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Skripsi, Jurusan. Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Keguruan, Seventh Grade of “SMP Sunan Bonang” Tangerang)”, “Skripsi”,. Department of English . B. The Limitation and Formulation the Problem 4. mahasiswi jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris pada Fakultas Tarbiyah dan seksama skripsi berjudul, “The Use of Show and Tell (S&T) Method in. Teaching . Takalar, especially VIII A and VIII B as respondent of the research. Thanks to. Print to PDF without this message by downloading novaPDF (ronaldweinland.infof. com/) so that the writer is able to accomplish this skripsi entitle "The Reading experimental group is VII B. Pre-test is given to the students in the experimental kesulitan dalam membaca teks Bahasa Inggris karena berbedadengan Bahasa.

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Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris/S Judul Skripsi The written of this skripsi entitled “Improving Students' Speaking Skill in. English Lesson by .. B. Suggestion. Studi: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. Fakutas Judul Skripsi: Improving Writing Skills of Tenth Grade Students of SMA N 1 . B. Identification of the problem. Jurusan/Prodi: Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris/Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris SI. Fakultas Menyatakan dengan ini sesungguhnya bahwa skripsi/tugas akhir/final project .. group (a) they are competent user of mother tongue, (b) they can tell the.

It is one of the language elements that support the four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. However, vocabulary should be mastered by the students when they want to be successful in learning. The formulations of the research problem were: 1 what are strategies applied by the teacher in teaching vocabulary at MTs N Tulungagung? This study is a descriptive one; it is only designed to describe the teaching vocabulary in MTs Negeri Tulungagung. This study was also qualitative. The subject of the study is teacher of MTs Negeri Tulungagung who has qualifications based on the criteria that researcher has made.

And it is acceptable to fulfill the requirements for the degree of bachelor of English Education. Haddise, M.

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Nuzul, SH. Approved By Prof. Ag NIP. Also Shalawat and Salam are delivered to our great prophet Muhammad SAW who has brought us from the darkness to the lightness. In doing this work, the researcher realizes that it is impossible for her to finish it without contributions, helps, suggestions, and comments from many people. She is greatly indebted to them. Therefore, in this opportunity the researcher would like to express the greatest thanks and appreciation for those people, they are: 1.

Nursidah, S.

Contoh Skripsi Sastra Inggris

Pd and Uswatun Hasanah, S. Pd as the first and second consultant who have spent much of their time to correct and help, for their guidance and advice during this writing thesis.

Abdullah K. Recount text is a kind of text that is usually found or presented in journals, diary, personal letter, biography, travel report, police report, sport report, history, etc.

The main elements of recount are orientation, list of events, and reorientation. In the orientation step the writer mentions people and things that are involved, time of the event, the place, and the situation.

In the list of events, the writer tells the events happen chronologically. In the reorientation, the writer concludes the story by giving comments. Narrative text is a kind of text that tells a story.

It is developed in some steps: orientation, complication, resolution, evaluation, and reorientation. In the step of orientation, the writer tells the characters in the story, their names and the place they live, their ages, their condition, and their willing.

In the complication step, the writer presents the unexpected event that happens to the characters. In the resolution step, the writer tells how the complication is solved.

Pdf skripsi bhs inggris

In the evaluation step, the writer invites the reader to think what meaning or values that are taken from the story. In the reorientation step, the writer concludes the story by giving comments. Descriptive text is a kind of text to describe something, people, or objects.

Procedure text is a kind of text that tells a procedure of making something. Meanwhile, report text is a kind of text to report an event, things in the world, animals, and flora.

In this study, the focus is only to recount text, since this kind of text becomes problems for the students and it needs to be solved immediately. The strategy applied to improve the students ability in writing recount text is pyramid planning strategy. Pictures Series Students can construct their knowledge during learning recount text easily by using media.


One of the media is picture series which draws a story. This medium fulfills the principles of using media issued by Nyoman S. Degeng Media which can be used to make the students learn more easily and the teacher teaches easily is the main part of the learning process. The media must be used in integrated way in teaching and learning and not only as ice breaker of teaching and learning.

To understand the way of the picture series, the students need to appreciate it in abstract way. In the same way, when they express their ideas to construct the story in a good coherence as well as unity, they have to think it in abstract way too. Both of them will be easier for them in learning process if the teacher can use picture series.

It can not only help the students to get ideas more realistic in understanding the recount text but also in constructing ideas to create it. During the students are writing the text, they can use top-down technique in predicting the content of the text based on understanding of picture series Brown, They can predict the content of the text easily based on their understanding about the picture series. The pictures give the schemata to the students to construct ideas from their background knowledge and experience.

The number of the students in this class is 36 students. The students are taken as the subject of the study since they have poor ability in writing recount text. The writer also hopes that her students are able to design a text of recount orally after the process of teaching. The steps of research preparations are as follows: 1.

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Arranging a schedule classroom action research 2. Designing a lesson planning 3. Preparing some pieces of picture series as the media 5.

Preparing the jumbled stories based on the picture series 6. Preparing a form on assessment C. Cycles There are two cycles in this classroom action research.

Each cycle consists of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. Both cycles focus on the oral cycle of recount learning process.

Contoh Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Case Study

Each oral cycle needs 3 meetings. So, the two cycles of the action research need 5 meetings. Instrument The instrument used to collect the data is test and observation sheets. Meanwhile, the observation sheets are used: 1. The Implementation of Cycle 1 Before implementing cycle 1, the researcher administered pre-test by asking the students to write recount text.

The result of the test indicates that most students can not write the recount text. Based on the observation and interview to the students, the problem is that they are difficult to find idea to write. In cycle 1 the researcher presented the recount text by using picture series. First of all, the students are given some pictures with incomplete sentence.

Based on the pictures the students complete the sentences. After that, the students are given some pictures without any clue. The students write their own sentences based on their understanding about the pictures. When the students were making their writing, the writer observed the students activities.

It is done to know the students motivation and their activeness in doing the task as influence of the use of picture series media. The result reveals that the mean score of the students is only It means that the study has not been successful yet.

The criterion of success is if the mean score of the students is at least 7. They look still confused in finding the idea to write in a piece of paper. Although some students show their improvement in writing motivation and score of writing, the cycle 2 needs to be conducted. This is done because some students get score under the standard which is determined.