Welcome to this site which critically reviews the prophecies and activities of Ronald Weinland who has had (so far) three failed prophecies for the return date for Jesus Christ. 

False Prophet Ronald Weinland

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Ronald Weinland is a graduate of Herbert Armstrong's Ambassador College and later became an ordained full-time minister in the Worldwide Church of God (WCG).  Weinland left WCG shortly after Herbert Armstrong's successor changed the church doctrines in late 1994. After a brief association with the United Church of God, Weinland became the head of his own church which he retitled "The Church of God - Preparing for the Kingdom of GOd"(referred to as the Church of God PKG).  Once in control of his church, he turned toward prophecy.  In 2005, he declared that he was one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation and wrote a book "2008 -- God's Final Witness".  He expanded the size of his church with a massive Google advertising campaign started in 2007.  

He established a timeline beginning in February of 2008 that was to culminate with Jesus' return on the Feast of Trumpets, September 29, 2011.  After specific prophecies for immediate calamities failed to materialize by the summer of 2008, he restarted his timeline to begin in September of 2008 (Feast of Trumpets) with Jesus' return delayed to Pentecost of 2012 (May 27, 2012).  On that date, he declared a one-year-long Day of the Lord with Christ to retun on Pentecost of 2013.  Shortly before that date, he declared that Christ was not returning but would return on some future Pentecost.

The IRS began a criminal investigation around the time in mid-2008 during which Weinland changing to his second timeline.  In November of 2011, Weinland was indicted for criminal tax evasion for tax years 2004 through 2008 (5 separate counts).  Shortly after Christ did not return in May of 2012, his criminal trial began.  At the end of the trial which lasted over a week, the jury found him guilty on all 5 counts with just a few hours of deliberation.  During a sentencing hearing in November of 2012, Weinland was sentenced to 42 months in prison.  He reported to prision on Feb 1, 2013 and has scheduled release date, assuming time off for good behavior, in February of 2016 .

About this Website

As I grew up in Worldwide Church of God and left when I came of age prior to the time that didn't return in 1975, I have an interest in the effect of false prophets on those who believe them.  After hearing of the claims of Weinland which were more specific than those of Herbert Armstrong, I began blogging about Weinland in 2008 on Blogspot.  In the summber of 2009, I transferred my blogging to this website.  Most of the content is run by Wordpress, follow this link to the root page.

Most of the content is in the form of periodic blog posts, with one or more posts per week beginning on 2008 on Blogspot and here in 2009.  Since Weinland reported to prison, I have tapered back on my blogging, mainly repeating Weinland own postings with Wordpress'es comment feature switched on to allow comments.

While I obviously view Weinland as a False Prophet (beginning with the title), I try to be objective in interpreting my observations and editorializing.  I have made this blog about what happens with Weinland and the effects that has on his followers and others.  I have not made this to advance my own beliefs in the area of religion.  What I advocate is that people should decide that for themselves, and not rely on others like Weinland.

I have a variety of commenters to my blog posts, mainly people with a background associated in one form or another effected by the teachings of Herbert Armstrong.  There have been comments from relatives of Church of God -- PKG members and from a couple of the jurors at Weinland's criminal trial.  There have been exiting/exited members who have commented here, and recently there are more of them as more have become disillusioned after Christ didn't return for the third time and Weinland went to prison.  Although the commenters have disparate religious ideas, the commenting is mostly respectful.  Occasionally, I have to moderate as I don't care for commenters attacking others for their ideas.

My blog also has static pages, which are linked in the banner at the top of the page.  These static pages summarize aspects of Weinland more conveniently than reading through the hundreds of posts written over the period beginning early in 2008.  Pages of interest include.

--A critical review of his book "2008 -- God's Final Witness"
--A Biography of Weinland
--The Criminal Trial page has transcripts from Weinland's criminal trial, which are also available (for a fee) from the US Federal Court's own online database, Pacer.
--A summary of Weinland outright Lies and Broken Promises above and beyond the failures of all of his prophecies.