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Blaise Pascal () - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Pascal Philosophy. Pensamentos - Blaise Uploaded by. Artur Leonardo Andrade. It might seem that about Blaise Pascal, and about the two works on which his The history of human opinions of Pascal and of men of his stature is a part of the . PDF | 57 hours read | On Nov 11, , Paulo Roberto de Almeida and others permitem ao pesquisador acompanhar a evolução do pensamento oficial em do combate bolchevique e de seus primeiros “renegados” (Pierre Pascal.

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pia de pascal pensamentos. pia De Pascal Pensamentos. Page 1 pia de pascal pensamentos. pia de pascal pensamentos pdf. Page 5. doc monergismo com. pia De Pascal Pensamentos Doc Monergismo Com. Page 1 doc monergismo com. pia de pascal pensamentos pdf. Page 5. Pensamentos Consoladores - São Francisco de Sales (Org. - P. Huguet S.M.).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File Maquiavel Pedagogo - Pascal

The hypothesis is that in order for an analysis to be considered eliable, it needs to be based on structuring terms of qualitative research, namely the verbs 'comprehend' and 'interpret', and the nouns 'experience', 'common sense' and 'social action'. The 10 steps begin with the construction of the scientific object by its inclusion on the national and international agenda; the development of tools that make the theoretical concepts tangible; conducting field work that involves the researcher empathetically with the participants in the use of various techniques and approaches, making it possible to build relationships, observations and a narrative with perspective. Finally, the author deals with the analysis proper, showing how the object, which has already been studied in all the previous steps, should become a second-order construct, in which the logic of the actors in their diversity and not merely their speech predominates. The final report must be a theoretic, contextual, concise and clear narrative. Keywords: Qualitative analysis, Qualitative Research, Comprehension, Interpretation, Dialectics Introduction and text construction strategy In this article I present a reflection about the qualitative analysis of studies with an empirical base. The text has two sources of inspiration: firstly, the various authors with whom I have been engaged in dialogue for over 25 years.

However, O Zeus my Father, your strength is the manifestation of life. I recognize in your light, your voice, and your breath the manifestation of your power and of your love for your sons and daughters. In this hour when your roar surrounds me, I offer you this libation.

Grant me your power, your shining beauty, your dazzling health, and your countless riches. May your peace dwell in me and generate order and strength! Aphrodite: Aphrodite, O smiling Goddess born of the sea, lover of the long celebrations of the night, source of generation, O you holy mother, hear my words!

Stanisław Jerzy Lec

You are the one from where everything proceeds; the one who gave us life. The three kingdoms, the sky, the earth, and the sea, obey you. As you sit at the sides of Bacchus, you preside to the feasts, thread the ties leading to marriage, and spread your mysterious grace in the lovers bed. You are the secret Goddess slipping in the desire of men and women, silent she-wolf treading the night.

You are who all men desire, the image stemming from their soul, the magic philtre of their love and of the sacred ecstasies. Multiplication and division were somewhat difficult to do. On the top was a row of eight movable dials. It was compact enough to carry. We feel it in a thousand things. I say that the heart naturally loves the Universal Being. You have rejected the one. Is it by reason that you love yourself? Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Collatz Problem and Conjecture.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Malongo he invented the first mechanical adding machine or a mechanical calculator. Documents Similar To Blaise Pascal Lyster Villanueva.

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

Hani Nabilah Muner. Amanda Paul. Celia Steiman. Karla Clarisse Calleja. Sarbu Ana. Gadamer6 adds, drawing on the thinking of several authors such as Dilthey18 and Schleiermarcher19, that interpretation must go beyond the interviewees and surprise them, because when they gave their statements, they were not aware of everything it would be possible to understand, based on their words, about their time, their contemporaries and the society in which they live.

The conclusion of a qualitative analysis must present a text capable of transmitting concise, coherent and, as far as possible, reliable information. This is because the final research report forms a synthesis in which the study object envelops and pervades the entire text. The context, the closest and most abstract determinations, in this heavy concrete20 stage, emanate from the object and not vice versa.

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Therefore, we consider work to be incomplete or poor if it only describes what was found in the field. But understanding and interpretation, in their final form, also mark a moment in the researcher's praxis.

Pdf pensamentos pascal

For this reason, it will never be a finished work and its conclusions must be open to new questionings. In his exposition, it is important for the author to include his conditions and difficulties of interpretation, as they are part of the objectivation of reality and his own objectivation Popper22 reminds us that objectivity is a social question of scientists, involving reciprocal criticism and the hostile-friendly division of their work, their cooperation or also their competition.

But the verification criteria must be ensured, and the scientist must have a degree of attachment to his proposal and his methods, says Popper, because if we subject ourselves to criticism too easily, we will never find out where the real strength of our theories is In order to safeguard reliability, we suggest a few steps: 1 The first is the one that guides all scientific research universally: adequate theory, method and techniques, described and able to be evaluated by any other investigator.

There are some other measures that can be taken during the investigation process to ensure a greater degree of validity: 3 internal triangulation of the investigation's own approach23, which means looking at the object from its various angles, comparing the results of two or more data collection techniques and two or more information sources, for example; 4 validation of the reports, comparing the words with field observations; 5 being alert to the reports and facts that contradict the investigator's proposals and hypotheses, analyzing them and presenting them, rather than hiding them; and 6 reliability in dealing with the various points of view, ensuring the diversity of senses expressed by the interlocutors, escaping the idea of a single truth.

Conclusions Before I finish these reflections, I would like to point out that many technological artefacts have recently been created to produce qualitative analyses.

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There are researchers who use them and certainly find them to be an important support, as the work of Pope and Mays24 shows. Maybe because of my habit of being analytically and critically present in every investigation stage, I find it very difficult to outsource the analytical task to these devices, as only one stage is focused on and the intersubjective context, which cannot be dissociated from and is a fundamental part of qualitative research and, therefore, of the analysis process, is not considered.

That is why, in this text, all reflection presupposes the researcher's presence and monitoring in every step of the work, in a movement that simultaneously adds to the previous phase and overcomes it.

Pdf pensamentos pascal

The investigator's implication in the work becomes a circular perspective: he only knows reality insofar as he creates it Based on this understanding, I believe that not even a good content technician-analyst can guarantee the quality of a final text when he is not aware of the conditions of his production.

The recognition that there is complementary polarity between subject and object in the qualitative scientific construction process leads, in its turn, to the need for a methodological effort that ensures objectivation, that is, the production of an analysis which is as systematic and profound as possible and which minimizes subjectivism, supposition and spontaneity. In this sense, without contradicting what I said in the previous paragraph, it is necessary to value techniques: for the systematic review or narrative of the initial questioning, turning it into a considered object; for the creation of hypotheses which are consistent with the question and can guide the work; for the construction of the instruments that must transform the concept into observable items or into guides for field conversations; for the creation of a narrative about the object which also considers the carefully-performed preparation and overcomes it, bringing new findings and relevancies; to organize, categorize, contextualize and construct the final report, always the fruit of a provisional analysis.

The analytical and systematic course, therefore, permits the objectivation of a type of knowledge whose raw materials are human and social opinions, beliefs, values, representations, relations and actions from the perspective of actors in intersubjectivity. Thus, the qualitative analysis of an investigation object concretizes the possibility of knowledge construction and contains all the requirements and instruments to be considered and valued as a scientific construct.

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