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SAP CIN - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The document will simplify CIN settings to them, especially who are new into this area Prepared By: Kishor Bandi Team: SAP - Pune Created On: SAP CIN TRAINING major part functions for are deal with Finance & Logistics major areas of ERP is Central VAT & Excise duty,Sales and.

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Dear Friends, could somebody please advice where i can get PDF file for CIN information provided by sap (similar information given in SAP library) I checked it . Complete guide to CIN MM reference1 THE COUNTRY INDIA VERSION (CIN) CIN facilitates handling of tax implications during the download. SAP- COUNTRY INDIA VERSION (CIN) is designed for use by In India, excise duty is a tax on the manufacture of goods that is levied when.

This country version is designed for use by businesses with operations in India as well as the generic SAP System functions. It comprises functions designed for laws and business practices particular to India, and a country template to help customize the system according to local requirements. Most of the country-specific functions for India relate to Financials and Logistics. Every factory that manufactures excisable goods is required to register separately. Whereas the excise registration reports to the excise authorities, the excise group is a purely internal organizational unit. Each excise group keeps records of all transactions that have to be reported to the excise authorities.

However, if such a material is mainly used for the manufacture of a particular finished product then the input material is identified to be the default material. The default indicator is marked for such material.

Duty, the key combination will be as shown below. Select one combination and maintain values For VAT, the key combination will be as shown below. By selecting the Tax code, in the download Order, the duty amount is calculated in the Tax Procedure, as per the Tax Conditions maintained.

If the item is cenvatable and all the excise master data are already updated, the excise tab will come automatically after making the item OK. Press Enter — at this point of time system will copy all the relevant information from PO. Enter receiving storage location in Where Tab. If some text needs to be added regarding goods receipt for the line item, then enter the text in the Text Field.

Once these are entered, Check the line item as Ok, and Enter, and a Excise Invoice tab will appear in the Header screen. Once all the data is captured correctly, check Check button in tool bar. Press Post button to save the Goods receipt, system will generate the Goods receipt Document. System will automatically update the Part I register as soon as the GR is made.

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The Goods Receiver will make one GR for each excise invoice. Invoice verification will be based on download Order against which several line items will appear based on GR document number. This report will show the internally generated excise serial numbers. The goods receiver will send this report attaching all the cenvat documents received during the day. However if excise details are changed go to the Change mode Chapter Id 2. Description of material 3.

Invoice No.

Cin file sap pdf

Document date 5. Ship from under miscellaneous tab 6.


Base price 7. Excise duty both higher side as well as lower side, then that present System will show the RG23 Part 1 serial no. PO number.

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Can change the excise vendor also. Invoice Dt. Personnel Businesses are allowed to set off excise duty on downloads of capital goods against excise duty on outputs. However, unlike with raw materials, can only set off half of the duty in the first year, and the rest in any year after that. Prerequisites: In the material master J1ID , have classified the capital goods as such. This is particularly useful in the case of capital goods, in order to find out how much credit remains from previous years.

Output The system displays a list of excise invoices with excise duty outstanding.

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If want to transfer only a portion of the remaining amount, enter this amount as the amount to be credited. Costs PO No. Goods Receipt Invoice Dt.

Use : The materials are procured from a domestic vendor who imports the material. Step Description Inputs T. Goods Receipt PO No. Process: Step Description Inputs T. Return delivery.

Pdf sap file cin

Cancellation of Material Document. download Order Returns. GR No. System will generate a document number. Then press h System will display cenvat amount, chapter ID, quantity etc. System will generate an Excise Invoice Number. Note down this number.

The Description of the Material can then be changed to the original material description that is being sent out. Then it transpires there is a problem with the goods and the goods receipt has to be reversed. Reverse the goods receipt: 1. Enter the number of the goods receipt that is to be cancelled 3.

Choose the line item and Flag the line items as OK 4. Save the reversal document 5. The system: - Creates a reversal document to cancel the goods receipt.

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Enter the Vendors Excise Invoice Number. Choose Simulate.

File sap cin pdf

If plant does not allow multiple goods receipts per excise invoice, must also cancel the excise invoice: The system changes the excise invoice status to Canceled.

Capture Excise Invoice Goods Receipt Capture Excise Invoice separately Return Delivery To Vendor Cancellation of Goods Receipt Download attached file. You must be Logged in to download this file. Delete Material in SAP. Register Login. The main areas are as follows: Excise duty and the central value-added tax system CENVAT Withholding tax also known as tax deducted at source Sales tax Maintenance and printing of statutory excise registers 1.

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