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NZ Learner License Free Test for Class 1 (Cars). Tests Sat = 25 Random LTNZ General Questions the driver of the blue car have to give way?. Fiji Road Signs - FIJI ROAD SIGNS is the fastest and easiest way to learn to request the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Fiji's services and Road Safety * All signs can be found on the LTA Fiji website and the official Fiji road code The Land Transport Authority has launched new Road Code Books in the Hindi and iTaukei languages. Authority chief executive Carmine.

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Warning Sign, PDF, KB, 28 Aug, , Download. Fiji Road Signs Poster, PDF, KB, 28 Aug, , Download. Informatory Sign, PDF, KB. Warning signs alert you to a particular hazard on the road ahead. They warn you to be careful for own of the road workers carry ing out maintenance. Informatory. Passing the driving test is compulsory for a client in order to get the full/provision license. Before taking the driving test, you will need to make an appointment for.

Most of the sealed highways are on Viti Levu, which has a kilometer road that circles the island. On Vanua Levu, the second largest island, the road between the two major communities of Savusavu in the south and Labasa in the north, has recently been sealed and is quite spectacular. Suva on an uncharacteristically slow day. Motorists should also be aware of villagers who sometimes walk dangerously close to passing vehicles or sit in groups at the edges of roads that pass through communities. Also beware of the speed bumps across the road at some villages. They are bigger than they appear, and the posted speed warnings should be obeyed literally, lest you rip out the undercarriage of your vehicle. In the Nadi area these are found prior to entering Nadi town from the airport and in Viseisei Village, between Nadi and Lautoka.

Traffic signs play a vital role in directing, informing and All road signs categories - Road works signs - Information signs - Direction signs - Warning signs - Signs giving orders.

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The other main Fijian island, Vanua Levu, also has a road between Savusavu in the south and Labasa in the north that has been recently sealed. Though sealed roads are usually well-constructed, drivers should keep an eye out for potholes, as well as speed bumps on roads near some villages, which are larger than they appear and can be found prior to entering Nadi from the airport and on the road in the Viseisei Village, which is located between Nadi and Lautoka.

Villagers can also wander dangerously close to moving vehicles or sit in groups on the edges of highways, which is another reason why you should be especially careful when driving near villages.

Besides villagers, Fijian residents receive little driving education, so they may do some otherwise not so intelligent actions while driving on the road, such as tailgating dangerously close or passing another vehicle on a blind curve. Animals, such as cattle, goats and horses, are other dangers to watch out for while driving, especially at night, since they feed on the edges of highways and can wander across.

Safety on the Roads in Fiji There are numerous dangers drivers can come in contact with while driving on the roads in Fiji. Jaez Just wanted to Thank you that your website was instrumental in helping me pass the Theory Test in one go and I have been in NZ for only a week! On behalf of all the people who can't pay for knowledge in driving tests I thank you again.

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Jamie D I use the DT website daily for teaching, training and assessment class 1 and 2. Great site, thank you. Eddie van der Westhuizen,Karoro Learning Thanx to you I have passed my drivers test and have my learners.

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Shiv Just wanted to let you know how great I found this site. It was invaluable to me before sitting my class 2 licence.