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As you may already know, [this user]( translated these 3 books (the 2 Itachi Shinden and Sasuke Shinden). In. Tsukuyomi was a type of genjutsu where Itachi had total control of space and time. This was the power Itachi awakened when he awoke his. NARUTO ITACHI-SHINDEN ANYAHEN © by Masashi Kishimoto, Takashi Yano Title: Naruto: Itachi's story: midnight / Masashi Kishimoto, Takashi Yano; The arrangements were soon made, and Itachi and Uchiha Shisui, who was to.

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Other titles: Itachi's story: daylight | Daylight Description: San Francisco: VIZ Media LLC, [] | Series: Naruto true chronicles; 1 Identifiers: LCCN Well currently there are no official english translation of itachi shinden however there is an fan-translate version of itachi shinden (work in progress) in reddit. What episodes in Naruto do the Itachi-Shisui fillers appear, and is the Itachi Shinden available in English?. Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light (イタチ真伝 光明篇, Itachi Shinden Kōmyō-hen , Viz: Naruto: Itachi's Story, Vol. 1: Daylight, Literally meaning.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. Coverand interior design by Shawn Carrico Translation byJocelyne Allen No portion of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the copyright holders. Box San Francisco, CA www. Kishimoto, Masashi, creator.

She congratulates him for joining the Anbu, but shares her concerns over the direction he's taking. Itachi can do nothing but stand with her until her concerns pass. Upon joining Team Ro, Itachi finds Kakashi's title of "Friend-Killer" to be undeserved, as Kakashi is very kind to him and a model leader.

When, at the clan's next meeting, he is asked about the Anbu, Itachi can honestly that there is no systemic prejudice against the Uchiha. Individuals may have prejudices and jealousies, but as much is to be expected. Fugaku and the other Uchiha choose to latch to the latter fact rather than the former, and become upset when Itachi tries pointing out their invention of conflict.

Shisui speaks with Itachi after the meeting and informs him that he's been given permission by the Third Hokage to try to end the Uchiha's planned coup, in effect making him an Anbu like Itachi. Itachi agrees to help him. Itachi is soon introduced to Team Ro's ongoing assignment: constant monitoring of the entire Uchiha compound via hidden cameras. Itachi decides the best way to avoid a coup is to never tell the Uchiha about the surveillance. During his shift at the monitors, Itachi does not watch any one feed for long, not wishing to intrude on his clansmen's lives more than necessary.

Despite how quickly he switches views, Itachi does well at task, even catching the imperceptible signs of a disturbance at the Naka Shrine caused by the masked man.

Itachi considered the possibility that the man was an Uchiha when they met years ago, but his presence at the Naka Shrine seems to confirm it.

When trying to guess who the man is behind his mask, Itachi decides it could only be someone reported dead but whose body the clan never recovered; Madara Uchiha is the only such person he knows of. He keeps this discovery from the other Anbu.

The Frost-ninja end up killing their Konoha counterparts, prompting Itachi and the other Anbu to retaliate. Although Itachi does not mind killing those directly responsible for the Konoha-nin's deaths, he tries to let the others escape.

Afterwards, Itachi laments that, despite all his strength, he still is no closer to achieving his childhood dream of ending conflict. If he is never to be successful, he would prefer to stop being an Anbu, but knows that would never be allowed. His frustrations with the Uchiha continue to grow: during meetings, he tries to tell them nothing so that they will not find excuses to feel wronged, but this only causes many of the Uchiha to become suspicious.

His only outlet are the brief moments he can spend with Sasuke.

Itachi Shinden Book: Light and Darkness

Sasuke excels in the Academy and for that reason has no friends, the same experience Itachi had. Unlike Itachi, Sasuke is constantly bothered by Naruto Uzumaki ; Itachi feels that Naruto only wants to get to know Sasuke and suggests they become friends, to Sasuke's horror.

Sensing the pressures weighing on Itachi, Fugaku tells him to do what he thinks is best, even if that means disagreeing with the rest of the clan. Itachi vows to never let anyone else make decisions about his life, filling Fugaku with guiltless pride for the first time in a long time. Shisui calls Itachi to a secret meeting in the middle of the night. Itachi navigates out of the Uchiha's compound using the monitoring cameras' blindspots, which he's previously taught Shisui about.

When he arrives, he finds Shisui tired and clearly overworked. Itachi apologizes that he hasn't been able to help like he'd promised, but Shisui does not blame him since Itachi has responsibilities to the Anbu. Shisui informs him that the clan suspects him and that they've ordered Shisui to spy on him; he makes clear that this order did not come from Fugaku.

Because the clan is to vote on the coup at their next meeting, and because the consensus is expected to be in favor, Shisui believes they must intervene. As the coup's ringleader, Fugaku will undoubtedly sway the clan in the end. However, Shisui anticipates that the coup's most ardent supporters will try to blame Itachi for Fugaku's change of heart if he's there, and so asks that he not attend. Itachi agrees. He informs his father and mother of his planned absence the following night; it is only now that it occurs to Itachi that his mother would naturally support Fugaku's plans.

Fugaku is angered by Itachi's decision and begins pressing him on his reasons. Rather than be drawn into an argument, Itachi brings attention to the fact that Sasuke is eavesdropping, abruptly ending the discussion.

Shisui plans to use Kotoamatsukami on Fugaku immediately before the Uchiha's meeting. He explains that changing Fugaku's mind will only postpone the coup, as there are too many who support it. He plucks Shisui's right eye, but Shisui escapes before his left eye can be taken.

Itachi waits for Shisui at the same location as their previous conversation. He expects it will be a few hours until Shisui arrives, so is therefore surprised when Shisui appears before the Uchiha's meeting has even started.

And that made him indescribably happy. Their first class. The slightly nervous students looked at each other, confused. Itachi watched as the others chatted—"Hey, what're we doing now? And then he thought, as if he were not a part of the situation himself, that it was no wonder they were confused. They couldn't just get up in front of all these unknown people and spill out their dreams.

Uchiha Itochi The first character of his name was "u. He didn't worry about what he would say. He had had the same dream ever since he could remember. All he had to do was say it. Her dream was to be a great ninja like her father. Be a great ninja like her father He imagined his own father. Fugaku was great. But Itachi felt like it wasn't enough for him to be the head of the Military Police Force.

Which didn't mean he was rejecting his father; he did want to excel like his father did. But the place Itachi had his eyes set on was beyond that, and he couldn't say that his father was currently standing there. With the thought that there wasn't much point in a self-introduction if their teacher said their names first as he had been the whole time, Itachi stood up and walked to the front of the class. The other students, the same age as he was, turned interested eyes on him, and he felt a faint itching on his forehead.

He patted the space between his eyebrows with a finger, and then thrust his chest out. My dream is The teacher and the students cocked their heads, almost as if to ask what was wrong. It wasn't that he didn't have a dream. And it wasn't that he was having trouble choosing the dream he was going to talk about. And naturally, his mouth hadn't stopped working because he was nervous or anything of the sort. He wasn't sure if he should actually talk about his dream in this place.

The dreams the people before him had shared were all so modest. I want to be like my father. I want to be a great ninja and do a lot of missions. I want to be a cute ninja. This was the sort of dream the teacher and his classmates expected. Itachi's dream was different.

It doesn't matter what they think. And then immediately after that, came the pre-established harmony of applause. Apparently, it was just too absurd.

No one believed him. They all thought it was a dream that could never come true. A delusional dream, that came from a young child's ignorance of the world. That's what they all thought, so they laughed at him, they clapped mechanically.

Only one of them—only Itachi—was serious. And his teacher and classmates would learn just how serious later. Even the teacher, a little ways off taking notes, forgot to call on the next student in his disbelief. The class was basically a test to see how many of the twenty human figures set up all over the schoolyard a student could hit with kunai in a short period of time.

Each student took a turn individually. His classmates before him had all run around the schoolyard at top speed, managing to complete the task in just over five minutes, panting all the while. So everyone raced around frantically, and managed to do it in an average of five minutes.

Itachi had done it in thirty seconds. And all his kunai hit the figures precisely in the head or the chest, in almost exactly the same place each time; the slight differences were only due to the differences in how much of the figure was actually exposed.

His kunai had all hit with almost flawless accuracy. We know where the figures ore , and oil of them con be reached from the schoolyard The students before Itachi finished the test, limited by these factors.

His study of them, and the plan he crafted in response, were impeccable. From the starting point in the center of the schoolyard, Itachi drew a line in his mind to split the range into four, and then further roughly divided up the areas of concentration of the targets, before he categorized these as ones he could reach from the starting point, and ones he would need to move to hit.

There were twelve that required him to move. He then sorted the targets that required movement, and calculated a trajectory that would allow him to go round with the most efficiency. As the teacher gave the start signal, Itachi launched the eight kunai he held in both hands at eight human figures simultaneously.

That didn't even take two seconds. From there, he started running, tracing out the route he had pictured in his head, and made a swift tour of the yard. Thirty seconds. Itachi felt like it almost took too long. Shisui could have done it faster. All right, next up," the teacher said, sweat rolling down his forehead.

Without responding, Itachi returned to his place among the excited students. His performance had been so incredible that no one could say a word directly to him. They circled him from a distance and whispered to each other. Unaware of this reaction, Itachi reflected on the results of the trial he had just completed.

Before his eyes, the next student was racing frantically around the yard. I could shove another five seconds off He found a place where he could correct the trajectory of his run, and felt ashamed of his immaturity. You did very well. Itachi bowed slightly to the teacher, and then returned directly to his seat.

Three months since he started school. And he still had not had anything resembling a conversation with any of his classmates. They naturally hesitated in the face of the outstanding grades he got in each and every one of their classes. All of them had ever-so-timidly spoken to him once, but Itachi's responses were always so concise and definite that none of them wanted to try to speak to him again.

He was not going to school to make friends, though, so he was fine with that. The larger dissatisfaction for Itachi was how he felt like it was never enough, no matter how excellent his grades were. The limit for grades was one hundred percent; it was impossible to get anything more than that. But he felt like this was unproductive. Con I really leorn the true nature of the ninja in a place like this? School grades and actual ability were not the same thing.

That's what he felt, which was why he was always dissatisfied. Itachi was truly concerned about the fact that being number one at school was not directly connected to his own dream of being a great ninja. In the hallway after school, all around him were boys waiting for friends to go play with, and girls chatting and squealing with laughter.

Filled with a sense of liberation at their release from the formalities of lessons, they were excessively energetic. Her brown hair reached down to her shoulders, and she had both arms crossed in front of her chest. The eyes below thin eyebrows were almond-shaped and bright, while at the same time having a mysterious charm that made him feel bittersweet somehow. It wasn't just with this girl. Itachi always had this attitude at school. Most people would crumble at this point in the conversation.

And then they would never try to step into his space again. I'm in the class next door. He didn't have the time to dawdle here like this now. Of course we take the same way. CO "So how's school? Itachi jerked his shoulders up and down, and exhaled heavily. They were talking at the park in the center of the compound, after running for about four hours. And not just running: They ran for four hours, maintaining their top speed the entire time. Anyone not diligent with their ninja training wouldn't have lasted five minutes.

Shisui looked slightly cooler than Itachi felt, and the younger boy glared slightly as he opened his mouth.

Pdf itachi shinden

Itachi shook his head from side to side, his friend's hand still pressing down on it. But as far as I can tell from watching them in the schoolyard, there's no one amazing or anything. He couldn't see his classmates. What should he do?

How could he become the best ninja? That's all he had thought about since he was a little kid. He had no energy to spare on anyone else. I'll tell you that right now. CO Listening to Sasuke breathing softly in his sleep beside him, Itachi laid down on his futon.

It had been just over a year since they moved to the new compound, and he had gotten very used to the look of the ceiling above his bed. Beyond the bedroom where the two children slept was the family's dinner table, where Fugaku and Mikoto were sitting.

She apparently thought the children were already asleep. Without trying to listen, Itachi stared absently up at the ceiling. And his mother was happy about it.

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There was nothing to feel bad about. Look at these excellent grades—" "I'm not talking about that," his father said, cutting his mother off. It's like he's rushing, like he's hurrying to become a full- fledged ninja.

The slightest heat colored Itachi's face. But a thread stretched too taut is fragile. I'm worried he needs to let loose somehow. You just have to watch Itachi cuddling Sasuke to know that. He'll be fine. And lately, he really looks up to Shisui like a big brother. They train together; they're quite close. The face of the girl who spoke to him suddenly after school floated up in the back of his mind. CO Six months after starting at the academy. Itachi's fame spread throughout the school. He excelled to such an extent that some teachers and students said his level of talent had never before been seen at the school.

Given the fact that the first-year classes had nothing to teach Itachi, his teachers gave him special homework and tests. But Itachi easily mastered it all, and his teachers threw up their hands in defeat. He was more than advanced enough for the genin level, and so, just over four months after he started school, his teachers unanimously agreed on his graduation after his first year.

The village of Konohagakure, exhausted from the Great War and the attack by the Nine-Tails, urgently needed ninja. Because of this, a select number of students judged by their teachers to be particularly gifted could take the graduation exam without waiting for their full term to be up.

If they passed the exam, they would then attend the graduation ceremony with the older students, and be assigned duties as a genin. Naturally, Itachi passed the graduation exam. It was on clone techniques, something he had mastered with the instruction he got from Shisui before starting at the academy. Six months of school left His graduation had already been settled. Uchiha Itachi? Itachi had spent his whole life training as a ninja; he didn't have an ounce of energy to pour into anything else.

He just barely remembered the names and faces of the students in his own class. He didn't know anything about students in other classes or grades. So he was assuming, based on their height, that these students were in the most senior grade. The average age of graduation from the academy was twelve. The physique of seven-year-old Itachi was completely different. He was so short, he had to look up at the students standing before him. Fleet Foot Tenma, they call me. Ain't nobody at school who don't know me.

Fie was nervous, maybe concerned about what Tenma would think. Fie was the tallest of the three. Just don't rush it. Thus, decorum and seniority are the foundation for ninja. But his voice clearly contained a sneer. Lunch break. The other students were afraid of the violent threesome, and no one came near them. All the teachers had gone back to the Teachers' Room. Boosted by a sense of superiority, knowing no one was going to get in his way, Tenma's mouth stretched out in a mean grin.

The "cheeky brat" before him was a younger student, after all. And Tenma had almost certainly decided before this encounter began that Itachi would cry and apologize, if they just threatened him a bit. No doubt he had made countless classmates and younger students obey him like this. He wasn't the least bit ashamed of threatening a student five years his junior.

The dim arrogance of their natures bled out onto the faces of all three students. It wouldn't take Itachi even three minutes to beat down these fools. They called him cheeky or whatever, but really, they just wanted to make him yield. They wanted to make the supposed school prodigy cry and beg for mercy, and stroke their own vanity. So why didn't they come at him the moment they called out to stop him?

This was no ordinary school; this was a training ground for ninja. The thought of killing was no sooner had, than the act was carried out. Wasn't that the way of the ninja? These older students didn't understand that the institution of school was protecting them.

It was like they were open on all sides. Itachi had kunai hidden on his back. And quite fortunately, he had three of them there.

Pdf itachi shinden

There wasn't even any need for him to take a step. He could simply reach around to grab the kunai at his waist, and send them flying through the air.

Holes would be dug out of the foreheads of Tenma and the other two, and all three would fall. But he wouldn't kill them. For Itachi, who believed a ninja's decision to kill was the movement to kill, the fact that he didn't move meant he wouldn't kill them. The reason was simple: Itachi didn't like fighting. That was why he'd never once been in a fight. In a fight, you couldn't actually kill the other person.

You needed to show restraint. And he was uncertain as to whether he could actually show the crucial restraint. He worried that he might actually end up killing his opponent.

So, he wouldn't kill them. Better to avoid futile fighting. But he also had no intention of letting them hit him. You're a sneaky, cunning clan, so we'll probably never catch who did it, right? But it was definitely an Uchiha.

The fact that the Hokage and them don't trust you is proof. I mean, they made you all go live together, on the edge of the village. His dad did, too. Itachi remembered when he had protected Sasuke and his mother. He had leapt innocently at the enormous rock sailing down toward them, and mustered everything he had to smash it.

Did you stand by quietly , and watch your mother die? Couldn't you do what I did? You have to get stronger so that you can protect things , so that you can push away sadness. I mean, you're our enemy. You killed our relatives. How could we not hate you? First, false charges; then, a broad interpretation. It was in precisely these kinds of human feelings that the origin of war lay. A person wants to bury, somehow, the sense of loss after losing someone they love.

This feeling, a feeling they don't know how to vent, snatches away their power of judgment, and runs wild. And then they hurt someone. Each and every word out of the older boy's mouth made Itachi feel more and more weighted down.

Then he pointed into the now-empty space between himself and Itachi, and shouted, "Get down on your hands and knees and apologize! Say 'I'm sorry on behalf of the entire Uchiha clan'!

The looks on the faces of the older students changed at once. Flushed with fierce emotion up to that point, they now suddenly paled. The superficial impulse to threaten the cheeky first-year boy, and maybe vent some of the helplessness they felt at the loss of their families in the Nine-Tails incident, changed in that moment to resentment toward Itachi himself.

They grabbed hold of kunai hilts. Itachi stared at the older students, his own arms hanging loosely at his sides. If it came to that, he intended to get through this with a substitution technique that made use of cloning.

His substitution technique was unconventional. Normally, the ninja switched out their own body for a log with a tag attached immediately before an attack, in order to confuse their opponent. But rather than a log, Itachi's version used countless crows. He had come up with the idea when he was training with Shisui, and saw a flock of crows flying in the dense woods.

If you used the usual log, the confusion effect on your opponent was meager. But the instant you switched out for crows, they flew off in all directions, so your opponent was surprised and bewildered, generating an opening that wasn't even on the same level as with the log. This was the first time he had tested it in an actual fight. Will it work He planned to do it when one of the three thrust a kunai into Itachi's body.

All four were taking shallow breaths. Both Itachi and Tenma and his gang were watching every move the other made. A tense silence rolled down the hallway.

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Izumi appeared in front of Itachi. With both hands raised up high, she faced the older students. But I have no intention of apologizing to you!

I mean, it wasn't the Uchiha clan who summoned the Nine-Tails! People we care about died in that whole thing. That's why In the center of them, small circles floated up, with patterns like comma-shaped magatama jewels on them.

The most powerful visual technique , passed down through the Uchiha clan, the sharingan Itachi ran over and caught her by the shoulders. Izumi passed out. No sooner had she woken up than she was smiling, somewhat embarrassed, at Itachi, who had been by her side since classes ended for the day. I'm sorry," Izumi apologized, red all the way to the tips of her ears.

Someone like me's just in the way, right? But thanks to her eyes, the three older students had fled without doing anything. Apparently, the trigger was in the heart somehow, but even Shisui wouldn't teach him about it. Given that he had gone beyond the average ninja to master basically every skill, the fact that he hadn't awakened the sharingan was a hard truth to bear. Izumi did it He wanted to know how. Izumi's father would have been a member of the Uchiha clan.

In which case, there was a strong possibility that he had worked under Itachi's father. But Itachi hadn't heard anything about any of his father's subordinates being killed in the line of duty.

My dad's not an Uchiha. My mom's Uchiha. After my dad died, we came back to the clan, and I became an Uchiha, too," Izumi told him, as if reading his mind. Her own had returned to normal. He died right in front of me. He was protecting me. During the funeral, and the whole time after that, I blamed myself. My chakra gradually collected there, and I fainted. When I woke up, my mom told me it was the sharingan.

I'm sorry to make you remember something so painful. Don't worry about it. He reached out his right hand. Confused, Izumi tilted her head to one side. He waited wordlessly until she pulled a slender hand out from under the blanket and slowly lifted it up.

He grabbed onto her pale palm. CO Danzo tossed the white file onto the desk and looked at the subordinate standing before him, wearing a white tiger mask. Red shading stretched out to the sides from around the eyeholes, slanted upwards as if expressing anger. The eyes that stared back at Danzo, however, contained a strength that belied their owner's age.

He completed the graduation examination four months after he commenced his studies, and he is scheduled to graduate in the springtime of the next year. As the shadow behind the third Hokage, he had carried the burden of the village's darkness, but recently, he had felt bitterly the weight of his own body. He wasn't so old that he knew death was upon him, but he was of an age to start thinking about his own life and the length of it.

Ten years from now, twenty years from now And there was something he had to do before that happened. Cutting out the root of the evil that had been growing since the birth of the village of Konohagakure was Danzo's life's work.

The black void had fallen deathly silent, as if devouring the fleeting peace. For men who lived in times of war, the night, with its swirling air of murder, was something yearned for. Even now, there are those who struggle through difficult days because of the sad incident of two years past. So how do we break this down?

NOVEL: Naruto Shinden

As young ninja, this isn't someone else's problem. Today, we take our first step on the path of the ninja. In this chaotic world, it is most certainly not a peaceful path. But despite this, we vow it here.

Ninja are precisely those who dare to advance down a difficult path. Ninja are those who push forward and endure. Using everything we have learned at the academy, we will fulfill our duties as ninja of Konoha. And then he turned his gaze out over the sea of graduates and current students, guardians and teachers, below him. He had passed the graduation exam in his fourth month at school. Although there had been some exceptional graduates during the urgent days of the Great War, such as Hatake Kakashi, Itachi was the youngest post-war graduate and valedictorian.

And thus, the curtain fell on his school days. There had apparently been all kinds of quarrelling among the teachers about Itachi reading the formal reply as the valedictorian. The majority of the graduates were twelve years old.

There were some who, like Itachi, had managed excellent grades and were younger graduates, but at seven, Itachi was indeed far too young.

Even if he did have the grades, the thinking, and the ninja skills far beyond his seven years, there was concern that he was simply too immature to hold up before the other graduates.

And there was one more thing. There were complaints about the fact that Itachi had been born into the Uchiha clan, mainly from the teachers with lineages connected to the Senju clan. In the end, however, they bowed before his overwhelming abilities and grades, and the way he excelled in all things, despite the issue of his age and the prejudice toward the Uchihas. There could be no other valedictorian.

Before him were three people. His father, mouth pulled down at the corners despite the felicitous nature of the occasion. His mother, smiling gently to greet him from the other side of his father. And his baby brother, whose recent mastery of his ability to walk delighted him to no end. His family. Spotting his big brother in the throngs of people coming and going, Sasuke opened his adorable round eyes wide. Their mother told him to call his big brother "Itachi," but he still couldn't talk properly, so that turned into "Ita.

He adores me unconditionally And as his older brother, Itachi had to protect Sasuke unconditionally. His mother followed along behind the baby and his tottering steps and bright smile, hands outstretched to catch him. And then Sasuke disappeared from his field of view. Someone stood between them, blocking his view. A man Itachi couldn't exactly put into words just what was dark about this man.

Basically, everything about him was dark. The right side of his face was covered by bandages. He was clad in black, but his arm from his left shoulder was exposed, revealing the white robe he wore underneath. His left eye alone glared at Itachi. Behind him, his mother grabbed the shoulders of Sasuke, as the baby attempted to continue his stroll. Who exactly was this man? One of them has caught a nasty, infectious disease. If he is allowed to live, the other nine will also get sick and die.

If you were the captain of that ship, what judgment would you hand down? But in the next instant, he was offering a response, his own thoughts in simple words. If I were the captain, I would think that my first priority would be to save the lives of the other nine.

I would choose to kill the one and save the nine. Itachi felt the malicious echo sully his heart with darkness. He's a close aide of the Third. Placing a hand on his aching chest, Itachi stared at the man's back as he walked away, until it disappeared. Some of our missions will be tough. So you need to rely on each other, and make it out alive together!

Minazuki Yuki. He had been assigned to be the jonin supervisor for Itachi and the two other new graduates of the academy.

In contrast with his lyrical name, he had a burnished face, and beneath the forehead protector digging into the short dark hair on his head were eyebrows like old, used brooms. The eyes that sat below the unkempt brows were round like a fish's, the nostrils were large, and although the man's lips were quite thick, his mouth was absurdly small.

As if," the genin next to Itachi muttered, too quiet for Yuki to hear. While they are in the process of leading the spy into a trap, Tenma, eager to prove himself just as good as Itachi, confronts the spy. He is nearly killed, but Itachi saves him and the spy is captured. With open reluctance, Tenma thanks Itachi and apologizes for his prior behavior.

At age eight, after a year with Team 2, the mission with the spy remains the most difficult mission Itachi has been assigned. Although he's disappointed that he hasn't been able to do anything more meaningful in all this time, Itachi contents himself with the polishing of his skills this year has allowed him.

Tenma and Shinko are excited by the opportunity, but Itachi worries that it's all becoming a poor use of his time. Halfway between the Land of Fire's capital and Konoha, Itachi spots a masked man approaching them on the road.

With everyone's eyes on him, the man is able to capture them all in a genjutsu except for Itachi - who remained on guard and avoided it in time - and Tenma - who specializes in genjutsu and was able to free himself.

Tenma quickly charges at the man, but his attacks pass right through and the man quickly kills him. When the man passes by him, Itachi forces himself to strike.

Like Tenma's, his attack passes through the man, but before the man can retaliate he senses the approaching Kakashi Hatake. The man vanishes just before Kakashi and three other Anbu arrive to lend assistance. When they get back to Konoha, Tenma's death convinces Shinko that the life of a ninja isn't for her and she leaves Team 2.

Itachi, meanwhile, is given a few days off. He spends the time processing what happened to Tenma and agonizes that he wasn't strong enough to protect his teammate.

As a feeling of helplessness overwhelms him, he awakens his Sharingan, the same eye that the masked man had. Fugaku accepts the Third's offer without consulting Itachi first. The test's questions are intended to be too difficult for genin to be able to answer, thereby forcing them to cheat without being caught. Itachi, however, completes the test on his own. He uses the time remaining after he's done to study what methods the other examinees are using to cheat, forms hypotheses about their abilities based on their methods, and then files those hypotheses away in case he must ever fight them.

When the time is up, the remaining genin are informed that they will not receive their test scores until after the second stage, and may therefore fail the Exams even if they pass the second stage. Itachi ends up receiving the second highest score in the written test's history, beaten only by Minato Namikaze.

Itachi heads directly for the center as soon as he enters the forest, openly carrying his scroll in order to lure another team into attacking him.

When he's finally confronted by some Kiri-nin, he tries to convince them that his young age and the fact that he's alone must mean he's much more skilled than they are and that they'd be better off giving up.

Great Fireball Technique, and finally glimpse his Sharingan. The three Kiri-nin surrender their scroll to him and he knocks them out so they won't follow him. Itachi completes the second stage in five hours and thirty-seven minutes, a new record. The final stage is to be a series of one-on-one matches between the remaining participants. Itachi is scheduled to fight a Konoha ninja in his first match, but his opponent withdraws rather than face him.

His second opponent is Nemui of Kumogakure. Itachi intends to put on a show of force against Nemui in order to impress the audience, but Nemui's ability to fight while sleeping enables him to instinctively dodge all of Itachi's attacks and his closed eyes prevent the use of genjutsu against him.

Itachi speculates that Nemui is a coward when he's awake and that it is only his sleeping subconscious that can fight. So when, after several minutes, Nemui briefly wakes up to see how the fight is going, Itachi quickly uses his Sharingan to show him visions of his own gruesome death.

He repeats this each time Nemui wakes up until finally Nemui is too frightened to fall asleep and forfeits. The Uchiha celebrate Itachi's success at their next meeting and begin planning for his career with the Military Police Force, which all Uchiha traditionally do.

Fugaku suggests that they break with tradition and instead have Itachi join the Anbu, giving them a line of communication to the Hokage.

Many of those assembled argue against this until Fugaku points out that Itachi will be able to report on Konoha's activities to the Uchiha.