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Seto Bagh is a Nepali historical film directed by Neer Shah. The cast includes BS Rana, Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Download as PDF · Printable version. Seto Bagh is a tragedy novel based on the history of Nepal during Rana period mainly on Jung Bahadur Ranas elder son Jagatjung. This book shows the three. Seto Bagh - Diamond Shumsher JB Rana Ratna Pustak Bhandar; Language: Nepali; ISBN ABC; ISBN ; Sell my book.

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सेतो बाघ [Seto Bagh] book. Read 23 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. सेतो बाघ एक ऐतिहासिक पृष्ठभूमिमा लेखिएको. About the author: The famous book Seto Bagh was written by Diamond Shumser who was born on 5 July, in Palpa. His novel 'Seto Bagh', meaning 'White Tiger', , revolves around the life of the Jagat All in all, the book is excellent in terms of the language and setting.

It tells the story of an artist, Drishya, through the summit of the Nepalese civil war. The novel is in part a love story of Drishya and the main tech American Nepali, Palpasa, that has lower back into the country of her mother and father after Sep Its miles frequently known as an anti conflict novel, and describe the results of the civil struggle in the Nepali countryside which Drishya travels to. The book was an excellent supplier in Nepal, making an income document for a Nepalese e-book of 25, copies within the very first calendar year. The eBook has obtained honors along in the beginning in Nepali and turned into.

White tigers are not found in Nepali jungles.

Bagh book seto

He was just having the illusion here. Just like he could not differentiate between the ordinary tiger and the white tiger, he could not think about the consequence that will be lead when determining the roll of being prime minister to his brothers first and then to sons. The conscious maharaja had been unconscious here and had craven the path of own falling. He died earlier but due to the determination of his way of being prime minister created a huge massacre in a history and his whole offspring became the victim of conspiracy.

Seto bagh is the resemblance of the various picture of human nature which could be discussed in the following ways:. Although the King and the Queen had declared that they will get the princess marry to Bir Shumser, she falls in love with JagatJung, the son of Jung Bahadur.

Jagat being feared if the princess takes any actions was compelled to accept the feeling for her.

Seto Bagh: A historical Novel

But, Bir Shumser, when he knows about it feels like chopping his own cousin and even they had the fight. Dhanhajuri being unknown to the fact that the rugged dressed guy was Bir Shumser falls in love with him but here too Bir had already felt for a girl named laxmi, in the palace of Dhanhajuri.

Thinking of the fact that the princess is coming to the clan of Ranas, Bir lets Jagat to marry the princess and he marries Dhanhajuri but treats her badly and keeps the unusual relationship with Laxmi.

Book seto bagh

The married life of the princess was a model as they were made for each other. Bir Shumser as not being able to marry the princess and not getting the proper dowry, his brothers planned of the conspiracy to kill Jagat Jung. Likewise, the hatred towards Dhanhajuri had led him to keep the unusual relation with laxmi who later becomes the badamaharani of Bir.

Likewise the love and affection towards the son Prithvi Bir makes Trailokya to reveal that his brother and brother in law may harm him so the younger maharani involves in the conspiracy against her own brother.

Later the matter reached to the climax and the revenge took place leading to the massacre. Politics is that sort of matter where one can give his life or take the life being on it.

As this novel is also the total portrait of political conspiracies, the conflict between the powerful, prestigious and the rich with less powerful, less prestigious and poor here Dhir family was poor as he had seventeen sons and seven daughters.

Likewise, the life his brothers were living had made them compel to think of being rich. Son bearing Maharani got feared of her own brother and sister along with her brother in law as she believed they were planning to grab the throne of her son and kill him so she attempted the conspiracy against them with Shumsers.

Interview: Diamond Shumsher Rana

Even Jung Bahadur was feared of his son and made his son unknown about his death and planned to get buried only on the behalf of his brothers. Seto Bagh: Use of Politics of fear Seto Bagh uses the politics of fear as when the king and the queen are being against to the war against China, Jagat Jung motivated them for the war by saying that China had always to disobey the treaty it had made in previous days and not using the Nepali currency properly.

Likewise, when Khadga Shumser killed Ranodeep, the prime minister, he assures the people and the soldiers by saying that they are doing this as he was going to harm Nepal and their faith towards it. The novel is full of superstitious beliefs.

The queen did not allow the princess to be treated by the British doctor as she felt she will die being agati the belief of not getting proper path on dying.

Book seto bagh

Likewise, Jagatjung taking the love of the princess as mohani are only some of the examples mentioned in the novel. The huge loss was on when the crown prince Trailokya could not get proper treatment of his ear as the medicine of Vaidhya did not work.

Later at the end, when the British doctor could not operate his ear due to the lack of the equipment, it shows how the health service was there in Nepal.

Although the royal family used to have their meal on the golden plate, it had no use as the prince of Nepal died without the treatment. The novel Seto Bagh had tried to figure out the political history of three decades- the history of Love and hatred, the history of suspicion and conspiracy and the history of revenge and massacre.

The addition and subtraction of the ideas that came from the real history and also from the intuition of the author has made this novel a beautiful flower which had been an extraordinary piece in the literature of Nepal. Just like Basanti had ended on the corpse of Gagan Singh, this novel has ended on the fall of Jagat Jung. The death of each member in the novel has attempted to fill up the eyes with tears.

Here the writer seems to be expert in making people feel the pity to the characters. The languages spoken by Royals and the ordinary could be seen explicitly. But, being all these, the novel had reflected so many Sanskrit words unnecessarily. The modern thoughts being reflected, in historical synopsis, seem a bit unusual too. Except this the novel resembles the true guts of a writer to write in this field where no any writers had ever dared to.

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Two translated novels were published in the year When we review in general it is found that the translating work of the Nepalese novels in English was begun in to A.

Altogether 12 novels of 11 novelists were translated and published in the period of three decades.

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Now, let us look through the new millennium. In the first year of the new millennium A. Another historical novel named Prithvi Narayan Shan written by S. In the year A.

They were Sumnima written by B. The above mentioned book was published by then Royal Nepal Academy in the year