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This is the full, uninterrupted audiobook reading of I Enoch (or First Enoch) - read with the passion this masterpiece deserves by number one best-selling voice. Book of Enoch – Full audio. Book of Enoch – Audio with words . I think that it is understandable that the Book of Enoch would have to be translated or copied. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Book of Enoch and Audio Bible. Download Book of Enoch and Audio Bible.

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M4B Audiobook (MB) The Book of Enoch, is an ancient, non-canonical Jewish work. Estimates vary on the actual dates of authorship. However, Enoch was alive during the Antediluvian period as recorded in the Hebrew. AUTHOR: Enoch, Noah (few chapters), Unknown Compiler DATE OF COMPOSITION: pre-flood. ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: Audio Books · Updates · Contact. The Book of Enoch is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. The older sections of the text are estimated .

Dans le panier Description This is the full, uninterrupted audiobook reading of I Enoch or First Enoch - read with the passion this masterpiece deserves by number one best-selling voice talent, Steve Cook. This is the full, uninterrupted audiobook reading of I Enoch or First Enoch - read with the passion this masterpiece deserves by number one best-selling voice talent, Steve Cook. Why is The Book of Enoch so important to anyone interested in Biblical history? The answer is simple: It is directly quoted in the New Testament by Jude vv. Themes of the book referenced in 2 Peter The first 36 chapters have been considered scripture in the Ethiopic Coptic Church a church that ascribes their founder as the Apostle John.

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Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Usage Public Domain Mark 1. Topics librivox , audiobooks , ancient texts , enoch , lost books , canonical , dead sea scrolls , extra biblical , ethiopian church. Translated by Robert Charles. Estimates vary on the actual dates of authorship. However, Enoch was alive during the Antediluvian period as recorded in the Hebrew Bible. Fragments of the text, were discovered in cave 4 of the Qumran caves in Enoch, born in the 7th generation from Adam, was the grandfather of Noah.

And to these also Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied, saying, Behold, the Lord came with ten thousands of his holy ones, to ex ecute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their works of ungodliness which they have ungodly wrought, and of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

Jude And behold! Written of beforehand? Who wrote about their condemnation beforehand? According to Jude, Enoch did. According to 1 Enoch In other words, it would not have been presumptuous for Jude to claim that 1 Enoch addressed the concerns of the Christians to whom he wrote.

The generation of Jesus Christ had not yet passed away. This being the case, it should not surprise us to learn that 1 Enoch was banned by Hilary, Jerome, and Augustine and was subsequently lost to Western Christendom for over a thousand years.

In short, it was suppressed. It could not be made to stretch beyond the First Century. Copies of 1 Enoch soon disappeared, and were it not for the fact that a number of copies have since been discovered and translated, we would have no knowledge of 1 Enoch outside of the references made to it in the Book of Jubilees, the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, and in the writings of the Apostolic Fathers many of whom regarded 1 Enoch as Scripture: That Jude regarded 1 Enoch as Scripture can hardly be doubted, not simply because he quotes from it, but also because he makes no distinction between 1 Enoch and other Scriptures.

And angels that kept not their own principality, but left their proper habitation, he hath kept in everlasting bonds under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them…in like manner…are set forth as examples…. That Jude would tell his Christian readers to remember something recorded in 1 Enoch is significant. First of all, it indicates that Christians were familiar with 1 Enoch; second, it shows that Christians regarded the contents of 1 Enoch as historically reliable.

For if God spared not the angels when they sinned, but cast them down into , and committed them to pits of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment. To what extent other New Testament writers regarded 1 Enoch as Scripture may be determined by comparing their writings with those found in 1 Enoch.

A strong possibility of influence upon their thought and diction is evidenced by a great many references found in 1 Enoch which remind one of passages found in the New Testament. The procedure for identifying these closely associated parallels is no different from that used to count the four-hundred allusions to the Old Testament in the book of Revelation.

In closing, we will list a few of the more significant statements in 1 Enoch which have close parallels in the New Testament writings. We believe these need much closer examination in the interests of not only seeing the intertestamental background of the New Testament writings, but to help understand the preterist view as well.

John 1. Luke Acts 2. Click here to read the book of Enoch. The book of Enoch was written about BC by a unknown prophet.

It was oreginally written in hebrew and was found in the dead sea scrolls. It was used by both Jews and Christians until about AD. The book of Enoch literally says that it is a parable, so there is no deception. The Catholic church determined that the book of Enoch was to reveiling and it should no longer be used. There are some corruptions in the text, but they have been marked as such.

The Book of Enoch – Audio

This book, seems to contain many right sayings about GoD's justice on ungodly people, It was written after the other books in the bible. But apart from that seems to be the spawn of insanity, contrary to scripture in many regards. As it seems , the book is based from an older manuscript, but the rest seems to be muddled insanity. Someone pointed out that angels, Do Not Marry!! Nor are given in marrage.

Do not marry means just that!! Someone said Demons arnt angels, But Satan is?? It does not say that in the bible, that is a made up belief, and Even If Satan were an angel, then why wouldnt he be shagging people now??

Satan wants people to think that he can make women pregnant so some women at some stage in our human history, will freak out and kill they're babies cause they think they are demons. How did Jude know that Enoch prophecied this, if it is not in any other biblical book, but is in the Book of Enoch?

But if Jesus is liking us to Angels who do not marry, then surely he is referring to the Elect Angels as his reference was to his elect on earth.

NIGHTLIGHT. (Book Of Enoch Audio Book) by NIGHTLIGHT | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I am sure he wasn't likening his elect to the fallen angels. If Angels did marry and have offspring, then they abandoned their former positions and did things that they were not suppose to.

Of course we know that Fallen Angels rebelled against God in many ways and taking wives from men appears to be one of their sins. Genesis 6: They were the heroes of old, men of renown. The words messenger-s of God is translated, angel.

People here on earth are also called sons of God. When viewing a parable dont be to literal. Simple, someone could have rewritten the book of Enoch, taking true parts and mixing it with many lies.

Making sure that the included the writings of bible writers. Thats why i said , many of it seems true about GoD the Justice on ungodly people, But the rest seems to have been made up. Matthew 22 30At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. They are God's children, since they are children of the resurrection.

Hmm, Yes, I see. Matt 22 suggests that It may only be angels in heaven that are given in marriage.

Of audio enoch book

I put to you this! GoD made man First, But did he make the anatomy for reproduction first before he made Eve. GoD made Man and Woman to gain in number by repoduction. But is not the only way people are made, John the baptist said, god could raise children out of the rocks for abraham like he did Adam Seen as GoD does not make angels in heaven to repoduce in this fashon, It would seem that GoD did not give angels the parts to reproduce.

But maybe angels were another race b4 they were angels, and did reproduce, Or maybe GoD made them with that part but not to use it. This just opens up alot of questions, not many answers. The reason why satan isnt doing it Because he cant- and wouldnt be in the position he is if he was once an angels, because he'd be bound with everlasting chains. But then, thats not the end of that line of thinking, Because then someone could say, Satan may be bound to the earth and heaven.

Arg, too many posibilities! I dont think we're given enough information about all these things! Were just given enough info to live a godly life in Jesus example. Sons of GoD, could be men, or other beings, It may be suggesting other beings, But then GoDs punishment, and reason as to why he will destroy the inhabitance of the earth is because of Men.

So yes as far as I can see, It is plausable using this scripture, But indecisive. Michael Had a good point, It seems, a scholarly view on this particular wording 'SonS of GoD' would be good to account for. I dont understand, why say 'dont be to literal'?? You are saying literally , 'son of GoD' means man. Jesus also says that men are Sons Of GoD.

And very slim evidence to suggest, 'sons of God' were angels. Hebrews Perhaps they have the ability to take on a human body, in similar fashion that men wear a space suits in space. Perhaps a human body is needed in order to operate as a physical being in this realm.

Otherwise you would just walk through walls and emanate light if you were not subject to physical laws such as electromagnetism. Also descriptions of angels in heaven describe creatures of heavenly splendour and on the earth they are often described like men.

Enoch of audio book

So there is a difference in description related to what realm they are operating in. John Same with Jesus who had an ordinary human body and a spirtual body when he rose from the dead, or a human body with a spirtual dimension that wasn't in subjection to physical law.

On earth he appears like any other man, but in Heaven he is emanating God's glory.

Well, I know ppl that have seen winged angels. But as long as we egknoledge GoD has angels, it doesnt matter if we think they have wings or not. I guess you dont even need to egknowledge angels exist. Allthough that would be strange to believe that. The prophets in the bible saw angels with wings only in dreams or visions, and used the word wings parabolically. If a person sees a person with wings than their having a dreamvision. People do not literally have wings.

God said let us make man in our image. Why on earth would someone see somthing that isnt there???

Of enoch book audio

Why would god make ppl see wings on angels if they dont exist on angels — vision or no vision they are still there. In tha bible If something is ment to be a metaphore then it says that it is a metaphore- at least somewhere in the book- So those are the two posibilities-.

If you say that wings are just nothing, even if you see them- Thats just plain ignorant.

Enoch audio book of

But its not only people in visions- People in real life- real time- not in vision state. I still conclude that it is not necissary to believe this- Angels are sent quikly no-matter how the transport. Or appearance. Login Register Members. Toggle navigation. The Book of Enoch — Audio. December 27, at 4: February 9, at The Book of Enoch was lost for centuries and was rediscovered in recent times.

Some of the most inspired writings I have ever read came from the 2nd century Apostles. Can anyone add to this. Historical references would be helpful. February 21, at 4: Hope this helps! February 22, at 2: February 22, at 4: T8, very cool that you are interested and want to know the detail of the facts.

Book Of Enoch – Full Audio Book

Hope this helps, Dan. June 4, at 6: June 10, at 8: Daniel Thanx for your post and your reasons for the Book of Enoch not being authentic. Scientists and Scholars have their reasons, but they are often proven wrong as well. Anymore info would be great. Thanx for your input. June 11, at 7: I simply used the information presented by Daniel to construct a logical hypothesis: May 19, at 5: