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This is the ultimate book which every mechanical engineer should have. Besides production, it covers all aspects of mechanical engineering. Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering If you're reading this book, you're probably already enrolled in an introductory. This book meets the syllabus requirements of Basic Mechanical Engineering and has been written for the first year students (all branches) of BE Degree course.

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PDF | BT- Basic Mechanical Engineering Unit I Materials: Classification of engineering material, Composition of Cast iron and Carbon. Basic Mechanical Engineering covers a wide range of topics and engineering concepts that are required to be learnt as in any undergraduate engineering. Basics of Mechanical Engineering systematically develops the concepts and This book is meant for first year students of various technical universities.

Table of Contents Summary The traditional approach to teaching mechanical engineering has been to cover either mechanics or thermofluid mechanics. In response to the growing trend toward more general modules, Foundations of Mechanical Engineering provides a unified approach to teaching the basic mechanical engineering topics of mechanics, the mechanics of solids, and thermofluid mechanics. Each chapter provides a systematic approach to the subject matter and begins with a list of aims and concludes with a summary of the key equations introduced in that chapter. Copious worked examples illustrate the correct approach to problem solving, and outline solutions for all of the end-of-chapter problems let students check their own work. The authors have judiciously minimized the mathematical content and where necessary, introduce the fundamentals through diagrams and graphical representations. With complete basic coverage of both statics and dynamics, the mechanics of solids, fluid flow, and heat transfer, Foundations of Mechanical Engineering forms and ideal text for first-year mechanical engineering students.

Second Law of Thermodynamics 4. Ideal and Real Gases 5. Gas Power Cycles 6. Properties of Pure Substances 8. Basic Steam Power Cycles 9.

Mechanical engineering book basic

Steam Generators Book Description Basic Mechanical Engineering covers a wide range of topics and engineering concepts that are required to be learnt as in any undergraduate engineering course. Divided into three parts, this book lays emphasis on explaining the logic and physics of critical problems to develop analytical skills in students. Concepts of Thermodynamics and Properties of Gases 1.

Fuels and Combustion 2. Power Plant Engineering and Sources of Energy 3.

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Properties of Steam and Steam Generators 4. Steam Engine, Steam and Gas Turbines 5.

Mechanical book basic engineering

Theoretical Indicator Diagram 5. Internal Combustion Engines 6. Introduction to Heat Transfer 7.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 8. The club has an active mailing list. And when I found myself writing a lengthy post there over the weekend, I figured it might be of interest to the wider audience.

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The post was in response to this inquiry from club president Wayne C. Gramlich, included here with his permission: Can anybody point me a book that goes into design issues associated with assembling mechanisms out of bearings, axles, and gears?

I'm looking for pretty basic stuff, like when to use a ball bearing, where to place bearings on a shaft, how to attach things to a shaft, etc.

Mechanical engineering book basic

I am not interested in a book that tells me how to design a gear or bearing , I just want to download those off the shelf. My reply, edited a little for this post: Wayne, I have several different kinds of recommendations.