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are available as images in PDF format. To generate a PDF version of the article takes quite a bit site Elastic Compute Cloud (site EC2). ▫ Google App . The new hypervisor for site EC2, introduced with the launch of C5 instances, is a component that primarily provides CPU and memory isolation. ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is an increasingly popular paradigm for accessing computing resources. In practice, cloud service providers tend to offer services.

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site's trademarks and trade dress may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not site's, in any manner. that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits site. All other trademarks not owned by site are the. site Elastic Compute Cloud (site EC2) is a web service that provides resizeable computing capacity—literally, servers in site's data centers—that .

You get these credits when your CPU is idle. If your CPU credits are not used they are credited to your account and they stay there for 24 hours. Based on your credit balance, you can decide whether the t2 instance, should be scaled up or down. Therefore, when an EBS volume is attached to an optimized instance, single digit millisecond latencies can be achieved. Instances launched into a common placement group are put in a logical group that provides high-bandwidth, low latency between all the instances in the group. Instances which are not a part of that group are limited to 5 Gbps speed in multi flow traffic. Cluster Networking is ideal for high performance analytics system.

How will these changes be effective? Answer: Changes are automatically applied to windows instances Q71 Load Balancer and DNS service comes under which type of cloud service? You want to create another Encrypted volume from this unencrypted volume.

Which of the following steps can achieve this? What setting can you use? Answer:If you have do batch-oriented is workloads. Q78 Which the AWS services will you use to the collect and the process e-commerce data for the near by real-time analysis? Q79 A company is deploying the new two-tier an web application in AWS.

The company has to limited on staff and the requires high availability, and the application requires to complex queries and table joins. You are the asked to the optimize the architecture of the backend system can to lower cost, what would you recommend do? Then site performs a high number of the small reads and the write per second and the relies on the eventual consistency model. Which is the best approaches to the meet these requirements?

Q83 An startup is running to a pilot deployment of around sensors to the measure street noise and The air quality is urban areas for the 3 months. It was noted that every month to around the 4GB of sensor data are generated. The pilot was success and now they want to the deploy take atleast K sensors.

Ec2 pdf amazon

You need to the stored data for at least 2 years to an analyze it. Answer:Used on Application Load Balancer. Q85 How will change the instance give type for the instances, which are the running in your applications tier and Then using Auto Scaling.

Where will you change it from areas? Which option will be reduce load on the site EC2 instance? Q87 What does the Connection of draining do?

Q88 When the instance is an unhealthy, it is do terminated and replaced with an new ones, which of the services does that?

Q89 What are the life cycle to hooks used for the AutoScaling? Click here Q90 An user has to setup an Auto Scaling group. Due to some issue the group has to failed for launch a single instance for the more than 24 hours.

What will be happen to the Auto Scaling in the condition?

You changed to the Security of Group rules to allow the inbound traffic on a new port and protocol, and then the launched a several new instances in the same of Security Group.

Such the new rules apply? Answer:The Immediately to all the instances in security groups. Q92 To create an mirror make a image of your environment in another region for the disaster recoverys, which of the following AWS is resources do not need to be recreated in second region?

Q94 Which of the services to you would not use to deploy an app? Q95 How do the Elastic Beanstalk can apply to updates? Q96 An created a key in the oregon region to encrypt of my data in North Virginia region for security purposes. I added to two users to the key and the external AWS accounts. I wanted to encrypt an the object in S3, so when I was tried, then key that I just created is not listed.

Answer:The Key should be working in the same region.

Ec2 pdf amazon

Which AWS services to can accomplish this? Answer:The monitoring on site CloudWatch Q98 The organization that is currently using the consolidated billing has to recently acquired to another company that already has a number of the AWS accounts.

Pdf amazon ec2

How could an Administrator to ensure that all the AWS accounts, from the both existing company and then acquired company, is billed to the single account?

Q99 The user has created an the applications, which will be hosted on the EC2.

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The application makes calls to the Dynamo DB to fetch on certain data. Q You have an application are running on EC2 Instance, which will allow users to download the files from a private S3 bucket using the pre-assigned URL. After a recent to software deployment, your users are to getting Intermittent the Internal Server to the Errors, when you using web application.

An email is then sent on successful completion of the upload. You notice though that you are getting numerous emails for each request, when ideally you should be getting only one final email notification for each successful upload. Which of the below could be the possible reasons for this? The application is configured for long polling so the messages are being picked up multiple times. The application is not deleting the messages from SQS.

Ec2 pdf amazon

The application is configured to short polling, so some messages are not being picked up The application is not reading the message properly from the SQS queue. You have launched an instance in that subnet.

Amazon Web Services Tutorial in PDF

You have noticed that the instance is not receiving a DNS name. Which of the below options could be a valid reason for this issue? The subnet configuration needs to be changed. The Route table is shown below? The instance still cannot be reached from the Internet. Which of the below changes need to be made to the route table to ensure that the issue can be resolved?

Add the following entry to the route table — 0. The application will just consist of web and database servers. The application just requires to be accessed from the internet by internet users. Which of the following VPC configuration wizards options would you use? Which of the following statements are true with regards to EBS Volumes.

Amazon EC2

Choose 3 correct answers from the options given below? After you attach a volume, it appears as a native block device similar to a hard drive or other physical device. An EBS volume can be attached to only one instance at a time Q You are a solutions architect working for a large oil and gas company. The VPC contains 3 subnets, 1 of which is public and the other 2 are private. Inside the public subnet is a fleet of EC2 instances which are the result of an autoscaling group.

All EC2 instances are in the same security group. Your company has created a new custom application which connects to mobile devices using a custom port. This application has been rolled out to production and you need to open this port globally to the internet. What steps should you take to do this, and how quickly will the change occur? Open the port on the existing network Access Control List.

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Your EC2 instances will be able to communicate on this port after a reboot. Your EC2 instances will be able to communicate over this port immediately.

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Open the port on the existing security group. You are concerned on the backups of the EBS Volumes. Which of the below is a way to backup the EBS Volumes?

Use a lifecycle policy to back up EBS volumes stored on site S3 for durability Write a cronjob on the server that compresses the data and then copy it to Glacier Q You want to collect and process the log files generated from the IIS Servers.