to fall into when one obcesses on the Bible and the perceived message.

    His sermons aren’t really sermons. He simply wings it. You can tell he has no point and that he speaks of whatever pops into his head at the time. Often he backs up and out of a topic with a chuckle and a hearty “ooooh kay…” His style is typical of his past. Read a scripture, comment on how it relates to you. Read a scripture..comment on how “we know this or that” Read a scripture…give no background and relate it to the present moment whether it is related to the present moment or not. Read a scripture…and point out to the faithful and true church how they are letting down on this one. Read a scripture…and take it out of context. Or read a scripture and forget you read it and wander off course with an irrelevant story or observation about “the world.”

    Also be sure to tell the crowd that “we know we understand..but they just don’t get it.” Being special is..well….special.

    Captain..she kenna take much more of this….she’ll blow..”

  • Whisper says:

    “His sermons aren’t really sermons.”

    While I cant listen beyong several minutes due to massive boardom I have tracked Mikes synapsis of sermans (what a brave soul to trudge through them!) and find that this is correct, they are ad-hock ramblings with no order to them but only a general theme that may or may not keep Rons attention.

    I’ve never experienced anything like this and would send large reg flags up in my conciousness if I did. The word Psychiatry comes to mind…

  • DRMR says:

    I don’t listen to Ron’s sermons as a rule, but I listened to this last one. As Mike DDTFA said in the main commentary, “Ron must be feeling a bit insecure right now. A handful of doubters has developed, as reality has intruded with the lack of evidence of the 1st trumpet. ”

    It sure looks that way, because a lot of the sermon consisted of Ron trying to re-enforce the idea that he was “The One” through whom God speaks, and that there was no one else.

    He told his people that God speaks through Prophets and/or Apostles, of which he is a Prophet.

    He also defined who an “anti-christ” was (again), according to his own criteria of those not confessing that Jesus was “continually coming” in the flesh.

    How convenient. If one doesn’t believe in Ron’s personal interpretation of that scripture, they are labeled “anti-christ”.

    After mentioning a couple of other “truths”, he asked, “Which of the other splinters are preaching this?”

    During all of this, he also asked a couple of times, “Where are you going to go?”

    So it looks like (to me anyway) that he is feeling the need to drive home the point that God is speaking through him, and nobody else.

    I wish that I had been familiar years ago with this tactic of claiming exclusivity, that these cult leaders use to keep a tight grip on their people.

    And even though part of it is their OWN fault, I still can’t help but feel sorry for those poor souls in Ron’s church who are believing this nonsense.

    I also have to agree with the comments above from Dennis, that Ron’s sermons are mostly just rambling, and also that Ron is probably mentally ill.

  • Dill Weed says:

    I was gonna say that Dennis nailed it! … and that if Ron ever needed a last minute fill in … : O

    Dill Weed

  • jack635 says:

    Ron is probably mentally ill.

    Maybe we should drop the word “probably”. Now there’s a dillema. Is someone who has been deceived, mentally ill? It is a fact that a cult leader is also a con artist. Ron has definitely been conned by HWA. And Ron is now spinning his own tales and deceiving many.

  • DRMR says:

    *Maybe we should drop the word “probably”. *

    Couldn’t disagree with that one.

    I guess any man who claims that he and his wife are the Two Witnesses should be called into question as far as their mental health is concerned. That is, unless they start breathing some Fire.

    I just wonder why some people seem to be swayed so easily by the crazy claims of these cult leaders just because they quote the Bible.

    Maybe I shouldn’t talk though, because I was once swayed by Herbert.

    It seems that the illness of religious delusion truly can be contagious.

  • Rob says:

    Now I know why my wayward bother deleted his facebook account….Unbelievable! I agree with DRMR on the statement ” It seems that the illness of religious delusion truly can be contagious.”—-That fact is due to the demonic being involved in all this nonsense!

  • jack635 says:

    RMR said
    “I just wonder why some people seem to be swayed so easily by the crazy claims of these cult leaders just because they quote the Bible. ”

    Most are young and/or impressionable, and probably have never read much, if any of the bible.

    Rob said
    “That fact is due to the demonic being involved in all this nonsense!”

    Demonic being? You mean Ron’s god, the voice in his head that “gives him understanding”. It’s quite obvious to me that the spirit Ron is listening to is not of God.

  • Whisper says:

    “I just wonder why some people seem to be swayed so easily by the crazy claims of these cult leaders just because they quote the Bible.”

    Two words: “I want”.
    That is the reason my friend. The “I want” will always trump logic and morality and faith, and reason, and…
    It’s human natures “I want” that becomes a “NEED” that will not be denied if you let your “I want” become “I need”.
    People are insecure, frightened, confused creatures that seek security and hope and enlightenment in the words an actions of others, some of these “others” are predators and con-artists. Con artists want people who have the “I want” mentality because they will pander to them and present what they “want”. At first it’s at no cost as a friendly act… but when the hook is good a tightly embeded they yank the line and begin the demands to fulfill the hapless fishe’s “I wants”.

    Psychology 101

  • Rob says:

    Jack, I meant to say Ronald Weinland is a pawn of Satan an his demonic kingdom. He and his followers are under demonic deception.

  • Mel says:

    I feel that we should pray for this man and his wife (and for any that are mislead by his book).

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