Year of Dedication

Two weeks after the Last Great Day and the Feast of Tabernacles, False Prophet Ronald Weinland finally has his latest #2 pencil nonsense.   Perhaps someone can explain why the “Year of Dedication” which is somehow part of prophecy is 366 days long and not a 360-day prophetic year.

Here’s Ron’s post and your chance to comment.

—- Weinland’s post ————–

We are now past the fall holy day season for 2014, and we are already planning ahead for next year’s Feast of Tabernacles. However, I am highly sobered as we begin making these preparations, since I know that this next Feast may well be the last we are able to keep together in this age at sponsored sites around the world. That is just how serious and perilous these times are for us and for the world.

On the other hand, I am also very positively moved concerning what lies ahead for the Church in this following year. For all who work for and yield themselves to what God is offering us, this coming year will be one of tremendous blessings and growth. But it will require much work and dedication on your part, for this next year is to be a “Year of Dedication.”

The last year of the “sixth period” of 1,260 days in the measuring of the temple begins on the 6th of November 2014, and it will end on the 7th of November 2015. Then, on the following day, the “seventh period” and the primary work of God’s two witnesses will begin. This final year in the measuring of the temple is going to be set aside to be devoted as a “Year of Dedication” for God’s Church. More will be explained about that year later in this post.

Since writing Part 4 of the last series entitled, Measuring the Temple, I have had much given to me concerning the potential content for another post that has been weighing heavily on my mind. I am going to comment on some of what was stated in the last paragraph of Part 4 in that series.

It was stated that I was “excited” about what God was showing me, but that whether I could proceed with the post, and to what degree, depended upon you. In that last sentence I stated, “So my parting admonition and encouragement to you is that you pray for this next post in a zealous, fervent, and highly desirous manner.” Paraphrasing other portions, it was stated that the “potential” depth in strength and revelation it would contain (be allowed to be given) was “fully dependent upon each person’s petitions,” concerning your actual desire “to receive what God can give to us.”

Indeed, prayers have definitely been in the process of being answered, and what God had already begun giving to me before has been progressively growing stronger. Throughout this Feast of Tabernacles, as I am currently writing this first portion of this post, that same process has intensified even more. Before the Feast actually began, I had already written Part 1 of that new series which is entitled, A Heightened Dedication. That first part will serve more as an introduction to what that series will finally begin to address. Between that writing and now, I have been deeply moved and inspired to begin writing this post that will be published first. This post will tie in powerfully so with that new series and will further set the stage for even greater things that God is revealing of that which He will accomplish in our lives, if we so desire, if we will work and yield ourselves to the process, and if we are of a genuine spirit.

Not only that, but the series that preceded this will become even more important, as the order and timeliness of all this is by God’s awesome design. God’s will is to bless this Church in a manner that is staggering on a spiritual plane. It involves the last phase of “measuring the temple,” which involves the potential for a highly positive aspect to our being measured. It is more about being brought up to, or being developed into, a “higher and more precise level of measurement” within the Temple.

However, it needs to be said that this is a kind of two-edged sword, as it cuts both ways. It can be powerful and spiritually rich to those who will actively work at and also yield themselves to the process that is addressed in this post and the series that follows. This following year cannot be one of “business as usual.” It is one that is far, far away from coasting in life or of life going on as normal. It is the exact opposite of being lukewarm! And some have been slipping backwards and becoming lukewarm!

For any who do not earnestly participate in this “Year of Dedication,” and address it in the manner that is laid out, or for any who back away (draw back) and let up, or begin to coast, it will be a difficult year and one that could easily lead a person out of fellowship with God and His Church. But there is no need for that for those who truly want what God is offering. God will work with and highly bless those who humble themselves to truthfully address needed “changes” in their life. For those who yield to the opportunity that is before them, they will experience far greater transformation than they ever have before. If any rely on themselves, however, then the greater transformation God is offering will not happen.

Holding Back Tribulation
This world is rushing into a final world war. The stage for that is already set. However, the world does not “see” what is speeding toward them in the form of World War III. That war, including all the greater events from the Thunders and the actual physical effects of the Trumpets are being held back. Those cannot begin until specific events are fulfilled (finished) and others are fully readied.

Beginning on the 6th of November, we will have one more year remaining in the measuring of the temple. This entire measuring process must first be accomplished before we enter the 7th and final period of 1260 days. It will be in that 7th period that a final work of God’s two witnesses will be fulfilled. Candidly, I do not yet fully know what all this will entail or when some of the major events they declare will take place. However, I can tell you what I believe God has given to us that we do know.

We know that the events of the devastation spoken of in the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, will be fulfilled. That which was written has not changed except in the timing for their fulfillment. They will still come to pass. This includes a far greater fulfillment for the Thunders of Revelation than what has occurred to date. Although the Thunders have been sounding to various degrees over the past several years, they will sound much more in that last 1260 days and then on up to the actual coming of Jesus Christ. It is also in that final period, and all the way to Christ’s coming, that the physical manifestation and fulfillment of the Seven Trumpets will be heard and seen.

Not only have the physical events of the Seven Trumpets been held back until that final period that leads up to Christ’s coming, but the greater destruction from the Seven Thunders have also been held back until that period of the final work of the two witnesses. Many of those events from those thunders will actually be a result of what the two witnesses will be proclaiming within that time period.

In all that we have experienced since a “final witness” began in 2008, we can now see more clearly some of those things that God revealed to John. It would be good to look a little more closely at what God has now brought us to see.

“After these things, I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God. He cried with a loud voice to the four angels (those of the first four trumpets), to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, Do not hurt the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, until we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads” (Rev. 7:1-3).

It is revealed here that the great physical tribulation that is associated with the destruction upon present day nations of Israel, as a result of the first four trumpets, cannot begin “until after” the 144,000 have been sealed in their totality. God revealed to the Church that the final sealing of the few remaining to be included into the complete count of the 144,000 began on the Feast of Trumpets on the 30th of September 2008, and was completed by Pentecost on the 27th of May 2012 (1335 days).

However, just because that sealing was completed by that date does not mean that the physical events following those four trumpets was to begin immediately after that sealing. It is simply stating that the complete sealing must first be accomplished.

God also revealed that the Seventh Seal of Revelation was opened on November 14th of 2008 and that 30 days later, the First Trumpet sounded (Dec. 14, 2008), and “God’s final witness” began.

Now there is more that God is giving concerning the actual sounding of the trumpets. As a result of events that have transpired since the 2008 Feast of Trumpets to this time period for the “measuring of the temple,” God is showing us more about the combined meaning of all that is contained in Revelation 7 and 8.

Throughout this period of time to now, we have been uncertain about “timing” regarding the blowing of the trumpets. Due to what God has revealed to us, we know that a very small portion of the effects of the First and Fifth Trumpets have occurred. God has shown to us that part of the Fifth Trumpet was spiritual in nature as it applied to the Church and that those events have already occurred, but the actual greater physical fulfillment concerning Europe’s involvement will come later after the effects of the Fourth Trumpet have been clearly made manifest.

We also know that the physical manifestation of the First Trumpet will be a progressive escalation in fulfillment throughout the physical manifestation of all Seven Trumpets. Since the blowing of the First Trumpet, only a “prophetic type” of its fulfillment has begun, but the actual physical destruction that it portends will begin later. Since 2008, that “prophetic type” for this trumpet has continued to build momentum and is mushrooming, until the complete wealth (the U.S. Dollar) of the U.S.A. (of Manasseh) totally implodes and collapses. The underpinnings of the petrodollar are already being unhinged and it will not be much longer before it collapses.

What God is now clarifying for us is that the “physical manifestation” of great destruction that follows the blowing of the Seven Trumpets has been held back. Only a prophetic type of the First Trumpet and a spiritual fulfillment concerning the Fifth Trumpet have occurred. No other trumpets carry any additional meaning and purpose as these two did.

Blowing of the Seven Trumpets
As an apostle, I believe God is showing the Church that all Seven Trumpets were actually blown on the same day of December 14, 2008. That was the beginning of a specific fifth cycle of 1260 days. It was the beginning of a “final witness,” but it was not the fulfillment of the primary work of the two witnesses described in Revelation 11.

Concerning the Seven Trumpets which were blown, we have already covered how no actual physical destruction that they portended could begin “until after” the complete sealing of the 144,000 was finalized. It is only in the last series on Measuring the Temple that God has shown that when that period of the sealing was completed, we then entered the sixth cycle of another specific 1260-day period that is about that “measuring.” Now, not only has God revealed that the physical destruction from the trumpets, and even more specifically the first four trumpets, could not begin until after the sealing, but neither could they begin until after the measuring of the temple was complete. Yet it is even more specific than that, as you will see.

This separation in time between the sounding of the trumpets and their actual physical fulfillment that would follow has been deeply hidden in scripture, as it was not to be seen in any way until God gave it. The trumpets sounded on the first day of the beginning of the “fifth period” of seven prophetic periods of 1260 days – at the beginning of the “final witness.” This was necessary in order to accomplish the prophetic fulfillment of those matters concerning the First and Fifth Trumpets that were described earlier.

Then there is the timing of a prophetic 30-days of silence in heaven (Nov. 14 to Dec. 14, 2008) that ended once the seven angels sounded their trumpets. This is the meaning and timing of the context that begins Revelation 8.

“When he (Christ) had opened the Seventh Seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God, and to them were given seven trumpets” (Rev. 8:1-2).

A few verses later, beginning in verse 8, John is shown what will result from the blowing of each individual trumpet. But before this, in verse 7, it describes the effects of the blowing of the First Trumpet. It is, however, written differently than those that follow. It is a matter that pertains to “timing.”

“Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. The first angel sounded and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast to the earth, and a third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up” (Rev. 8:6-7).

The actual sequence of all these events is about to be covered more thoroughly. First, however, it is important to know that from the time the seven angels were given their trumpets, once the Seventh Seal was opened (vs. 1-2), to when they were finally prepared to sound, and then did so (vs. 6-7), there was the time lapse of 30 minutes in heaven where other events were being carried out by other angels. The silence that followed the angels being given the trumpets was because they did not blow them right away. The silence is simply an omission of sound from the trumpets until they are actually blown. Thirty minutes after being given the trumpets (a prophetic 30 days) they then blew them, which was an event that took place on December 14, 2008.

As it has been mentioned, something was added to the description of the effects of the First Trumpet sounding that is different from the six trumpets that followed. It is due to the fact that this is the first to be blown, and so, it contains important information regarding a factor of “time.” Obviously, no other physical destruction from the following six could commence until the physical destruction from the First Trumpet actually begins. This is the reason why verse 7 is written with the use of a word that adds something unique to what is being said concerning that First Trumpet. It states that the first angel sounded, but that the actual destructive physical events were “followed.”

That word translated as “followed” is not used to describe an event that would follow immediately, as this was not to happen right away. It is good to understand how this word is used in scripture, as its primary meaning is one that indicates that something will “cause to become, be brought to pass, and/or have eventual fulfillment.”

The context for the use of the Greek word translated as “followed” does not apply to action that follows immediately, but follows in time due to some initial cause. There are two good examples of the use of this Greek word that in John 1 is translated as “to become,” and in Matthew 24 is translated as “be fulfilled.”

“But as many as received him, to them he gave power to become the sons of God, even to them who believe on his name” (Jn. 1:12).

“Truly I say unto you, this generation shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled” (Matt. 24:34).

So the First Trumpet was blown, but that which it was to fulfill in physical destruction was not to be accomplished until later. Because there would be a “period of time” that would follow the blowing of that trumpet before the actual physical destruction would begin, there would also be the same extension of time automatically added to all the other destruction that would result in the remaining effects of the other six trumpet blasts that do follow.

The Book of Revelation is not written so that one can read it in a simple story flow that neatly follows a clear chronological order. It was written in the manner that it was so that no one could remotely know “timing” until God revealed it, just as He is now doing so with these events we are addressing. It would now be good to clearly review the chronology of Revelation 7 and 8, and build upon it.

The last of the 144,000 began to be sealed starting on Trumpets of 2008 and would take 1335 days to be completed. Forty-five days after Trumpets of 2008, on the 14th of November of 2008, the Seventh Seal was opened and seven angels were given their trumpets. Then, the prophetic 30 minutes of silence in heaven followed. It is a period of silence resulting from the trumpet blasts not sounding (until they were actually blown). Again, this is not referring to complete silence in heaven, because during this period, specific things were being declared to those angels. Instead, this is just referring to the silence from the omission of the blowing of the trumpets only.

Two Events Holding Back Destruction
There are actually two events that are revealed during this 30 minutes of silence, before the trumpets sounded, which declare what must first be fulfilled before physical destruction from great tribulation can begin.

Once the Seventh Seal was opened, the seven angels were given their trumpets, and then, in Revelation 7:2-3 “an angel came” and told the first four angels that no physical destruction was to begin “until after” all 144,000 had been sealed.

Then, in addition, during that same period of silence, “another angel came” before the trumpets were blown and performed an incredible function.

“And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer, and there was given unto him much incense that he should offer (Gk. – give) it with the prayers of the saints upon the golden altar which is before the throne. The smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand” (Rev. 8:3-4).

We know that incense offered upon the altar is symbolic of the prayers of God’s people through time. However, this is an account that is awesomely unique in itself. It actually describes a very particular time that must specifically be fulfilled before the physical destructive events portended by the Seven Trumpets can commence.

Post Revealed
I’d like to share some of the process of how God revealed and then led me to the actual specific meaning of these two verses (and of much of this post and the next series that will follow), as this entire process has been so incredibly inspiring. Furthermore, most of it has been most powerfully revealed throughout this year’s Feast of Tabernacles period, making that Feast period all the more inspiring and meaningful to me personally. This will only be a quick summary.

God initially revealed during the writing of Part 4 of the Measuring of the Temple that He had much to reveal and give to His people in the time remaining for this “measuring.” Later, God began to move me to see that we could have a very special year before us in the remaining time for this measuring process to become complete. That has led to declaring that from the 6th of November of 2014 through the 7th of November of 2015 we are going to observe a “Year of Dedication.”

While focusing upon becoming more fully dedicated – more thoroughly consecrated to God – I was led to accounts where the temple built by Solomon was dedicated. This was followed by reviewing what occurred in Jerusalem after the captivity of Judah and of how the house of God was once again dedicated with offerings upon the altar. In addition, I was led to the account of how the altar itself had been originally dedicated with offerings.

Within all this that I was being led to examine more closely, I still had no understanding of where it was leading. God had already given to me to have in my heart and mind that we were to have a year of dedication in the final year of the measuring of the temple, but I did not know there was much more to this that was going to be revealed within these verses in Revelation 8. However, all of this did lead to deeper understanding of where God was indeed leading us and of what these verses were actually about concerning what the angel was offering upon the altar before God concerning the incense and the prayers of God’s people.

This has only been a quick summary of what occurred over a period of a few weeks, but it has proven to be so incredibly inspiring and exciting to experience. Hopefully, you will get a better sense of that in what I have just written so that you can share in some of that same excitement.

Two Events Holding Back Destruction (continued)
In reviewing what God has revealed, the last year for the measuring of the temple is to be a “Year of Dedication” for God’s Church. It will be a year of finalizing our preparation (PKG) for the great work that yet lies ahead and the actual coming of Jesus Christ in his Kingdom. We will be working to more fully dedicate God’s house – the temple of God – our lives with God and Christ dwelling in us – through prayer as we actively seek and then apply ourselves (in work) to fully offer up sacrifices (of self) on the altar before God. Much of what this will actually involve in the lives of God’s people will be covered more thoroughly in the series that follows.

Specifically, these verses in Revelation are all about this coming “Year of Dedication.” These verses are fully about us and what we will be focusing upon and doing in this final year. This angel of Revelation 8:3-4 described the focus and work of God’s people in this coming “Year of Dedication” – in the final year of the measuring of the temple. God has now revealed that great physical tribulation resulting from the trumpets has been held back until this coming prophesied year has been fulfilled.

During the 30 minutes of silence in heaven, after the seven angels had been given their trumpets and before they actually blew them, two angels came before them. These two angels revealed the two events that were to be fulfilled before any actual physical tribulation could follow the blowing of the trumpets and what each trumpet portended. One event was the finalization of the sealing of those few remaining individuals who would be added to complete the count of all 144,000. The other event is that which was described by the second angel who revealed this coming “Year of Dedication,” which would also be fulfilled before actual physical tribulation could begin.

In the following year, there will be an intensified focus on the sacrifices and the work that will follow. This is only beginning to be addressed in this post and then far more thoroughly in the series that is to follow. The first thing we are to individually focus upon right now, for those who can physically do so without jeopardizing their health in any manner, is that each of us is set aside at least one day each month to fast before God.

It must be said that for those who are able to participate in such fasting that no one compare their fasting to that of others. It is to be done exactly as Christ spoke when he stated that one’s fasting should not be made obvious to others. It is a private matter between each individual and God, and it is to be done just like our prayer life that is to be “in private” with God our Father. Certainly, within one’s own family there will usually be the need to share such information concerning one’s schedule and timing for doing so due to the needs surrounding meals and their preparation.

This fasting needs to be taken soberly and seriously, as it is about much needed humility on everyone’s part to live this following year in a faithful, zealous, and truthful manner. Some few in the ministry had not been faithful in sending in monthly reports as they had been directed to do, but instead had been negligent, complacent, lethargic, and disobedient toward instruction given from the government of God. This has now been largely corrected. However, concerning our attitude and participation in this monthly fasting, it cannot be approached in the same manner that some few ministers addressed these monthly reports.

The timing and purpose for the prophetic fulfillment of this year that is now before us was planned, designed, and then written in prophecy long ago. This coming year is exceedingly important to the final preparation of God’s people for Christ’s coming and of the spiritual condition the Church is to be in at that time.

Individuals will either eagerly embrace the work and changes that we are going to be directed to focus upon, or they will resist. Most will embrace all this and be blessed beyond measure. However, as with the sword that cuts both ways, some few will refuse and suffer accordingly. It is all a matter of free choice and greater acceptance of personal responsibility.

Satan’s Diminishing Power
Indeed, the vast majority of God’s Church will be zealous in setting aside this following year for greater dedication to God – far greater dedication for change and transformation. One should deeply fear to do otherwise, for if one does not fear now, once this year is past, they will.

God is offering us an opportunity for far greater spiritual growth, transformation, and blessings that are unprecedented in time and to a degree that we cannot now fathom. That which you have been called to share in at this time – to participate in – leading up to Christ’s coming cannot remotely begin to actually be seen, but it is most great!

Perhaps more will be written later about what is about to be stated, but there is a mighty work of God that is going to be accomplished as we proceed through this coming year and on up to Christ’s coming. It is important to know that this period also involves a process that will begin from the very start of this “Year of Dedication,” whereby God will immediately “begin to diminish” Satan and the demon’s ability to have influence or power upon (or even toward) God’s Church. As this power and influence diminishes, what will remain is a tormented raging fury that they will turn toward the physical world around them.

At different points through time, God has taken certain powers away from Satan and the demons. Over this coming year, they are going to be awakened to the reality that there is indeed more spirit power that is being taken away from them. As they experience this final process that begins to take place over this next year and on up to the return of Christ, there is a specific power that they will be given that has to do with the seventh resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire in the form of a United States of Europe. They have not been given that specific power yet, but they will, once the time for the physical manifestation of the effects of the Fifth Trumpet are allowed. Yet throughout the time that remains until Christ returns, these beings are going to be experiencing a process whereby much spirit power will be declining, until they have arrived at the moment of their confinement that will last for the next 1,100 years.

We are now entering a time in which we ourselves will begin experiencing the transition in a shift of powers away from Satan’s domain and mankind’s self-rule to that of God’s Kingdom. That will be manifested powerfully in the work of God’s two end-time witnesses.

2014 Feast Introduction

Plimsol left a comment:

On the PKG website they have put up a “Feast 2014 Introduction” from Ron.

There’s a new prophet!!! Guess who!

Without further introduction, here is a copy of Ron’s Introduction for your commenting:


Well, a special hello to everyone! Laura talked me into this short introduction this year for the Feast, and although it’s going to be a little short.

This reminds me of a greeting from Mr. Herbert Armstrong. In the last several years of his life he had a satellite hook-up to Feast sites around the world toward the beginning of each Feast of Tabernacles. And I can still hear that hearty, dynamic greeting. He would say, “Greeting’s, brethren, around the world!”

So again, greetings to all of you at this 2014 Feast of Tabernacles! Hello and greetings to all of you meeting together in Australia, New Zealand, to those gathered in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and to all of you in Canada and the U.S.

We also have some in a few other locations, scattered in different areas of the world, of those who could not be at sponsored Feast sites, but are at home by themselves observing this Feast and in some cases are able to get together with a few others. Now, we need to remember them as they’re not able to be in larger groups at organized sponsored sites, and they don’t have the opportunity that you do to hear this message. However, within a couple of days, it will be placed in with the sermon section of this years Feast sermons as a PDF (a written file only) so that at least everyone can read it.

Now, there is one other area that I’d like to extend a special greeting, as they must sometimes feel a little cut off, and that is to those of you gathered together in Hawaii, who, although you are part of the U.S., you are stuck out there a long way away from other church locations. So no one is forgotten and all of you are needed as vital parts of the begotten Family of God.

So you are all now observing a time that pictures the soon coming millennial period where this world and all its ways are to be put far behind you. So you are to do this at this time and enjoy and rejoice at this Feast – 8 full days together in God’s Feast.

Although I was sent to prison for serving God’s Church, as everything was actually about how God’s Church functions based on our beliefs of this being the end-time. So again, although I was sent to prison by the government where I live, it’s nothing new for God’s apostles and prophets. Now, Paul was in prison and later killed, just as Peter. And most of the original apostles were imprisoned and killed by the governments of their time. And we are only fairly certain about one, and that’s the apostle John, who was imprisoned in his time who was able to live out his life and die naturally. And we know of even John the Baptist who was imprisoned and then beheaded. Of course many of the prophets of old were imprisoned and many of those killed. So, as I was going to say, although I was sent to prison: God’s. Work. Did. Not. Stop. It has continued on, even as the “gates of hell” cannot stand against God, against God’s Church. In this case, the administration of the Church has continued on just as it was before, still being led by God’s last apostle in this age of mankind.

Today there is an important and strong message God is giving to His Church at the beginning of this Feast. During this final phase of the end-time, God has been pushing forward the recognition of women and their service to His Church. Now, I find that awesomely exciting!

Now, within the Church, God is giving us a wider, open window into changes that will occur in families, society, and the Church concerning the freedom from bondage that’s being given to women. This freedom is also a much greater freedom being given to both couples in a marriage, to all in the families, and even a greater, true freedom within God’s own Church.

Now, along those lines, what I mentioned a moment ago (repeating it): During this final phase of the end-time, God has been pushing forward the recognition of woman and their service to His Church. God has reserved this very time right now, while you’re listening to this, to make some very special announcements.

A while back I told the Church that there was the need for another level of service (of an office, of an ordination) that was needed in God’s Church. God is revealing that. That service was to be above that of a senior elder. God and Christ were showing me that it was to be a service, an ordination for both men and women. And as I mentioned then, I did not know what the description should be. Finally, when preparing this message, it was given to me, although we (Laura and myself) had considered other descriptions (or names) for this particular ordination, yet is has been made clear to me there is a term that we are already familiar with, and that is of that of a “pastor.” So that description is from the meaning of “pastoral,” which in this sense of the definition “is that of giving direct spiritual care or guidance as a function of responsibility within the Church,” and it ties in with further description in scripture that I’ll mention in a moment.

There is an order to ordinations that begins first under Christ with that of an apostle, then a prophet, and then followed by that of an evangelist, and now this reinstituted function just mentioned for a pastor. Now, the duties of a pastor are a part of the responsibility that already belongs to an apostle, a prophet, and an evangelist, and obviously they also have more duties that go beyond that of a pastor. This description of the work of a pastor is not one that is given to a senior elder. An elder may be involved in communicating such things to others as they have been instructed to do so from time to time by those over them; in other words, the source then of such spiritual care or guidance that in the past has only been coming from an evangelist, a prophet, or an apostle. Now that can also come directly from a pastor.

Now I’m going to read part of the primary description of such a service in the Church. It comes from Titus 1:9. It states that such a person is known for holding fast the faithful word as he (and now she) has been taught. During Paul’s time within the Church, and ever since then, and until now, that’s been the case in the Church as only men were in the ministry.

So reading it again: “Holding fast the faithful word as he (and now also she) has been taught that he (or she) may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and convince (and that word “convince” meaning in essence, “to expose”) the gainsayers.” It goes on in context that such responsibility also includes the authority to give rebuke, to give correction when necessary, when carrying out such duties.

Now, for some men in the future who may be ordained to this position, their duties will likely be reflected in more preaching on their part, in other words, in split-sermons or sermons, but that will not be the case, basically, for women (that they do not give sermons). For women, this new role will entail more direct, administrative contact and involvement, and this will be for the men as well, that it will involve more direct, administrative contact and involvement in spiritual matters with an individual or a group of individuals.

Now, certainly much more can be said about these duties, but for the sake of time in this message I’m going to press forward in this by saying that the first, first ever to be ordained to this is a woman, and it is an ordination, not simply a raise in responsibilities from an elder to a senior elder that does not required an additional ordination. So the first woman to ever hold this office was ordained by her husband and my wife, Laura, just before the Feast, and she is Myrtle Harrell.

Now, there is another ordination that God has reserved to be announced at this time. It is one that God and Christ began revealing to me around Passover season (even before that) of this year. I even held off discussing it with Laura for a time. I didn’t follow through with what God was revealing clear back then at that point in time because I was waiting until God had made it highly and abundantly clear to me that this was to be done. Now, there’s much prayer and spiritual manifestation, in other words, proof, evidence, that came through answered prayer before I would proceed with this.

A little over a month ago I ordained Audra to a prophet. I deeply believe all ordinations are from God and Christ and it is up to each individual, how they yield to such, whether it be the one being ordained or others, the rest of the Church. This ordination, for me, was rather close to my own experience when God was revealing to me that He and His Son had made me a prophet. I resisted that for a time and wanted to be exceedingly certain before announcing it, just as I was in this case.

Now, these two ordinations, brethren, are exceedingly exciting! It needs to be clearly seen that these two ordinations were established by God and Christ and we are to collectively rejoice together in what they have given the Church.

Again, I’m going to repeat what I stated toward the beginning: “During this final phase of the end-time God has been pushing forward the recognition of women and their service to His Church.”

Well, brethren, the ordination of Audra also pushes forward the kind of importance that God places on His great desire to work in family. God has been working mightily within my family for great purpose, to powerfully magnify the great importance and focus He wants on family itself. WE are a family! And we are made up of many physical families whom God desires to work in and bless far more fully into the future!

The period of this Feast pictures the Millennium. It is indeed about true freedom being granted to women, and thus to families as well, where families will be able to begin experiencing the kind of fullness and excitement in life that can exist when division, opposition, and the destructiveness of sins that brings curses to families can be more fully conquered so that families can reap far greater and awesome blessings and riches in life, all of this so that the vision of God’s Family, Elohim, can be magnified far more greatly.

Well, brethren, we have a great work ahead of us. In little over a year I am to be released from imprisonment by a government where I reside, as it is not my government, for mine (and yours) is the Kingdom of God in which we are ambassadors. We reside in different nations of the world and we are to be good and law-abiding citizens, but we all belong to one Government, and that is the Government, the Kingdom of God.

That which you are witnessing right now in the Church would not be in this Feast if I were not in prison, so I do rejoice that this is where I am so that God can reveal more of His perfect purpose and will concerning what I have been blessed to tell you in this message.

You have been blessed to have much—much more revealed to you through posts at a time that sermons and the administration of the Church has continued, as God has pushed forward the importance and true role of women, and also as He has given further training and equal experience to more within the ministry.

Now the words, the things that I am going to be saying next do not adequately convey my deep feelings, happiness, and joy that by my being in prison I have been so incredibly blessed to see in the kind of strength, growth, and life that God is giving to His people in this phase of His work. I believe with all my being that I am exceedingly blessed above all people – yes, and especially even while I am here imprisoned—to see things that otherwise never would have

I have seen greater blessings and incredible spiritual knowledge, understanding, and potential wisdom being poured out upon God’s Church in posts and the blessings of growth and strength that have been produced in the Church in brethren in this Family. And I have been blessed to see my own son give a split-sermon mightily inspired by God to His Church. I’ve been blessed to see how God has already been using my own daughter as a prophet before she was ever ordained to it. She has been trained and given an ability to discern and judge the spirit of matters within the Church and ministry, that I have mentioned before, that exceeds that which has been given to the general ministry in the Church. In the past many months, that has been magnified to Laura and myself. It is something that only God and Christ can give, as it is with all spiritual abilities that are given within the Church. And I have been blessed to see the love of my life no longer being a silent witness but a prophet who is serving God’s Church in a powerful way, administratively and spiritually, in strong spiritual perception, discernment, and judgement as God has pushed her out in the forefront in an incredibly important role and function of service to the Church during this phase of God’s ongoing work.

Yes, brethren, I have been so exceedingly blessed. You, too, have been exceedingly blessed. You will grasp that in a much, much, much deeper way ten, twenty, and thirty years down the road in ways you cannot truly fathom right now, just as I would not have been able to begin to fathom what I have been blessed to see and experience within only nine years after having a heart attack where I could have died. But God had more for me to do and to witness and He does for you as well.

So, rejoice in this Feast. Give of yourself at this Feast! And above all, give thanks and love to the Almighty God and His Son, Jesus Christ, for all your blessings in life. Laura and I love each and every one of you and we encourage you to press forward in this fight that is before us and the work that is yet ahead, being ever faithful to God. Be strong and of good courage!



The Pre-Recorded Feast

All of the Feast of Tabernacles sermons are pre-recorded and posted on the PKG web site.  Last Great Day sermons as well.

Including one given by Jeremy Weinland.  Listening to it, sounds as though he’s reading from a script.  Perhaps prepared by the Silent Witness herself,

More Announcements

Here is a comment left on the last posting by “Jim”.  I am not able to verify its authenticity, but it’s consistent with other internal announcements.

————-  Following is the text of the announcements —————–

These are some miscellaneous announcements that are being made prior to the Feast that some will need to be aware of concerning being asked to give opening prayers at the Feast. This matter of giving an opening prayer also obviously applies to anyone doing so at any Sabbath service.

There is more information contained in this email that applies directly to many in the ministry, however, it would be good to make this material available to all within the Church. So those of you to whom this is being sent are being asked to go ahead and email this to the rest of the ministry in the area you are located and/or the region you are over (just as you forward other ministerial information). This should also be made available to all the brethren for their learning and understanding as well. This entire announcement is to be made available in its complete form.

Feast Prayers:

Although this is primarily being sent out so that everyone being asked to give opening prayers at a Feast site have this information, these guidelines also need to be followed by anyone who gives an opening prayer on the Sabbath.

The primary purpose of giving an opening prayer is to help establish the right atmosphere for the beginning of a service, where everyone is to focus keenly upon the message that God has blessed the Church to receive that day. Such a prayer helps to establish a needful transition from general fellowship with one another, to that of a quiet, respectful, and focused attention upon the message.

There are always basic matters that are to be addressed at such a time that should help everyone to focus upon the fact that we have gathered together before God to receive what He and His Son have blessed us to be able to receive. So thanks should always be given to God at such a time and a request for help to receive what He is offering to give us.

These opening prayers are a time that are to reflect the hope, desire, and gratitude that each individual in the congregation has toward the service that God is blessing them to partake in, as well as the fellowship being made available that day, so that each person can indeed say “Amen” – that they are in agreement and are themselves saying, “so be it.”

One of the main reasons for sending this information concerning opening prayers, is that this is an opportunity to petition God for all who are gathered together before Him, and this should be received and given in a strong spirit of humility. This means that the individual giving the prayer will want to do so in a way that does not unduly draw attention to themselves because this most certainly is not about the individual giving the prayer. It is about God and the right spirit of humility and meekness each of us should want to express and live toward Him.

However, there have been some who have been approached in the past concerning the wrong example that they have too often set when giving a prayer. Although sometimes, they seemingly don’t hear what is being said. Giving a prayer is absolutely NOT a time to draw attention to self. It is NOT a time to give a mini-sermonette. It is NOT a time to preach or teach. It is NOT a time to show how well we can present ourselves and/or show how spiritual we are.

It would be good to understand, that because some have consistently done this, that they have held themselves back in potential greater service to God’s Church. Sometimes, such individuals are no longer even asked to give a prayer because of some of these tendencies.

Elder’s Reports:

Some in the Church may not be aware of a requirement upon the ministry to send in monthly reports to the Church. Such reports are to reflect any concerns about a troubling situation that may exist in an area, perhaps some difficult trial someone may be experiencing, or to address some question of concern someone may have. Such reports are mostly to consist of a personal response from the minister as to the affects of current posts, sermons, or other things may be impacting their personal life. These reports are needful to help those in the administration of the Church to have a good sense as to the ongoing welfare of the Church and the ministry worldwide.

In the past, within the Worldwide Church of God, monthly reports were required of full-time ministers for basically the same purpose of keeping the headquarters of the Church informed and up-to-date concerning the Church and ministry. In my experience, it was always an unimaginable thing to hear about some in the ministry who did not follow that directive from headquarters. For me, it later magnified how these same men had a wrong spirit of service to the Church and did not stand fast for God and His ways within the Church. Such individuals reflected a variety of wrong thinking, practice, teaching, counseling, and service to God’s Church. That kind of spirit of neglect and/or rebellion reflects a spirit toward God that cannot be allowed to exist within the ministry.

Since some have been negligent in sending reports, they have either been reduced in their service within the ministry or have simply been removed from the ministry. The ministry needs to be aware of this, as well as the Church. Government, and the administration of God’s way of life, is a most basic characteristic that each member of the Body of Christ is to embrace and heartily live toward God, and most assuredly this applies to a minister. We are also now requiring that if both a husband and a wife are in the ministry that each one needs to send in a separate monthly report.

This is being written because some are still being negligent in sending in monthly reports and it needs to be understood that we are now WELL beyond any grace period that has been given too often to too many. It is for this basic reason that there will still be some who will be removed from the ministry if they do not follow through with this very simple request to respond as responsible servants to God’s Church. It needs to be taken seriously that we are in a most unique period of time in the measuring of the temple and God is moving the Church to be in the forefront of this process.


It’s been a couple of weeks since Weinland’s last posting, comments left wondering when another would come out.

Then Plimsol commented on the previous post.

But wait – there’s an announcement!

Owing to pressure of work (in prison), he’s not doing any more posts for at least a month.

Interesting. Maybe he’s got bored and is giving up.

—– Here is False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s announcement ————-

Due to the work that goes into getting posts on this website and all the work for those that are involved with preparations for the fall feast season, there will be no more posts made to this site until after the Feast of Tabernacles.

———  End of Announcement ————–

I wonder exactly what preparations Ron is making from behind bars.  Probably writing all the sermons for his tame lackeys to read, after Laura and her band of merry women rewrite them.

For reference, the holy day season is later this year with the Last Great Day on October 16.  So we’ll have to wait until the second half of October for “Measuring the Temple – Part 5″.

Demonic Influence

Ron put up a post today.  Republished here so all you demons can leave comments.

————— False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s post ——————————-

This subject is being sent out as a post (although this is not the one that I referred to in the last post that is currently being worked upon), and it will be put on the FAQ of the Church website, since there is an obvious increase in such activity.

As we continue to draw nearer to the end of this age, the spirit world of Satan and the demons is increasingly becoming stirred up. This is now beginning to become more manifest around the environs of the Church, as these beings try to strike out at God’s people in any way they can. Since they have very little ability to attack us more directly, depending upon our own relationship with God, they tend to strike out at others, who in turn might themselves be able to distract, cause confusion, suffering, and hurt in our lives.

Although this has been happening at sporadic times and places over the past few years, it seems to be on the increase at this time, and people need to be informed of steps they should take in such instances. These perverted beings are increasingly seeking to highly influence and even partially or fully possess someone who might be closer to us in a relationship or a work environment.

First, for anyone who is seeking and applying themselves to live by God’s way of life, there is nothing to fear in any way from these beings. Their influence is geared to harass and works at getting one’s attention and mind preoccupied with distractions by causing one to begin to elevate these to levels of greater importance than what they should be, thus side-tracking a person’s focus and close relationship to God, the Church, and the work that is before us.

Certainly, there are basic things one can do when such influence begins to encroach upon one’s life. A person should seek to not become side-tracked spiritually by focusing too much upon them, but to instead become even more fully focused upon seeking God first through working to draw ever closer to Him. These beings thrive on attention and recognition. The best thing is that they are ignored, as they have no importance in our lives. Too often, people can begin to make such influence around them a “big thing” and it begins to consume their lives, as they not only give them too much attention, but talk to others about these private matters. Certainly, it is fine to contact a minister to seek guidance, but other than that, they are to be strictly ignored and given no attention at all. This is similar to why one should give no attention to blogs and other communications that are against you or others in God’s Church.

A primary tool God has given us to sharpen our focus and build a stronger spiritual relationship with Him is through fasting. The reality is that a perverted spirit world cannot stand God. They do not want to be too near where God is. The stronger God is in our life, the more such beings will flee from our presence. This is why I have also mentioned in times past that even something as small and basic as playing hymns aloud is highly agitating to them and they do not like such an environment.

One of the more difficult situations to address is if someone is confronted with a trial when a perverted spirit influence begins working through someone who is close to them. It is good and proper to pray and fast for one’s own protection as well seeking intervention from God to give help to such an individual who is under such a foul spirit attack and influence. God seeks to protect those who look to Him. However, God may not intervene to always rebuke such demonic beings from having strong influence in other people’s lives. This is generally because such individuals themselves are yielding to such influence in their life due to personal sins and especially due to hatred or jealousies they harbor toward God’s Church, God’s people, and/or you. In such a case, you will know quickly if God intervenes to rebuke and if He does not. Then if not, you yourself will have decisions and choices you must make. You may be confronted with having to decide if such influence and the individual being influenced has begun to move your focus away from God and His Church and whether you must separate yourself farther from such influence and/or individual (relationship).

The reality is that if God does not speedily intervene in such matters then you must decide if you will flee (by whatever means necessary) such an environment. You cannot “save” what God has not chosen to save at this time. Obviously, and ultimately, the choice of such a matter is yours and yours alone to make.

Measuring the Temple Part 4

Seems the measuring of the temple will end in December of 2015, 16 months from now.  And at that time will begin the 1260 period that the Two Witnesses really-for-sure-this-time do their jobs.  Wonder how Ron will do his witnessing at the beginning of that period.  Right now he is just a few days past half-way through his 36+ month sentence (after time off for good behavior) and due for release in February of 2016.  So about two months of witnessing to fellow inmates.
During the first half of serving his sentence, he lost many prominent members such as Terry Wrozek, Ralph Dowd, and even his own sister and mother.  Ron claims that the “cleansing” is mostly over, but comments left on this blog indicate that the cleansing continues.  Would be nice if the temple were “cleansed” of all members other than Ron, Laura, Audra, and Jeremy by the time Ron is released to finish his third book.  Wonder whom he’ll get to edit it, since Larry Spivey has been cleansed.
—- False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s posting of 8/13 —————————–
The Church now has only 16 months remaining in the prophetic 42-month period for measuring the temple. As stated in the last post, this measuring process first involves a primary focus that is upon the ministry, which includes those who are to be cast out and “not measured at all.” Thus far in this period, there are now 25 ministers who have been cast out of the court and given over to the gentiles.

As with the ministry, this same process has been at work within the overall Church, however, as a comparative percentage, there are far fewer members who have been cast from the court. This is a time to be sobered! God has primarily worked to remove those who are in the ministry, who have not been serving Him in spirit and in truth. The ministry, because of their very ordination, can cause greater harm to the Body, and therefore, they have a higher accountability and judgment upon them.

In the time remaining within this prophetic period, God will continue working within the entire Church, which still includes the ministry, to bring to light those who choose to refuse to fully worship Him in spirit and in truth. Although this process has been working first and foremost within the ministry during the first two years of this period, God has begun to more fully manifest others who have been lingering in the area of the court, or becoming lukewarm in the temple, who are to be removed and/or chastened for doing so. Yet it needs to be mentioned again that the equivalent percentage this is happening to, within the overall church, compared to what has been revealed within the ministry is far, far less, and even when some are exposed, God is granting them to receive more mercy and grace through being chastened and thereby giving them the opportunity to repent, rather than being removed from the temple. If chastening does not bring swift repentance and change, then they too will be removed from the temple and cast beyond the court and directly to the gentiles.

Before a final “great work” is to begin, that work being accomplished during the final 1260 days, the Church is first (now) to receive a final cleansing as well as a final refining. This refining is a process for being prepared and fitted for each person’s participation in that work. There truly is good news in the midst of all this, as once the measuring of the temple is complete, from that point forward, very few will be lost during the rest of the way to Christ’s coming – and potentially none at all!

Being Measured
These verses in Revelation are indeed about a final refining and preparation for participation in the great work that is to occur before Christ’s coming. At this point, it is important to quote a paragraph from the last post.

“The structure of the Church (the temple) that will continue on is being readied – prepared – to fulfill a calling of participating in that final great work. In order to accomplish that work in a more powerful and profound manner, at the end of the age of man’s self-rule, the Church must be more fully yielded to God in unity and purpose. This is so God can more fully ‘dwell in’ His Church to accomplish that great work.”

All should be able to see the importance and need to fully remove from the environs of the Body of Christ that which is not part of that Body in spirit and truth. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” So God is blessing His Church by removing such individuals who are not repenting of leaven and yet remain in the court – in the environs of the Church. God is also chastening those in the temple who have let down spiritually and have become lukewarm and who are in danger of being cast beyond the court. God is leaving little confusion as to what is truly His by removing much leaven and thereby making the Body much stronger.

But what does “being measured” fully entail? This is all about “taking the measurements of something,” or in this case, “someone.” This is about individuals who are in the temple. However, it needs to be understood that God and Christ do the “measuring,” and then they reveal to the Church what it must know in order to properly address what is necessary to help refine, correct, alter (work to change or transform), strengthen, and finish what is being built (constructed).

The example of a building process that is involved in construction is a helpful aid to assist in better grasping the ongoing building of a spiritual temple. For the temple, great precision must be used in preparing every piece as it is worked with and measured closely during the construction process so that it will fit perfectly into place for what its purpose and design are to accomplish. Such an example like this is good and we relate well to it, but in today’s world of technology, another good example of “this process” could be described in the functioning and performance of a machine. This is especially true in the example that can be used in this modern age of agriculture of a tractor or harvesting combine. This too can aid someone to get a clearer idea of this process we are addressing.

Such machines have many functioning and precision parts that must fit perfectly into place and work in harmony together as the operator directs it in order to accomplish his purpose for its use. A building that is constructed is stationary; however, a machine has active working parts that must function in total harmony to perform its work. These simplified analogies can assist in gaining a somewhat better perspective of a far more complex and awesome process of how God works with us in our lives to “live in” and through us to accomplish an important phase of His plan that He is working out in order to grant great salvation to this world at the coming of His Son.

This is what the purpose of measuring the temple is all about. God is preparing us for a specific task (work) that is ahead for us – that He will accomplish through us. We must be measured and fitted for that work so that we function more fully in unity and harmony together to accomplish God’s greater purpose. The ability to be measured and fitted for those working parts is largely dependent upon each person’s desire to be of such service to God, along with the willingness to yield to God’s molding, design, and purpose.

This is why those who are not yielding to God “in” the temple, but remain outside “in the court,” cannot be part of this construction and the work that is ahead. Such cannot work together in harmony and unity, and they do not follow the direction that comes from God and Christ through the Church.

God’s Purpose
The Church is quite familiar with many scriptures that are related to this process, but have not seen them fully in this light about the process and purpose for measuring the temple. These verses shed much light upon what God is perfecting through the measuring He and His Son are doing. It would be good to examine some of these.

“From whom (from Christ) the whole body is fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, which makes increase (growth) of the body unto the edifying of itself in love” (Eph. 4:16).

The expression “fitly joined together” is a single Greek word formed from other Greek words. Without going into great detail, although it is fascinating what these fully express, the thrust of the meaning can be summed up as “a means to walk in completeness,” as the result of the “ability of the body to articulate” what must be “set forth or communicated.” Indeed, God desires that we walk together as a single body, in completeness, with an ability to clearly live, reflect, and even speak in unity of that which God is preparing us to accomplish in His final great work that is to be completed before Christ’s coming.

Another interesting word in this verse is the word “compacted.” It too is formed from the Greek word for completeness with special emphasis on the process of “driving or fitting” something into place to create (make, produce) “unity.”

Another verse that incorporates some of this same meaning is in 1 Corinthians.

“Now I call upon you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Paul declares that he is stating this by Christ’s authority), that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment” (1 Cor. 1:10).

Indeed, God’s purpose for measuring the temple is so that His Church functions in stronger unity and purpose to support and uphold the truths He has given it, especially in the fulfillment of events that must come to pass before His Son is established as King. We are to live, reflect, and speak this word (logos from God) in harmony in God’s purpose and the work He will do through His two witnesses. This also has much to do with those things that were written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness that reveal God’s purpose and end-time judgment that leads to His Son and His government being established once all opposition from world governments and religions are made impotent and brought to nothing.

Then there is a verse that warns against those who turn away from upholding Christ, who become puffed-up in self-reliance and pride about “their understanding” of what they “see” as truth. This verse then focuses on the process that all should be yielding to concerning what God and Christ are working to accomplish within the Church.

“And not holding (upholding, supporting, being loyal to, keeping) the Head (Jesus Christ, by what he has given the Church), from which all the body by joints and bands (as ligaments that help with control and movement) having nourishment ministered (spiritually from God), and ‘knit together’ (same Gk. word translated in Eph. 4:16 as ‘compacted’), increases (makes increase and growth) with the increase of (from) God” (Col. 2:19).

The result is that God is in control of how He measures, molds and fashions, fits together, and builds His temple. This process is the very result of what we are to experience in a magnified way throughout this 42-month period.

Yielding to the Process
It has already been mentioned in passing that for the measuring and fitting that God is doing, we always have the choice as to whether or not we will continue to yield to the process. It comes down to how much value we place on the end product that will be produced in our lives if we continue to submit to God’s molding and fashioning.

Some few let pride get in the way as they begin to feel that they are not treated fairly, that correction they have been given is not justified, that others are being shown favoritism above them, that they deserve something better than what they have, etc. As I was writing this, I could not help but think that each one of these selfish thoughts (thinking) is exactly what Satan has always believed toward God. It is the same spirit. Is it any wonder that we must go through many kinds of trials, tests, and refining in order to get rid of such an evil spirit ,as much as we possibly can, while in this human flesh?

When we yield to God, instead of trying to work out things our way, we are to exercise trust and faith in God that He truly knows what is the very best way for our life to be changed and transformed in order to create what is best and most fulfilling for us. No one can be like the clay that tries to tell the potter he should make them into something else or to make them in some other “better” way. Do you truly believe God knows what is best and that He knows exactly what it takes to transform and create Elohim in us?

So we are to yield to the direction God leads, to correction, to government, to instruction, to sermons, to posts, etc. This means we must right now focus more than ever on examining ourselves before God as we seek to know our true motives and intent of our heart so that we can repent more quickly of error and embrace more readily God’s judgment for our motives and actions.

We should now have a far better grasp of the “why” and of “what” it means to live in this prophetic period that has a magnified focus upon the measuring of the temple.

The next post for me, personally, is another exciting one to be (possibly) written, as it is to be direct, candid, corrective in nature, highly revealing for use as a powerful mirror, and for the deeper, far greater change and final refining transformation it can potentially produce. However, whether or not it is written, and to the depth and magnitude its impact can potentially have upon us, is dependent upon each of you in the Church. God is clearly showing me that whether or not it is even written, as well as its very content and depth of strength and revelation that it can potentially contain, is fully dependent upon each person’s petitions (prayers) that reveal such desire to receive what God can give to us. So my parting admonition and encouragement to you is that you pray for this next post in a zealous, fervent, and highly desirous manner.

Measuring the Temple Part 3

Less than 2 weeks since the last post, and False Prophet Ronald Weinland now has the 3rd in his series posted.

Ron explains the cleansing that’s going on in the temple: “These ex-ministers have indeed been turned over to becoming more fully corrupted and even to a shameful alliance with a spirit world that seeks to slander, mock, and belittle God’s people and the truth God has given”

————– Weinland’s posting ——————————-

God’s Church has been going through a process of being transformed “in thinking” regarding the need to have a more sound focus on the coming of Christ. Although at this time it is not yet being directed toward the world, the timing for the return of Jesus Christ has once again been proclaimed in the Church.

As a result of two previous experiences in the expectation of Christ’s coming, God has worked to refine, define, and more fully prepare His people for what is ahead. All this needs to be understood in the context of how this is related to what God’s Church first began to experience in late 2007. Although we have just reviewed some of this, it is good to be reminded, as it applies to how God has transformed the focus of our thinking in regard to His Son’s return.

In the first experience in the anticipation of Christ’s coming, the Church had a focus in late 2007 and on into the first half of 2008 that the return of Christ would be on the Feast of Trumpets in 2011. Then a few months later, God revealed that this was not correct, as the Messiah’s coming would be on a Pentecost (50th Truth), and not on a Feast of Trumpets. When this new truth was revealed to the Church near Pentecost of 2008, it became an important “test” and “revealer” of who God’s people were that were worshipping Him in spirit and in truth and of those who were not. However, we did not fully grasp that then.

This became a “test” on three defining fronts. The first (not a matter of numerical order), was that this was the first major area that forced God’s remnant Church to address within themselves – in their individual thinking – whether a true prophet of God could be in error in giving the Church the focus of 2011 for Christ’s coming. The way in which one would largely answer this would lie in their faith concerning the next two defining fronts.

This matter became a big test for a few, as it quickly brought into question whether I was a prophet, and it did so to the degree that these few showed more of their true inner self by becoming critical, angry, disgruntled, depressed, and/or even bitter. This even included a few within the ministry.

This in-itself proved to be a “revealer” of those who were seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth, and of those who had let down spiritually by becoming lifted up in pride, in self-reliance, and in spiritual superiority over others – even toward their teachers whom God had given them. There were others caught in the middle of all this on whom God had mercy and gave opportunity to repent.

Of those who had the stronger adverse responses, God did not forget! Many of these were judged that they would not be allowed to share in His ways and in fellowship all the way through to the return of His Son. Yet they would be allowed to continue for a while longer in the environs of the Church as a means of trying and testing others, but would become removed during the time of the actual “measuring of the temple.”

A second defining area in the response of some, in all that led up to the revelation of this 50th Truth, was in the measurement of their true faith in God’s government that He had established in His one and only true Church. For some who should have known better, this became a test, that in reality, revealed their lack of conviction of such truth.

This of course ties in with this being a test on a third front as to their true conviction and belief of the 49 Truths that had already been revealed prior to this. Of these truths, one truth powerfully separated God’s true Church from all others that were scattered. This concerned whether Jesus Christ had eternally existed, which all other scattered groups believed to be the case. Yet God revealed to His remnant Church that He alone was Yahweh Elohim, our El (God) who has eternally existed. This one truth alone is proof enough of where God is working amongst those who became scattered.

A Second Focus on Christ’s Coming
As previously shown, learning that Christ would not return on Trumpets but on a Pentecost, led, at that time around Pentecost of 2008, to the expectation of the return of Christ being moved ahead to Pentecost of 2012. This experience of faithfully “living out the anticipation” of this event, which did not occur, helped to transform the thinking of the Church to a far more balanced and sound approach to being more fully “prepared” for that actual event and the great work that precedes it.

As most in the Church were new and had no “experience” in events that preceded and then followed the Apostasy, the thinking and maturity of the Church needed to be refined and defined in order to be properly furnished and ready for the actual coming of Christ. The truth is that there was much to be learned about “motive” and “self” through this experience. Rather than having a truer, deeper, and more sound desire for Christ’s coming, too many actually saw this date of Pentecost 2012 as a means of escape from their personal struggles and present battles in life.

Then after “faithfully living” such a focus for that entire period of “God’s final witness” that led up to that Pentecost of 2012, the Church was once again brought to another moment in time that required each person to answer what they truly believed and where they actually stood. Through this process, God was more rapidly maturing, refining, and strengthening those who were His people – in true fellowship with Him. God was making His Church to stand. Most of the Church came to more deeply see and understand that we must struggle with our own human nature our entire physical life-time, and that living God’s way of life is always the only right and meaningful choice throughout such a life-time.

The fruit that was produced through this unique experience for the Church was a truer and stronger humility of spirit (the wearing of sackcloth), which is so essential in the battle against selfish human nature and the ugliness of pride.

Yet again, there were some who were not in true unity and fellowship with God. These two experiences in the anticipation of Christ’s return became “too much” for these individuals, and this actually revealed that they were not worshipping God in spirit and in truth. They did not believe many of the 57 Truths God had given His Church. Some of these simply drifted away while others became filled with certain attitudes or combinations of them, such as bitterness, anger, depression, and hatred, and thereby becoming slanderous, vindictive, and false accusers of members and the truths of God.

Although some were the same people, these individuals and those who had responded so poorly in the first experience of moving Christ’s return from Trumpets to Pentecost, began to be cleansed from any relationship or the appearance of such a relationship with God and His Church. This has been taking place since the Church entered this new period we are now in – the “measuring of the temple.”

In Spirit and In Truth
Through these two previous experiences in the anticipation of Christ’s coming, God indeed has been refining, defining, and preparing a faithful people for a great work that is yet ahead of them. The majority of the Church has been made to stand in unity of truth, in a vastly matured faith, and in a more powerful focus of purpose.

This now brings us back to the beginning of this series, Measuring the Temple, and those verses that speak of this time that we entered beginning on Pentecost of 2012.

“Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod. And the angel stood, saying, ‘Rise and measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship there. But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the gentiles. And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months’” (Rev. 11:1-2).

Although some aspects of these verses are not readily seen, God’s spirit conveys the true meaning of what is being spoken. The angel told John to rise up and measure the temple. We know that this is speaking of a specific period of time – a specific prophetic 42 months in which the Church (the temple) is to be measured.

Measuring the temple is nothing new for God’s Church, as this has been a continuing necessity since the Church began, but this is now speaking of a far more intense and thorough measuring and focus for this specific period of time. The reason for this is due to where we now are in God’s plan. We are rapidly closing in on a final “great work” that God will do just before His Son is sent back to reign as the Messiah, and before that happens, the temple is to be thoroughly measured.

The structure of the Church (the temple) that will continue on is being readied – prepared – to fulfill a calling of participating in that final great work. In order to accomplish that work in a more powerful and profound manner, at the end of the age of man’s self-rule, the Church must be more fully yielded to God in unity and purpose. This is so God can more fully “dwell in” His Church to accomplish that great work.

This instruction given by the angel to measure the temple is about measuring the entire Church. Although it is about everyone within the environs of the Church, the first focus is upon the ministry being measured or removed from the temple. This is the intent for why the “altar” is mentioned, as this reveals a focus that is about those who are first and foremost recognized by their “service” at the altar – the ministry.

Yet all in the Church are partakers of the altar. So it is made clear by the next phrase in the instruction from the angel that the measuring of the temple is about everyone in the Church – those who worship “in” the temple. This period is an intense time of measuring the Church – of measuring all who seek to worship God in spirit and in truth, for there is no other way to truly worship God.

Those who are not truly seeking to worship God in spirit and truth are not to be measured at all. Instead, they are to be clearly removed from any such false appearance of doing so. Through a great variety of means, God is bringing such false worshippers to light and revealing that they have become non-believers – given over to the gentiles. Not only this, but the manner in which God reveals such individuals also opens them up to strong spirit forces that work to turn them into active adversaries of God’s Church. Most of these become part of that which “tread(s) the holy city (the Church) underfoot for forty-two months.”

Because of the actions of such individuals who so betray God and Christ during a time that has followed the Apostasy, when God has poured out more truth and grace upon His people than at any other time, these people have been given strong judgment. They are to bear a shame of being opened up to a spirit world that works to make them active adversaries of God’s Church – of members, the leadership, and the truths of God. During this period, these are tormented in mind and thinking about the Church, just as the demonic world is becoming more tormented by what God is doing through His Church, and because they know they have a very short time remaining.

The Ministry
“But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the gentiles” (Rev. 11:2). This first sentence in verse 2 is instruction that a clear delineation is to be made with those who are not worshipping “in” the temple – those not worshipping God in spirit and in truth. Instead, they are standing around the environs of the Church – in the court – as though they are in true fellowship with those who are worshipping in the temple.

God has been removing such false worshippers, with a primary focus being first and foremost upon the ministry. Those who are ordained to be faithful servants of God to His people carry a strong measure of responsibility in “their example alone” that should always reflect that they stand fast, are supportive, and encouraging in unity and truth. When they “do not serve” in these right actions, great harm is easily inflicted upon others.

Since this period for measuring the temple began, it is dumbfounding how much of the ministry has been visibly experiencing this “measuring” and how many have been rejected in measurement – cast over to the gentiles.

Since Pentecost of 2012, 24 ministers have been cast out of the environs of the Church. Of these, one was an evangelist, 4 were sr. elders, 10 were elders, and 9 were associate elders. These are no longer in the false position of giving the appearance of worshipping “in” the temple, but have been cast out with the gentiles – those who are trampling the Church underfoot for 42 months.

Through Paul, God states, “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwells in you? If any man defiles (Gk. – corrupts, makes waste of, causes ruin to) the temple of God, him shall God destroy (same Gk. word for corrupt, to cause ruin); for the temple of God is holy, which temple you are” (1 Cor. 3:16-17).

Focusing first upon the ministry, if anyone ceases to worship “in” the temple in spirit and in truth, and instead, begins to make waste of it and cause ruin in it, God will remove such individuals and give them over to themselves, being wasted and ruined – to become even more fully corrupted.

These ex-ministers have indeed been turned over to becoming more fully corrupted and even to a shameful alliance with a spirit world that seeks to slander, mock, and belittle God’s people and the truth God has given – who participate in helping to trample the Church underfoot. These have turned away from truths God has given His Church since the Apostasy and even from truths that existed prior to that.

Some have gone back to a doctrine of Christ having existed for all eternity; Petra is a physical place of safety; there was no Apostasy or man of sin revealed by God; a belief of a 14th/15th Passover (where it begins to be observed toward the close of the 14th and then after sundown on into the 15th). If they believe any truth God has revealed to His Church since the Apostasy (Truths 22 through 57), then they are in horrible spiritual conflict and torment because there is only one place that teaches these truths. So God has given them over to greater spiritual ruin and corruption.

To no longer be able to be measured within the temple is an incredible shame and waste. Many of these had been awakened spiritually after the Apostasy, and now for a second time have turned from God. This is far worse than those who fell asleep and were cast out of God’s presence at the time of the Apostasy. Not only that, but since that time, God gave an additional 36 truths to His Church and these individuals have turned their backs on what God revealed.

So the focus is one that is first and foremost upon the ministry, for either not being measured at all (the court outside the temple) or of being amongst all others within the Church who are being measured. As of now, there are 2 elders and 9 associate elders that no longer serve in the ministry. There are also 3 elders who now serve as associate elders. All are still among the others within the Church who are seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Within this “measuring process” there are numerous reasons for such changes being made. This needs to be explained more fully, as “everyone” in the Church is being measured and this in-itself will work to produce change and greater growth. Being measured and growing through this process is not a negative factor, but a positive one. So before jumping to conclusions or passing misguided judgment upon others, it is wise to step back, wait, and then seek to learn from Pt. 4 of this series that will follow.