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When it comes to an electric supercharger at B2B DIY Electric .. every ebook that is downloadd helps B2B Electric Supercharger raise funds in. B2B is your leading authority for real electric supercharger and supercharger manuals. These manuals are in PDF ebook for that are instantly downloaded. Now is your chance to check out the electric supercharger manual for yourself for free. Each ebook that is download help future diy projects and support the B2B.

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I generally don't like the idea of an electric supercharger, though. Any one I am thinking about downloading one of the ebook manuals. He says he. FREE B2B Electric Supercharger Plans. Click The Link Below http:// BUDGET RC. Introducing the B2B Electric Supercharger Do-It-Yourself Manual I put all of my steps, everything I did, into a page ebook so you can follow along and do.

Unlike other so called electric superchargers being sold on we use a real T04 turbocharger compressor to ensure that no parts fly into your engine. Also our performance claims are not hyped-up or over-exaggerated sheet metal fansin rubber couplerclaiming to make 5 psi. How Does It Work? At full throttle, the B2B Electric Supercharger powered by your car 12V battery or separate battery automatically activates to produce 1 to 1. This additional air-pressure results in greater air density reaching the engine increasing your engines horsepower and torque. That equals a horsepower gain of 10 to 15 horsepower.

Beside I will be giving the ebook away for free pretty soon so what is there to lose. You know this is a hobby to me, I do this for fun and when I have the time.

Electric ebook b2b supercharger

I am a full time college student taking off from my job to go back to school. I work overseas as a defense contractor for the government making over 80k a year tax free.

Now I am in summer school taking three classes.

This fall I will be in class. Dyno testing vid was lost when computer crashed from virus. Besides I am giving away a free ebook so there really is nothing to lose. So be sure to check it out. I know that it creates compression. If there is a kit available for your truck then there should be no problem. Check back at the website when its ready.

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It will tell you at what rpm it will produce PSI. So make sure you download your free copy.

Good Luck with your project. All your questions are answered in the electric supercharger manual. So u am planning on building something similar to this, i have a 93 accord 2.

I am thinking of pushing 5 pounds of boost. Do i need an FMU so i dont lean out my motor and eventually blow it up? What about the MAF sensor. Thank you. The shaft is supported by a ball bearing on the inside of the housing.

Supercharger ebook electric b2b

Are you running Oil and Water lines just like a regular turbo? This video helped me see past that. It does work. Listen to the video as I explain why the fans do not work. So 3 psi with a sheet metal fan blade is highly unlikely.

b2b electric supercharger plans anyone???

Seems reasonable to me? Actually small impellers 2. If you use a big impeller 5. So get a brushless motor that is strong enough and it is possible to make 1 to 4 psi of boost on a small engine depending on the design of the electric supercharger.

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You need at least rpm to compress the air enough. Insteed of this you can download a 30 bucks leefblower and hook up directly to the intake. Same princible! The disc contains your ebook that is in Adobe PDF file format. Compatible with most vehicle makes and models. Easy assembly and installation, bolts directly onto your air intake system. No expensive installation and tuning required like other forced inductions kits.

Safe for your engine because the B2B Electric Supercharger uses a real turbocharger, no parts flying into your engine.

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The B2B Electric Supercharger can be easily removed for annual emissions test. Parts for assembly are readily available for download online. Helps you avoid the online scams, saves you time, money, and gives you a real workingelectric supercharger. Important Information Be sure to visit our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future product updates, dyno videos, and free give aways.

We are currently developing and testing 24V versions of our electric superchargers that will produce 2 to 3 psi of boost pressure for a 20 to 30horsepower gain. We are also working on a new type of part-time supercharger, a air powered supercharger for those cars will limited forced air induction options.

Ithas the potential to produce 6 psi or more of boost pressure.

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So continue to follow our progress and look forward to each awesome DIY Supercharger Manual from Built 2 Boost because each book will help you obtain your performance goals either mild or wild. Tell A Friend Help us get the word about our awesome series of ebooks.

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