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Please see the Seam 3 Documentation section (linked from the left-hand navigation) CDI Specification Final Draft, HTML, HTML (single page), PDF ( K). Business process integration. Component events. – Can be deferred until transaction completion. – Can be asynchronous. XHTML → PDF, Excel, RSS, Charts. JBoss Seam Debug Page. This page allows you to view and inspect any component in any Seam context associated with the current session.

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iText support is provided by ronaldweinland.info This JAR contains the iText JSF controls, which are used to construct views that can render to PDF, and the. Embracing JBoss Seam: Examination of a streamlined and unified Java enterprise application framework () by Thomas Schlagbauer. Please follow the instructions on this page if you are a new to Seam 2. JBoss Seam , HTML · HTML (single page) · PDF ( MB) · API Javadoc · JSF.

Alternatively, you may use Maven. I like it just for managing my libraries. We need a JBoss repository. My IntelliJ project deployed unintentionally the el-api. This provokes a problem on Tomcat 6 and JBoss 4.

They keep an open persistence session from the moment when a database query is first executed in a UI event handler method until after the response page is fully rendered.

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In a Seam application, lazy loading just works without any additional code. The web framework validates user input when the wen form is submitted, and the persistence framework validates data before they are saved into the database.

JBoss RichFaces

They are clearly redundant in most use cases. Seam allows you to annotate data validation constraints directly on entity beans, and then automatically uses those validator annotations to constrain input data when the entity bean is used to back JSF input fields. For instance, the following example shows that the Person object's name must be two words and the its age must be between 3 and If the user submits invalid values, the page would would automatically re-display itself with the invalid fields highlighted.

You can add an image before the invalid field, surround it with a CSS box as follows. Many Ways to Ajax Being a modern application framework, Seam provides first class support for Ajax applications. There are several ways to do Ajax in Seam. They provide Ajax-enabled JSF controls, such as input fields, data tables, interactive panels, drag and drop panels etc.

Those Ajax controls allow you to write Ajax web applications without a single line of JavaScript code. Seam takes care of the plumbing for those Ajax components, and makes them easier to setup than in the plain JSF environment. The example below shows Ajax data input fields. The values in the field is validated and invalid fields highlighted as soon as you click out of the field i.

You can invoke methods on Seam components as if they are local JavaScript methods and use the return value locally. That has made it possible to integrate Seam services with popular JavaScript libraries. For instance, the following code shows that a Dojo "inline text editor" is backed by a Seam component.

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When you double click on the "Hello World" text, an inline editor opens up. After you finished editing, the new value is sent back to the server for processing.

For instance, in a simple e-commerce web site, the customer logs in to go through the shopping process, the store manager logs in to execute the approval process, and the warehouse employee logs in to do the shipping process. Different actors have different roles to play and have different tasks available to them. They all work together to implement a business vision "online shopping" in the above example.

In an enterprise application, the business processes and rules are often defined by business analysts. They are expressed in graphs that can be consumed in specialized software.

The application developer implements those designs. However, since most web application frameworks have no integration with popular business process and rules engines, the developer often has to come up with home brew solutions, which are difficult for business analysts to review and verify.

JBoss Seam Debug Page

In a Seam application, you can specify a UI action e. You just need to mark the UI event handler method with the CreateProcess annotation. A business process is a series of tasks that has to be completed in certain order by various users.

Once a task is ended, the jBPM engines knows to move the process forward and make the next task available to its actor. The task list is generated based on the role of the currently logged in user, and it is tightly integrated into the Seam security framework for user authentication and authorization.

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Furthermore, you can now use templates in PDF pages. Below is an example PDF page in a Seam application with digital signature support. In fact, we can substitute iText with another commercial PDF library and the same view pages could still work. That is the power of Seam integration. Advanced Job Schedulers Support for automatically recurring tasks is important for many enterprise applications.

However, in real world applications, we often need more sophisticated scheduling service than fixed interval triggers. A popular open source Java scheduling library is the Quartz library. However, Quartz has its own APIs and object model that typically require "glue code" to fit into your own application.

Seam integrates Quartz to schedule asynchronous recurring jobs. You just need to annotate Asynchronous on the method that executes the recurring task. Those special-purpose parameters are annotated in the method definition as well.

JBoss Seam

The return value is a QuartzTriggerHandler object, which you can use to stop or cancel the job later. You can even save the handler to database for later use.

You can place this call in a web UI event handler method so that the recurring event is scheduled when a button is pressed. The One Programming Model that Rules Them All So far in this article, we have seen a few examples on how Seam integrates various frameworks together under a consistent programming model. There are many other frameworks Seam integrates. However, we do not have space in this article to dig into all those cases.

To conclude this article, let's summarize the Seam programming model that unites all those frameworks. Their interactions are managed by the dependency bijection facilities in Seam. There is no other component model in Seam. Seam has enhanced the standard EL syntax to support method parameters etc.

With all the cool features in Seam, the programming model is remarkably simple. It has a rather gentle learning curve after you understood the basics of JSF, as you can learn the integration piece by piece.

Easy implementation, pretty simple yet very powerful. Very productive.

Pdf jboss seam

The user interface and the database logic are automatically provided. Short learning curve Learning how to write simple Java classes is enough to write complete applications.

The OpenXava bundle is prepared for a rapid startup. Full-featured applications AJAX user interface with no page reloading. Detail mode with tabs, frames, dialogs, editors for references and collections, responsive layout, etc. Mobile user interface In addition to the classic web user interface for desktop you can get a mobile user interface for your application from the same code.

Application servers: Any with support for Servlets 3. Open source LGPL license that allows you to develop commercial applications without paying any fees. Moreover, it's pretty easy to add a new language.

Seam pdf jboss

The more used Java domain-driven framework , downloads. Thousands of threads in the forums. Hundreds of applications developed. Hundreds of professionals in LinkedIn with OpenXava experience. Free online course in English and Spanish where an invoicing application is developed from scratch. Book in English and Spanish available from site. Hundreds of videos on YouTube. Quality support Free support in community forums, though they have thousands of threads all questions are answered.

Moreover, there is professional support available.